Arousing and Fun Devi-licious

Arousing and Fun Devi-licious


Been reading posts about this lady a couple of times on 1MW. Honestly, just reading from the bros experiences gives me hard ons and sleepless nights. So that’s it, got to check Devi out. Requested her number from John and sure enough the minute I called, a very welcoming tone of voice answered. Yup, I was definitely making an appointment. Was kind of nervous cause it’s been a while since I last (well you know).

Suprisingly her place was not that far from where I was at that time, but since it was getting late I politely requested if she can have me for a visit close to midnight. When she replied “Takpe abang, kalau abang nak datang saya boleh tunggu. Saya pon tak sabar nak jumpa abang”. She really knows how to switch on my mood.

Thanks to Uber, gives you flexibility to move around “undetected”.

After reaching her place, gave her another call and she gave the directions to her unit. Once entered, the place was kind of dark, but you will  not miss the wonderful melons tucked in her sexy kimono. Wah sudah naik tegang ! Sat down and had a smoke in the living room while she begins caressing my didi. Then slowly removing my pants and shirt. She asked my to enjoy my cigarette while she enjoys my didi. She can really lick and suck bros, just spread your legs and relax. Then after finishing of my ciggie, bent over and took those wonderful melons out of her kimono. She sat on me while I enjoy the appetizers. Her moaning was sensual (not sure if she’s faking it) but it’s still enjoyable to me.

I asked if we can role play, she said can, so she became my horny stepmom. That did make it interesting. So proceding to the next level, she capped me and did a cowgirl on the couch. My mouth was busy licking her black but “lickalicious” nipples.  Then and idea occured, I asked if she has any Porn materials. She obliged and took out a stackful of DVDs. Quickly selected a black slut genre. While the porn is on, I bent her over the coffee table and “doggie” her while we both watched the porn. It was really exciting. She was even describing the slutness of the porn star, made me ram her harder.

After that, I sat back on the couch and requested her to suck till I cum in her mouth. She was deep throating me and my eyes were switching between the porn and her slutty eyes while giving me the blowjob and her fingers were caressing my nipples. Syiok!!!!. I was about to cum, and asked if I can unload in her mouth. She nodded and gave that bitchy eyes encouraging you to cum.

She opened her mouth to show the load then immediately swallowing the whole with a smile at the end. Wow, hebat sungguh Bakso ini.

While continuing watching porn, we sat and had another cigarette. Afterwards I washed up and was well on my way to get a good night sleep. Next time, will try her massage as she promised to “jilat dari bawah sampai ke atas”. Definitely would return soon.

Name: Devi
DMG: 250
Boobs: 7/10
Pussy: 7/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ: 8/10
WIR: Definitely
GFE : 10/10

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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  1. Bubu says:

    Been reading a lot about this Devi. Can share her contact number?

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    Hi, Bro.

    Need her contact.

  3. borcheong says:

    good report bro. pls share ctc.

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    Hi Bro. Pls share contact no. PM

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    Need her contact.
    011 1650 5250

    Thank you

  8. Along says:

    Can I hv her contact no

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    can i have her contact number .. thanks

  10. Jacx86 says:

    Share contact please

  11. Hanapi says:

    What the fuck…… Now the rate has increased more with 1 shot…. Stupid brothers whose trying to play good guy giving extra money. It’s used to be just Rm150 with 2 shots and a massage. But you guys making it more convenient for her but less convenient for others….

  12. Mamamita says:


    Please send me her details…i like indian ladies…

  13. Alex says:

    Pls give me Devi contact
    Thank you.

  14. kelvin says:

    Hi bro, can I have the contact. my email :

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    Pls give me Devi contact
    Thank you.

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    Please pm etc bro.

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    Please share Devi numbers. I can share Pakistani girl number
    This my email:-

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    pls share conatct no, tq

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    Pls share her contact pls tq

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    Please share Devi numbers. I can share china girl number

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    please share her number on my my email

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    Hi need her contact ..

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    i would like to have her contact number. any guide?

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    please share her number on my email

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    Can i have her hp number???

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    Send her hp number to me pls…

    My email

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    Hello Mr John , Can share her contact number please. Thank you.

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