Baby – Batin massage with a twist

Baby – Batin massage with a twist

Master: Mike

Wanted to try a batin massage from a local NL after friend told me her massage comes with a twist at the end. So, texted her thru whatsapp, and she replied quite late, maybe because she was busy on that day. So arranged with her to book an appointment at Friday night (10pm-ish), since I was working around the area she’s based on (she’s based in Ampang).

So on Friday, went to her place around 9.30, and parked my car at the side of the road. A lot of the residents parked their car there also, so it shouldn’t be a problem. She then instructed on how to go to her unit. Once reach on the designated floor, she instructed to scout around if there are any people outside the corridor, once the coast is clear, then she ask you to come in. (She said that she afraid of noisy neighbor finding out what she was doing).

Went inside her apartment to be greeted my her wearing really tight knee length skirt and short black tee (accentuated her boobs) and she’s using perfume that smells nice too (my didi is half mast just by looking at her, haha).

She then direct me to her massage room and ask me to undress all so she can start her session. Her GFE is quite high since even before massage she will bring you to chit chat. Once the massage session starts you can tell that she has quite the experience on massaging (she told me that we worked in a nearby parlour before, then switch to do in her own apartment since it is much safer).

During the session, she will also tease you didi and quite a few times caress your inner thigh. Her massage is quite okay and she like to use her fist to tekan your knotted muscle area. After back settle, she asks you to turn around, (this time my didi is stiff already due to the teasing). She then proceed massage your hands and abit on your face.

Then comes the batin, she said that she can do either topless, fully undressed and can do BJ also (extra cost of course). I chose topless and BJ. She then undressed her t-shirt and lo and behold, her bountiful asset. She told me that it is 36C. Her nipple is also cute and fluffy. I played with her boobs while she played with my didi and managed to slip my hands inside her skirt also. She let out this cute moan several times which makes me harder. 

When I’m on the edge of cumming, I told her to stop for me to take a breath and for her to do BJ. Her BJ session is quite entertaining since she will suck with slurp slurp sound and play with your balls. After I was on the edge of cuming, she then pulls her mouth out (no CIM, sad). She then plays with my didi abit while I was catching my breath. After then I starts to get to shower to clean the massage oil, she gave me a smile and said, ‘terima kasih you, air you banyak tadi’, which is quite a confidence booster for me.

After shower, I went to get dressed, and paid her the massage fee and ‘extra service’ fee too. We hugged and I can felt her boobs pressing on my body again. Overall, quite a fruitful experience, and I went back home a happy man.

Name: Baby
Race: NL
Age: Late 20’s
Height: 160-ish
Face: 7/10 (quite nice have abit arab / Pakistan face, but got a bit birthmark), overall quite ok
GFE: 8/10, she’s abit manja2
Boobs: Firm C cup, she said this is her asset, and she jaga it really carefully. This is where she wins
BJ: 6/10, entertaining, but nothing worth to remember
Damage: RM 100 for massage and batin + RM 100 for BJ and topless
WIR: probably. Her boobs is what I’m looking for
She is open to all. Treat her well, and maybe you can score further with her

Location: Ampang
Category: NL

Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

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5 Responses to “Baby – Batin massage with a twist”

  1. Mohd Fadli says:

    Pm Contact No Baby

  2. Ad says:

    Hi bro please email me contact number.

  3. Akmal says:

    Can u sre her contact no too me Wasap 0176561812

  4. bigboy says:

    can share the contact to me? will love to try it out

  5. Jay says:

    Bro , can share details. Email me

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