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Cheongster: BOOBSCRAVE

Been lurking waaaaaaaaay too long and after considering all the factors about net security, I decided to just F@#K IT, proceed with posting FRs of my past sins!

A bit of an intro, I’m married to a beautiful wife (look 9/10 – seriously). So you’ll know my standard in rating the girls’ look). Solo fighter, lone ranger – 90% of the time I hunt for cunt alone. Girls with nice big boobs turn me on the most. The main reason I wanna share my past experiences is to prove that I’m just a regular trustable unfaithful husband cheongster and in no way an MIB. Hopefully by doing this I can gain the trust of the members here. Of course with an FL contact in return. My short-term target: “Watie the DD of DD” and Suzie of SG. Let my FRs do the talking.

Up to date, I’ve cheonged quite a handful number of one-night-standers and non-WLs. For WL, I guess 30 girls or so. In my search for girls with big tits through all these years, so far I’ve encountered a few worth memorable discoveries. The 3 superbiggies: Ada/Aida of Mirama (my numero uno this far), Josephine of Grand Season (formerly from Plaza Hotel) and Crystal of LDI. Watie next?


I gotta know her from another forum around 2 years ago. So far, I’ve enjoyed 6 good sessions with her, the last being early this year. Haven’t been cheonging lately because of work commitment and $$$$. Back to topic, the whole session with this MILF from Sabah was quite SOP, so no point to write specific FR for each visit.

Normally I’d park my car in the open space carpark in between Mirama and Mandarin Court, paid RM3 to the Indian attendant, walked in the hotel and take the staircase to the 1st floor. Met my fav OKT David, asked him whether Ada is working or not. As you guys know, Ada only works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If she’s not or having prior bookings, I’d normally wait for 30 mins max, then I’d take another girl.

One thing about Mirama, you can always expect the unexpected. Other than the normal WL like Cindy and all (which I’ve tried most of them), I normally “play” it hard with OKT David. After some identification parade, I’d say something like “Not my taste” or “Do you have more selections?”. You guys should do that coz then only he’ll open the Pandora’s Box. He’ll ask you whether wanna try this or that.

I’ve tasted a yummilicious fair-smooth-skin-good-looking-young NL from JB with a great handful pair of tits (34C) who was sent by a cab to Mirama, straight into my room (after some period of waiting). I’d definitely look for her again if I ever go to Mirama again, and provided Ada can’t serve me. Another 2 memorable sessions were from Hani (Honey? – Last time got chickenpox, skin not that nice but tip-top service!) and one very very very young looking (like Form 3 student) claimed to be Peranakan girl (but actually an NL) who can speak good Cantonese, Hokkien and Mandarin and travel daily all the way by bus from Melaka.

Anyway, I’d usually pay extra 10 bucks for a room upstairs. The massage rooms are just too cold for me. Took the room key, proceeded to whatever designated rooms ending with 01. Normally 201 or 301. Switched on the TV and rest on the bed while smoking. Knock on the door, opened and greeted this 40 something busty MILF. She’s tall, fair skin, not really nicely arranged set of teeth (still clean and OK) and big big nice tits.

Those who have tried her would agree with me that she has one of the biggest nipples around. Her nipples are like polished, no ‘wrinkles’ surface whatsoever. Maybe due to excessive milking by you guys! Both of us undressed, and she’d ask me to lie down. Nothing to shout but OK. The highlight (besides her floodlights) was reverse doggie dick strokes. I don’t call that batin coz batin for me is the real ‘batin’ like you guys said about Ivy. I think it’s timely for us to change the ‘batin’ perception.

After few strokes, I beh tahan and told her that I wanna fuck her. We went to the bathroom, she’d wash my didi and helped me to dry up. On the bed, he’d give me a nice slutty BBBJ ahile from time to time teasing me some on-off lick on her nipples. She rode me cowgirl style about 3 mins or so, then doggie and missionary. For girls with big boobs, I like to finish in missionary because the feel of cummung while looking at a set of nice big tits are just too much! Haha. Sometimes I cannot cum no matter how we do it. She knows me by that I’d need some stimulants to shoot. She’d stroke my dick alternately between soft and hard while I continually caress her boobs, and talked dirty.

Most the words that I hear from her was “Fuck me, fuck me”. A bit funny because of the way she said it but good enough to make me cum. She’d wipe everything and helped me to clean up. Get dressed, and we smoke together. She likes this duty-free slim menthol cigarettes. Can’t remember what brand but from US. Paid her and asked her to pass the money to OKT Steven, went down directly thru elevator without stopping by the spa again. Get my car, drive back with empty wallet and empty scrotum. But with full of smile!

Sorry if the whole story is not narrated professionally. My 1st FR ma! Will post other encounters whenever I got the time. Cheers.

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