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Last week off early from work during driving back home suddenly i have a feeling of want to cheong and have a dirty feeling itchy for sex. Remember got a FL Malay contact store in my phone that given to me  by my Malay friend so i find a place to stop my car to what apps her. Stop the car at roadshow and what apps her. Thought will take some some time for her to reply as i never contact her before so i continue driving without direction whether to go home or go elsewhere to find some fucking. After around 10 minutes my phone got a what apps message wow she reply. As i am driving i need to find a place to stop and chat as don,t drive and chat dangerous. Drive fast fast reach a roadside to stop… luckily and read the message.

Reply from her like this
Hye there Local Malay FL age 31 outcall to KL PJ Shah Alam and Subang no incall Happy go lucky girl with fair skin like Chinese Amoi look.160cm slim curvy 52kg. Doing full service NO ANAL.  RM350 1 shot  plus massage full service 1 hour    RM500 for 2 hours 2 shots plus massage B2B

Reply her and chit chat a bit to deal. Ask what is full service got sex or not. She reply very fast all services only no ANAL.  I ask again how about CIM she said no also hmmm. I reply got BJ or not and she reply all services can mean BJ, sex, kissing also can. Don,t want to ask anymore already hehe. She ask me when free to meet and i reply later 8.30pm she said ok she free. I reply ON for 2 hours deals. Than again start a long texting on location…. some location i mention she said far some she suggest i scare jam so after texting around 8 minutes as sometimes i need to wait for her reply we finally agree on the venue for action.

Therefore i drive FI speed to reach the location mention as at the time is 6pm i got to reach 8.30pm and during peak hours is damm jam. Finally reach the location by 8pm and go to the hotel agree to book a room, Shit the room given when i go in TV not working. I need to go down to reception to change room. Finally went to the other room all is in working condition. Wait for her watch TV,  I a bit kan cheong or nervous waiting for her, think of how her look and body. than around 10 minutes later some one knock on the door horay she arrive. I open the door she a fair petite Malay lady with acceptable look but a bit order than the age mention to me but look is ok to me fair skin.  She wear a skirt and blouse ( dont know how to describe but like tight fit blouse) that show her body look quite curvy.  Look is ok for 31 years old still look young NOT MILF look but i feel she is more like 35 years old but i didnt check her IC hehe.

She walk in and sit for a while before slowly take off her cloth and ask me to take shower together. Body look good and curvy. Ass look ok and nice.  She got a pair of nice boobs and small tits nice. While in shower we do FK a bit i raba raba her boobs her ass she touch my little brother slowly go hard. She notice that said bang sudah bangun cepat hehe.I take this opportunity to rub my little bro against her while shower. She wash me clean make sure my small bro is clean use a lot of body shampoo.

Then proceed to massage ok la not bad. She have good message skills know where to press and during massage ask me which part i feel tired. I ask her to massage more on my back and leg. After around 15 minutes she ask me to turn over and time for B2B.  This session is quite shiok as she rub her boobs at me face and my penis. So my rod slowly getting harder and harder, and she keeps on the B2B for another 5 minutes i think lost count of the times too steam already. I start to touch her boobs, pussy and ass. Pussy is clean and nice shaven but still got hair fine to me.

Than start with kissing and cat bath, we doing that for 10 minutes i mean the foreplay kissing, boobs sucking, ass sucking I lick her asshole before i go down on her daty ( i not a daty guys so i daty a while only). She got a nice breath as when kisising no funny smell. Shaven pussy nicely trim still got a bit of hair but nice no smell and pussy is fair color not the dark color type so this is nice to daty.  Daty for a while change to 69 continue for while my penis really rock hard already. Than change position i standing and she BJ me. BJ is good lot of saliva and deep throat. Feel like a pron movies scene i watch hehe.  After quite a while she look a me said want some more i said yes she continue BJ till i stop her scare cum early. Cannot wait anymore  ask her to cap me and enter missionary. As i enter her pussy missionary i can feel the pussy still tight as before this she told me she doing this only when need cash normally only entertain her boyfriend only so cannot do FL a lot later pussy not tight boyfriend will notice. Need cash to paid rental and car. After missionary change to cow girl and she just ride on top of me start with slow motion than fast and than faster up and down.

Than i ask for doggie she quickly turn her backside towards my rods and guide my rod into her pussy. . Doggie is the best can see the butt view i like this style and i pump her hard. Her moan seem real and pussy is wet just nice. After around 10 minutes or so of pumping in and out ( i lost count of times) feel like cum i told her she said change back to missionary she want to see me come. I slowly  take out my little bro from her pussy and lick and suck her boobs as i don’t want to cum fast so foreplay a bit first and do some kissing. After around 5 minutes of licking her boobs i penetrate her pussy in missionary mode and start engine again. I try to do rough sex with no objection from her she seem like it and moaning. She said bang masuk dalam sikit and kuat kuat. Reach my climax in missionary and load all my soldier in side her of course with cap on. I feel her like a bit of shaking maybe cum too but  i don,t know didn’t ask. After that she take a tissue and take the condom and throw in the toilet and flush.

We went to toilet to clean up a bit and back to the bed and when i check the time still have 30 minutes of the 2 hours deals but she ok we can play longer no rush. Than we talk a bit, she ask me got girlfriend or not, hmmm i don,t know how to reply. She said don’t shy la she also have boyfriend doing this to make money and she enjoy the sex also as she said she like try different penis. Suddenly she got down to my penis and start blow me again. Her BJ is quite goods feel like her tongue is licking my penis head and sucking is hard and good grip not like those who just lick lick type. Really like those in xxx movies type. My penis is hard again and this time i put the cap myself and ready for action. Penetrate her I on top she bottom, I can see her one line pussy being hammer by my penis.

Quite jussy as i can see some juice on my penis of course with cap, i got excited and start pump her hard and kaw kaw. Maybe because second round don,t really feel like cum and getting tired on my legs and ask her to be on top. She jump on top on me guide my penis into her pussy and i start pumping again but this time is she who is doing the job up and down and i keep look at her face. Still don’t feel like want to cum and my penis getting soft already. She take out the cap and suck my penis again till it get hard help me to wear cap and we do doggie. I can feel her pussy grip in this style really turn me on again. I pump her using all the energy i have left and finally shoot my soldiers into her hole. I withdraw after than she take the cap and flush it in the toilet, We lay at bed and rest for a while than we go for shower. After than get dress i paid her and before she leave ask me come to see her next time.Overall a good session with her and she have a good GFE but talk mostly in Malay. Went home a happy man.

Name : Anita 
Race : Malaysia Malay girl
Age : 31 years old she said but i feel she is 35 year old but look still ok NOT MILF look.
Body : 7/10
Height : 160cm
Boobs : Not so big not small just enough 
Pussy :  Shaven and fair color nice no smell she said wash with female product at home before come 
Armpit : Shaven no arm hair
Look : 7/10 ya abit of Amoi look Chinese but she is Malay.
Ass : Nice round ass 8/10
Fxck Job : 9/10 can do lot of style no complain
Damage : RM350 1 shot  plus massage full service 1 hour    RM500 for 2 hours 2 shots plus massage B2B

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Cyberjaya (She is Outcall only)
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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