Master: Shafiq

Here is my FR on a local Indian Girl in Puchong.

Been having a bad and tense day at the office so was dying to go for a massage. Went to this MP in Puchong. First was actually thinking of choosing a TomYam for the session but was recommended by the OKT to take this Local Indian Lady. Never tried a local before so decided to take her.

First time meeting her was wow!! Beautiful Face, very2 nice lady and most important, the boobs are just my taste!!

Went for a quick shower alone. Once done she undress herself to reveal them boobs. I straight away grab them and suck on them. Wow nice feeling. She told me to be patient and let her massage first. Lol. Massage was awesome. She really made full use of her boobs. Catbath was also amazing. She licked almost every part of my body. Gave me an unforgettable BBBJ before caping me. FJ was beyond greatness. Did missionary, Cowgirl and finally my fav, Doggie her until I cum. Once done, took another shower and leave as a very happy man.

Name: Meera
Centre: Puchong
Face: 8/10 (Young and pretty)
Body: 9/10 (Slim and quite tall)
Boobs: 10/10 (Super BIG!!!Bigger than my hands)
Massage: 7/10 (Light massage,I almost fall asleep)
B2b: 8/10 
CBJ: 8/10
FJ: 9/10 
Pussy: 9/10 (Quite tight)
GFE: 8/10

Location: Puchong
Category: OKTIndian Girl

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  1. Vent says:

    Which massage parlour ?

    Buzz please 011 2150 8502

  2. alfred says:

    me too.. i need more experience. – 0165952647

  3. Suresh says:

    Contact info bro 0123119243

  4. Raj says:

    Massage Lady EM
    Got contact from a buddy, thail ml milf category. Speaks good english, malay not bad she can speak. She do thai massage plus batin, fj she offer to selective customer. She is a bit choosy, but not racist consider friendly. She speaks a lot during massage.
    Call her n fix appt aroun 11 pm. Reach her place, clean and hygenic, no complaint. She said i’m her 3rd customer.
    Get ready in my birthday suit. She start her thai skill massage, really can feel the pressure at my back body, thigh, buttocks.
    On off she will tease my brother and grab him just like that. No pain of course, but feel aroused and my lil brother got harden. Then she do sideway massage with my legs open fully. She start from soles to thigh and reach buttocks, with her oily hands rub my assholes with gentle and care, really make your lil brother super harden. Later her finger go in my asshole fully. I really want to explode, but manage to control.
    Later she ask me to lift my ass, she start massage my buttocks with one hand and another finger exploring my asshole. Nice feeling……later i felt something softer her finger is rubbing my asshole and it’s wet, she is licking my asshole, she ass rimming me kaw-kaw. Really wet with her juicy saliva, feel like flying and really high.
    She ask me to turn in front and she lift my buttocks and start licking my asshole from front. Ass rimming again, i really cannot tahan. Now come the batin part, she ask me to go n wash my lil bro. She ask me lay on the bed, she were sitting in front of me. She were topless with her thin layer panties, can see through, no bushes clean shaves, with thick labia or vagina wall.
    Her breast too big not saggy, pinkish nipple, her skin is very fair. My legs on her thigh and she start to do batin. imagine the view, she is toppless, my thigh on her thigh, with pinkish nipple, can really feel the batin, she released the trap air, lil bro getting harder n harder, but no feel like want to cum. She control my tempo, not bad, she doing batin for 15-20 min, then she said time to released my soldiers. she come to my right side and start to play n rub my lil bro with her big breast. Really feel the touch of her breast and nipple on my lil bro. She even lick my nipple and light bite. This lady really wild on bed. Lasted for 10 mins and i exploded. Really feel happy and sextified for her good service. Overall good gems, difficult to find


    WIsma indah
    Name: Em
    Age: 45+
    Face: 7/10
    Body: 7/10. 
    Boobs: 38D
    Massage skill: 8/10. 
    Batin skill: 8/10.
     Hj skill: 7.5/10. She do it with patient and very soft movement. I love it
    WIR: definitely for good gems like this, planning to go tomorrow morning.
    Damage : 150 for 1 hour plus, she don’t care the time if she got no other 

  5. MVP says:

    hi bro pls give number thanks

  6. fjschnitzer says:

    Brother Raj,
    may have Lady em contact.

  7. Eshwar says:

    hey bro, mind offering the number

  8. Eshwar says:

    hey bro, mind offering the number

  9. Raj says:

    Need to exchange contact

  10. Raj says:

    Exchange with any milf contact for massage or meera. My email

  11. KAMAL says:

    bro pass contect

  12. KAMAL says:


  13. Dev says:

    Contact no. Bro. Text at 0172296925

  14. Chandra says:

    I had something similar in old klang road but no FJ.
    Please share the location. 0123902488

  15. Shan says:

    Hi bro… can exchange the contact with

  16. Shan says:

    Hi bro
    Contact please
    We can exchange

  17. Tidy says:

    Nice! Give 10 scores to boobs

  18. Peveen says:

    Bro! Contact please or 016-7182527

  19. karthick says:

    Im intrested how to contact,
    This my no. 0169955400
    Waiting for ur respond tq

  20. Loges says:

    Need contact of this gurl meera..pls email contact to

  21. Nice Guy says:

    Need her number Bro, thnks.

  22. Zacky says:

    Bro…can share lady EM contact no. We can exchange no. email

  23. reed says:

    need her contact. tq

  24. Anand says:

    Hi Bro,
    pls give me Meera Puchong contact number.

