A Thai SYT – Janet(pic)

A Thai SYT – Janet(pic)

Master: Anthonio

One day OKT sms some sports cars have arrived. And ask me to go for a test drive. Next day sms OKT for recommendation to test drive. He recommended a Tom Yam. I would expect a dark tanned girl but turn out to be like chinese.

Went up, knock on door… wow not bad. I though OKT recommend wrong car…she look fair skin,young, fresh and innocent and naive looking, like a flower just blossom. Not very tall but she greeted me with a warm smiling face. Makes you feel comfortable and relax. Body not super model type with some baby fat still intact. If you like meaty sweet thing.. you will enjoy her assets. Nipples are light brown. Breast are just nice handful. Don’t expect a Dolly Parton..lol Lips are sexy! Chun! 

So broke the ice, talk cock sing song. She is bubbly and friendly person and she speaks Mandarin … so can communicate a little with her with my broken chinese…She just venture into this industry so a fresh meat lah..We both undress and proceed to shower, washing my didi with a little shyness on her face ..wah drives me wild! My gun starts to rise and hardened.. after shower quickly dry  myself up and lie on the bed.

After she dry herself, came on top of me to start the action by cat bath…nice view of her breast and light brownish nipples.. Beh Tahan… lick my nipples and  proceed down south to my canon… by this time it is rock hard dy. She slowly put it in her mouth can feel the warm deep sensation.. not a bad BJ but has room for improvement.. a potential gem! With an innocent sweet looking face blowing you away… that’s climax for me! Now, my turn!

We exchange position, my time to service her…starts with a kiss on her cute brownish nipple, some response from her with her light moan.. kissing and sucking intensity increased by the minute and feel her body getting warm and excited with loader moaning and breathing.. went down south to pay her abalone a visit… discovered it’s really fresh and sweet. Cleaned, no smell.. sweet! Wasted no time is licking and kissing wow juicy and wet ‘gua cakap’ …. she moaned innocently with orgasm.. after a few minutes she said she can not tahan… 

So start with a missionary first, ohhh quite tight and I started slowly and pick up the pace faster and faster. Change to doggie for another for few minutes  of banging and unloaded… Short and sweet! Too soon… 😛
Too long didn’t unload or may it’s tight and my didi is sensitive. Overall I think it’s alright and worthwhile.
For those brothers who likes, naive, innocent young looking sweet faces. Boleh cuba! She will might be transfer to other places soon, so brothers please go if wanna try! Below are her stats.

Name : Janet
Race :  Thai mix Chinese
Location: Some Hotel in Kota D’sara
Age : 23
Face : Sweet 7/10
Boobs : Small but firm with cute little brownish nipples
Body : Still have baby fat, if you are a meaty fan you will like it
Height : 5.5 ft I think..
GFE: 7/10
DATY:  Yes
BJ : Not bad for a beginner
Pussy: Tight, clean and no smell
Damage: 170
Type: Call OKT and knock on door
WIR: Definite Yes

OKT contact: Ben 0111 526 6698 
Area: Kota D’mansara near Giza

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