Azie – Comforting and hot NL milf(pic)

Azie – Comforting and hot NL milf(pic)

Master: Nice Guy

I got her contact after I requested, tried to whatsapp her, but she only said hello. I asked master he said she’s on holiday. I was relieved. One week after that I whatsapp her again and straightly called her, she picked up; well, very soft voice  We managed to set an appointment for an evening during weekend.

I never knew what she looks like, but she’s worth it and you’d be agreed with me once you read my FR.

I arrived at the hotel, and texted her for room number, then straightly go to that room once she replied. I ring the bell, she opened the door, well; what a surprise, she looks like around 35 y/o with that make up and black lingerie. She talk nice, it was my first time so I was nervous and not sure how to initiate sex. I told her it was my first time and she goes really slow on me because it was my first time :p She started with few French kisses. I can use the word passionate once she started rubbing my dick while I’m still on my pants and no clothes. Just like my imagination.

Well, what a good deal this is Moments after that, I get naked and she started BBBJ. OMG, her tongue feels so damn good. Then, to make story short, we went missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggie. Then, finally another BBBJ after we both washed up, in her doggy style with her lingerie and tudung is still properly on, and I’m standing beside bed :p then I cum after few moments…well, that’s it. That’s real sex. Now I know. Hahah.

She said she’s single mom, maybe needs money and I’m a lonely young man, so…consider win-win lah eh? :p

We chat after I took my bath before heading back. She’s very comforting and caring too. She made me Nescafe and we continue chatting for few minutes. Then, I paid and she gives me another hug and kisses before I’m going out of the room. It feels like a nice day.

Date: Weekend
Time: Evening
Port: Sri Damansara
FL Name: Azie
Age: she said she’s 48, but to me she looks like before 40.
Race: Malay
Skin: Malay skin
Face: 8/10 – looks attractive
Body: 9/10 – nice curve
Boobs: 7/10 – okay…
Pussy: 8/10 – okay…
Ass: 9.5/10 – nice
HJ: 8/10 – okay 
DFK: 6.5/10 – okay. I’ve no experience. 
DATY: 7/10 – she moans while I’m doing it
BBBJ: 9.5/10 – feels so damn good when she plays her tongue around
Moan: 8/10 – sounds good. Having sex is fun. That’s a fact.
GFE: 11/10 – yeap. She’s good at it.
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM250 per hour/shot
WIR: Yes. But, after many weeks because I think sex is more enjoyable that way :p

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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    I will pay her more if really she needs money.

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