  25. bashie boy says:

    care to share milf meera.. or other contacts.. we can exchange contact number of milfs… 016 985 9535.. pls whatsapp thanx 🙂
    sharing is caring

  26. Prakash says:

    Can I get the number? Meera

  27. Mike says:

    Bro ctc no pls my email address

  28. mambang says:

    Bro can you share her contact number at

  29. mambang says:

    Bro can you share her contact number at my email

  30. PleaseNtq says:

    May i have my 1st 1malaysiawomen try with her?? Contact please…

  31. Alan says:

    Would you be able to send me her contact details

  32. Alan says:

    Would you be able to send me her contact details at

  33. Rajesh says:

    I need an Indian woman tomorrow or day after tomo…
    Please tell me how to find the girl in puchong.

    Share their number please..
    Contact saviradalli@gmail. Com

  34. raj27 says:

    Contact num

  35. Prakash says:

    Share the contact number at

  36. Prakash says:

    Really need at PENANG side

  37. kiko says:

    Hi bro, send her contract no please

  38. Alan says:

    Kindly share please. Only been using Twinkle in Hartamas, pretty boring

  39. Raja says:

    Hi Kindly share Lady Em contact and location. Would like to have a good massage and FJ.

    Please text me 0102712858.


  40. Borhan says:

    Hi bro. Kinda send her contact please. Tq. 0143007300

  41. jojo says:

    hi can u pm me the contact details and massage parlour location and name pls thank you.

  42. And says:

    Please pass me her contact number. Thanks!!!

  43. frank says:

    Please share her contact number and golden key.
    Thanks and appreciate.

  44. jason says:

    Would like to exchange contact for Meerbrook

  45. Mark ooi says:

    Contect number

  46. mpower says:


  47. ravi says:

    Hi can I have meera contact no.

  48. Sean says:

    Hi bro, can you please share the details for Meera Puchong please.


  49. Sean says:

    Hi bro, can you please share the details for Meera Puchong please.


  50. cy says:

    Pls provide me the contact number

  51. steven says:

    mind share her contact with me? thanks

  52. Om Parawn says:

    Which MP bro.. please share..

  53. Om Parawn says:

    Please share the MP boss..

    Thank you.

  54. Romeo says:

    Bro pls email me her contact. My email is:

  55. Bronk says:

    Bro can u share contact number

  56. Harry says:

    contact please…email to

  57. Nathan says:

    Pls share the location and contact

  58. John says:

    Dear all Masters,
    Might sharing me how to contact/find MEERA?? TQ

  59. Hunter leone says:

    Hei guys share information la…. email to me then we can kingside info right

  60. Hunter leone says:

    My email mail address is

  61. Ruthen says:

    Can u email her contact no..tq

  62. John wong says:

    Don’t mind share her contact? Tqvm

  63. Blackjack says:

    hi bro, do u mind to share the contact with me thanks in advance

  64. Vittorio says:

    Please, please, please email contact details. I’m looking for Indian local chic. Thanks!!!

  65. Vittorio says: please email. Thanks.

  66. Shan says:

    Hi bro, can i have meera’s contact number plz ?

  67. suren says:

    Contact info bro.. tq

  68. 林家星 says:

    Contact pls 01110503288

  69. firsttime says:

    Please share handphone number

  70. firsttime says:

    Please share contact details

  71. hapseng says:

    which mp i puchong? pm 0172120785

  72. Yuva says:

    Contact num pls bro?

  73. Kumar says:

    Can get her contact. Pls share at

  74. Ajehar says:

    Hi bro, please share contact at 0122880467. Thank you

  75. krol says:

    can i get her contact

  76. Matt says:

    plese share bro! email me I beg you!

  77. Raj says:

    Bro, Meera contact pls. 10q

  78. Satish says:

    Hi can I have meera contact no.

  79. Mike says:

    Please share contact bro

  80. Mike says:

    Please Share her contact

  81. jack says:

    pm contact please

  82. Hikari says:

    Good Day Bro,
    Thank you for your FR.
    Can you please share her contact at
    Would definitely appreciate it.

  83. reymond says:

    can some give me Meera’s contact. Thanks

  84. Diwa says:

    I like to meera. Can someone send her contact num pls

  85. Magendran says:

    Can I have meets contact no

  86. Magendran says:

    Meera contact no

  87. Magendran says:

    Can I have meera contact no

  88. Magendran says:

    Can I have meera contact no.tq

  89. Raymond says:

    Can I have meera contact number please . Thanks

  90. Jacky says:

    Pls share contact. 0162763429

  91. JOHAN says:

    share her contact bro

  92. Dev says:

    anyone can help to get Meera ctcno.tq

  93. rajubhai says:

    Bro can i get number.

  94. Adil says:

    Can you pm me bro…
    My email:

  95. Shobi says:

    Hi plz email me the contact she still availablr?

  96. Raj says:

    Need contact please thank you. Send to email –

  97. Viknesh says:

    Lemme know who is this pls

  98. Shiva says:

    Pm contact tq

  99. Daniel Mark says:

    Pm meera contact bro…. I cn gv u othr girls num 0182639512

  100. jack says:

    pls PM the number bro

  101. SHAWN says:


  102. Daniel Mark says:

    Bro cn gv meera num…. I cn share devi num
    This is my num 0182639512

  103. Jolly12 says:

    Bro please share the location and meres number please

  104. Chegan says:

    Please Do Email me her

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