A non-rushed massage with very happy ending – Vera

A non-rushed massage with very happy ending – Vera

Master: Ram

Was a tiring month due to work and also MCO so decided to try a good massage including handjob. So found out a local contact in semenyih and made an appointment to meet during the evening. She lives in an apartment, so once I arrived there, need to register and pass the security guard. 

Once parked, she directed which floor and flat number of the apartment. She allowed me to clean my hands and legs. Then she brought me to a room with a mattress on the floor. The place was clean and neat and lights were dim, perfect for a massage! 

Took of my shirt, pants and also underwear and laid on the mattress. The massage was great. used oil to massage the back nicely and unknot the muscles. Super relaxing. she was a friendly person to chat with as well. after 30 mins, she asked to turn back and continue with the legs. Finally, she enters the gun territory. my gun upright already.

She didnt even rush it. she slowly applied oil and massaged the gun for at least 10 mins and she massaged the sides of my gun. when its time, she starts pumping and out comes the fireworks. she allows touching her boobs for extra 50 (if you want. I didnt try). then she gives a good head massage to end it well. she cleans the place and let me rest for a while. Paid her and I went out as a happy guy for the week. 

Name: Vera 
Origin: Malaysian malay (NL)
Language: Malay and English
Age: Late 20s I guess
Face: 6.5/10 – can see the face 
Body: 7/10 – quite busty and the butt is well fleshed 
Massage: 8/10
Batin: 9/10 – i give 9 because she didnt rush. she took her time and slowly made us indulge in the feeling 
Damage: 150 include batin for 60 mins. extra if want to add on touching boobs

Location: Kajang, Semenyih
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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    Have contact?

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    BRO, share me the contact pls!! Looking for NL long long time ago d.

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