A Night With Devi

A Night With Devi 

Master: JoVin

I received Devi’s number from webmaster and sent her a text message; sadly she was entertaining visiting relatives and had to wait for 1 week before I feel Devi’s services.

Finally the week passed and I sent her a message requesting to be the last customer. My schedule was set at 10 pm and I Wazed my way to her place. Parking was relatively easy as it was late at night.

I took the lift up and was anticipating Devi to be in the famous Kimono that all the brothers have described; sadly no. She was dressed in a night dress. My first impression; face was easy on the eyes, short but I could see that she had a big pair of boobs.
She invited me in, sat down on her sofa and she offered me a drink. We started talking and being shy myself, I did not make advances. After chatting for almost 15 minutes, Devi must have realised that I was not going to make the first move and so Devi unbuttoned my shirt and started to rub my chest while talking.

She then proceeded to unbutton my jeans and undressed me. While I was seated on her sofa fully naked, she knelt down in between my legs and began her fantastic deep throat blow job. I must say that it has been a very long time since my dick had such a loving feeling. She blow jobbed me for about 15 minutes and then she escorted me to her bed room by holding my rock hard dick.

It was in her room that I undressed her and started to suck and groped her beautiful large boobs. I then lied her down and returned the favour by licking her scentless clean shaven pussy.

After about 5 minutes, Devi rolled me over on her bed, capped and mounted me, though she is meaty, she knows how to move in a provocative manner that made me pound her harder especially with the view of her big beautiful boobs jiggling about. After a few minutes of that few, Devi mounted me in reverse cow girl and this time I received the view of her ass. She rode my dick full length and the feeling was just too much for me to take. I told her that I wanted to fuck her doggie style and she rolled off me and bent over with her ass high up. I shoved my dick into her and after a few deep strokes I finally came. She asked me why I did not cum in her mouth and I told her that I will the next time.

I took a quick shower, rested for a while and kissed her before leaving.

On my next visit I would definitely have more fun with her. Devi, like many brothers have said; mae me feel comfortable with a girlfriend like experience and like the brothers have mentioned; she may not be a looker but she makes it up with her fantastic skills in blow job and riding.

Name: Devi
DMG: 250
Boobs: More than a handful, maybe 2 handfuls
Pussy: 8/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
WIR: Definitely
GFE: 10/10

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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  1. allan says:

    Hi Bro,

    can share devi contact list to me allanzin914@yahoo.com


  2. Hariharan says:

    Hye bro cn i hve devis num?? Pls share it to 010 4071516 or hollaharanmac@gmail.com

  3. Mac631962 says:

    love to try it bro…anyone have her number..email me at bcagar@yahoo.com. Anyone sharing with me as return i will give my fav. african milf with big boobs.. lovely queen…still studying one of the college in KL.

  4. kesh says:

    Can i get her no pls send me to jammed75@yahoo.com.sg

  5. Simratjit says:

    Bro..can I have Devi’s number

  6. alan says:

    Can get devi contact.0176931143 pm me

  7. jovin says:

    Hi guys who want devi number cn watsaap me at 0102260662

  8. Hanapi says:

    What da fuck guys…..from rm150 till now rm250….how come suddenly it’s getting expensive to fuck devi’s holes…. It used to be only rm150 can do 2 shots…..I’m thinking some fucking wealthy dudes being so generous after had a session with devi. So guys, remember!!!!! Pay only what you’ve agreed before…..

  9. vimal says:

    Can i get devi num…
    This my num 0146692604

  10. Dasan says:

    Any chance can get her contact. Really wanna see what she has to offer

  11. Samindar says:

    Bro..can I have Devi’s contact

  12. Alan says:

    Bro cn i get devi no.. if pnc drop to this mail

  13. David says:

    Bro, please share Devi’s no. Tq

  14. Ossome says:

    May I have devi’s contact please

  15. Kishen says:

    bro, can i have devi num… my num is 0173068947

  16. Fish says:


    Can someone share her contact?? Please message me at 01123368881….

  17. Danny says:

    Bro, can anyone pls email me Devi’s no tq

  18. Danny says:

    Bro, can anyone pls email me Devi’s no to tdevkm@gmail.Com tq

  19. BLACK says:

    Bro, can anyone pls email me Devi’s no

  20. Kevin says:

    Can share her contact to kevinirho@gmail.com?

  21. Memphis says:

    May i get her contact number?

  22. Memphis says:

    Anyone interested to swap ur Devi contact number with my Sabahan contact number? Whatsap me 0137651651

  23. Viknesh says:

    Please share Devi’s number to subavikknesh@gmail.com or to 016-6697928

  24. Ted says:

    Please email me devi’s number

  25. Ted says:

    Tracerramkumar@gmail.com please share devi number webmaster

  26. Kukucai says:

    HI bro,

    Can share her ctc with me, i’ll exchange another punjabi for u…

  27. Eric says:

    bro, please share davi’s number

  28. Jack says:

    can someone share devi’s contact no please

  29. Edmond says:

    hi master jovin, please share her contact to my mail edmond5052@yahoo.com

  30. shivendra says:

    can i get devi number bro thanks

  31. Mikey says:

    Bro, i am visiting KL this week. please help share devi number please. Thank you very much

  32. david says:

    what is devi contact number

  33. Kishok says:

    Hi, can I get Devi contact no.

  34. chandru says:

    hi can i have devi contact no pls bro

  35. Jam says:

    Hey bro can I get Devi’s contact pls? My email is nsekb1@gmail.com and my number to text is 019 9999707 I don’t have what’s app thanks

  36. Alan says:

    Hi,i’m Alan 34yrs old frm Kuala Lumpur. I would like to date with Devi. So can give me Devi number

  37. HK 79 says:

    Hi Bro can share contact of Devi… haresh251979@gmail.com

  38. Stanley says:

    Hi Bro,

    can share devi contact list to me jianrongshe0214@hotmail.com

  39. Khaizam says:

    Hi bro.
    Can share devi contact no


  40. Jack ling says:

    Hi, Can share her contact . Thanks bro

  41. Jack ling says:

    Hi, Can share her contact . Thanks bro

  42. Jay says:

    Share contact pls

  43. Elvin says:

    Hi.. Please share Devi’s contact number to me at happymelvin1405@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  44. Sentah says:

    Please share devi’s contact number. TQ!

  45. michael sam says:

    finaly i have Devi’s number 0146341152…but dont share wit others…all the best guys…ayat kena power bros..baru devi boleh layan..

  46. MVK says:

    How do i get Devi’s number?

    Please share.

  47. MVK says:

    How do i get Devi’s number?

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  48. raj says:

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