Ah Wing, a CKT FL from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Local Girl, Wing

Ah Wing, a CKT FL from Cheras

Master: supremebeing

Name: Ah Wing (CKT)
Age: appx. 25
Height: Around 169 cm (I’m 171, until my forehead)
Looks: 5/10 (Fair Skin)
Body: 6.5/10 Very slim
Breast: A cup
Pussy: Shaved clean with vulva scent
FJ: Damn good, first time I stayed hard the whole session with CKT
GFE: 8/10 (She and I speak Cantonese, max communication)
FK: Very good, she will FK u even thought u dun ask.
DFK: YES, she’s damn good with tongue
BBBJ: Damn Good with tongue, keep licking the shaft
DATY: Yes. Her pussy kept flowing love juice out and she love to be DATY
Moans: 8/10 (Yeap, she’s very open to express her self)
Rush: No. She allow u to spend 3 hours…

CIM: Yes, I thought she dun allow, then she HJ me until I cum, straight away put into her mouth while cum… unexpected CIM lar…

Fingering: Thought fingering would hurt her, but no, she damn love it… in fact, I entered 2 fingers at the same time, doing the Japanese AV action thing, but she didn’t squirt… I guess the squirting in JAV is fake lar.

Anal: Didn’t ask, I’m not a fan to anal.
Hygiene: Yes
WIR: You know me… I do not return to the same girl.
Damage: RM300 excluding Hotel

* One thing about Wing is, she’s a totally open mind and know how to express herself girl. If she dun feel like accepting your business, she’s not afraid to turn u down. But that doesn’t mean she dun like u lar… nothing personal, it’s just business.

I got her number from a senior bro, wanted to keep her until I trained my skills as I heard she has huge sexual appetite and very wild on bed.

After 3 weeks, I thought it’s time to call her for action. Text her to try my luck, a few mins later, she replied for green light, scheduled on next Monday (which is today) at 11am.

Well I dun wanna mentioned the place we had session, it’s just somewhere around Cheras as other FR has mentioned. Picked her up from public transport station and head to a budget hotel. Unlike PJ, this hotel is damn kau cheap. RM50 for 3 hours only. Room is simple, clean with LCD TV, and shower facility of course.

We started chatting, so we were just discussing some threads and FRs written by other bros. After ice breaking session, her hands went AR on me, then I know she’s very dominate when come to sex, okay lar… for this time, I let her take charge and see how’s the feeling like when a girl take charge on bed.

We DFK kau kau on bed then started to undress slowly, until she only left her panties on, meanwhile, she used her pussy and rub on my hard cock which already sang Negara Ku minutes ago.

It was the longest DFK I ever had with FL, then she said “tak boleh tahan, she need it now”, this was suppose to be my dialogue wei… I took off her panties and hand her the expensive Jap CD I bought. She quickly cap me and ride me like Billy the Kid riding his horse running away from the rangers. I was totally in control by her, she ride me for about 20 mins then I unload… this was the first time I ever went Hard all the way with a CKT!

I lay on bed to rest knowing there’s 2nd round. After 10 mins chatting and rest, she helped me to wash up making me feel refresh. While she was shower after washing me, I took out my laptop to put on good JAV to boost the scene even hotter.Choose the gangbang one. After she was done, we watch together until she got super horny again and so was I. We went 2nd round after a good 30 mins long rest. I wasn’t feeling in mood to be ride by her, so she BBBJ + HJ me while I finger her kau kau like those male AV star using middle + ring finger inside her moving my whole arm trying to make her cum and squirt. Well, she did cum a few times but didn’t squirt, just felt a flow of love juice coming out and wet my whole palm.

While I continue to finger her, she enjoys it and focus on HJ me to cum. I should say, this is a totally different sensation by her combining HJ + BBBJ. After 20 mins of Hardcore BBBJ and HJ, I cum, and she quickly put my didi into her mouth for CIM. I could still remember, it was the longest cum I ever experience…. at least it last for 10 seconds I came that moment.

After that, I told her I really cannot ady… it’s not the quantity I care, but quality… I used up all my strength in the 2 shots. After 2nd time of wash up, we dress up and sat on bed to watch the rest of JAV movie…

She also mentioned that she had experienced swing party with her ex bf, who is a swinger. I thought wow… I also interested in 3-some thing. We share a lot of funny story between her previous clients and my cheonging experience. After that, we looked at the clock.. ops… times up. When to check out and I gave her ride to public transport station.

~ The End ~

P.S. I’m totally out of bullet this week. It was a damn good fuck…
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