A memorable night with Nur(pic)

A memorable night with Nur(pic)

Master: Vince

After got the number for Nur from the webmaster. Heard a lot of good reviews about her and was really excited for her service. I contact her quite sometime, maybe she is busy.

Finally manage to contact her and arrange for the appointment. She was very good in arranging the date and even recommended the hotel to go to nearby. She also tell how the arrangement goes by.

Straight away book a room at the hotel for several hours and waited for her to come. Give her the room’s number.

Knock on the door and greeted me when the door open. She is okay for me with her soft face.

Straight away, she took out her cloths and call me for wash up. Had short shower and went to the bed.

Very good GFE. She treat you like her boyfren yall. Told what she does for the day and what her plan.

Action started with her start licking my nipples and then proceed to my little brother.

OMG, she is good at it..  her tongue and mouth was wild and I was high immediately.
It stretch all over the place and almost release but I controlled.

After a good 10 minutes.She cap me using her mouth. Wow that was my first time.

I started fingering here and DATY. Damn she was very wet and she ask me to enter her.

We ended on missionary and chit chat after that for a while.

Took shower, paid her and then left the place. Overall it was a good memorable experience and will definitely look forward to see her again.

Name: Nur
Age: late 30 i guest
Face: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
Ass : 8/10
Body: Slim
FK: Good
BJ: 7/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage : 150+ 50 Hotel
WIR: Yes

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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  1. Tommy says:

    Hi bro, I’m new here. Sorry for bothering. But how do i get the contact for Nur?

    Thank you.


  2. qahfy says:

    can i get the number

  3. andy says:

    Can i have her number? N golden key

  4. gambit says:

    can i get her no

  5. gambit says:

    pm plz 0166321576

  6. dedmond says:

    Pm ne pls for nur number at 01111555762

  7. Micheal says:


    Pls share her contact number?
    Appreciate if very much.

  8. stephane says:

    Hi Admin/ Team,

    Would be highly appreciate if anyone can share the “goldenkey” and nur details please.


  9. seeker says:

    I want golden key

  10. geoff says:

    Gk n tel# thks

  11. Fad says:

    Can I have nur contact information and golden key please

  12. fiq says:

    Can i get the golden key please!

  13. Pearce says:

    Can I have nur phone number and goldenkey please??

  14. dead wolf says:

    Can i have her number ans golden key please? deadwolves92@gmail.com

  15. Ham Ka Loong says:

    Hi call me for young japanese girl. just quote my name Guai Gong Loong when call. 0193431713

  16. makkan says:

    golden key and contact

  17. Kenny Ang says:

    I would like to request for golden key and could you message me for nur phone number please

  18. James says:

    Hi, can I get the golden key and nur phone number

  19. Peter says:

    Sound interesting, can u share the ctc number ?

    Tnx in advance..

  20. omar says:

    Pls pm me any contact malay girl age around 35

  21. mingwey says:

    Pls gv me contact and golden key thx

  22. ahmad says:

    Pls pm me contact num to my email..thanks

  23. Tom says:

    Hi bro sorry to bother you. But I’m super new in this. Can share 1 contact for me to start? Thank you. And appreciated it. Can share to my email tom100189@outlook.com if any bro can share at least 1 contact. I prefer slim girls. Thank you so much. Cheers

  24. zest says:

    hey bro can i have the number, golden keys and pics please..trydeath_mole@yahoo.com

  25. dickson says:

    anyone interest with malay girl?(student) just pm me..0102823715

  26. Iss says:

    Hi lucky guys… Can I get yr lucky golden key and contact no…. smone06@yahoo.com.my

  27. mat says:

    golden key and phone number please..

  28. abu says:

    Hi admin. Please email me the contact no and golden key. Email to: jejaka.kacak@mail.com

  29. smalltie says:

    dear webmaster,

    hi,i am new here, Would be highly appreciate if webmaster can share me her contact number and the golden key as well.

    email: smalltie89@gmail.com tqvm

  30. htlittlebunny says:

    Bro, please share contact and golden key. Thanks

  31. Lionel says:

    Contact and golden key pls ^^

  32. Jem says:

    How to contact..? Email also never reply?

  33. abberant says:

    Golden key bro tq

  34. XreaperX says:

    Any of my bros can share the golden key with me.can email me at r3aper84@gmail.com. Thx yo

  35. Bob says:

    Hi bro
    Please share the contact n key


  36. Jason says:

    Hi bro, please do share contact info to jasonleesng@gmail.com

  37. Brain says:

    Hi bros can i get contact no. thanks

  38. rayz says:


    Can share details n golden key? Plz..really need


  39. jimi says:

    Hi Bro, can i get the colden key & contact please?

  40. jimi says:

    Hi Bro, can i get the golden key & contact please?

  41. geoff says:

    PM to me her contact n gk. Thanks

  42. w says:

    can i get nur contact?

  43. relax10 says:

    hi bro can we exchange contacts

  44. Suun says:

    Can u share Nur’s ctc no..pls email me.tq bro

  45. Seekers says:

    Hey..plz send her number…

  46. Nizam says:

    Please give her number… 0163321842

  47. fakrul says:

    Need nophone nur

  48. fakrul says:

    Need no phone nur

  49. fakrul says:

    Phone no nur n golden key

  50. fakrul says:

    adlibokhari@gmail.com. phone no n golden key

  51. fakrul says:

    adlibokhari81@gmail.com. phone no but n golden key

  52. din says:

    Hey bro. Can u give me the golden key & cntct num? Thanks

  53. JCTY says:

    Golden key and number.. <3

  54. nasr says:

    wanna exchange contact FL gurl with me
    pls email sueila491@yahoo.com
    surely wont regret!!

  55. hirez says:

    Phone no & golden key pls

  56. JP says:

    Contact pls bro

  57. Jitpong says:

    Bro can share with me contact? I am interested to try. Jitpong27@yahoo.com

  58. Ahmad Naswip says:

    email me her contact pleasee

  59. Maya says:

    My number: 0104691456. sweet little malay girl from Johor so good, very ketat and wet. all can do (bj, gfe etc.) 100/h only. we chat or call for picture 😉

  60. Tommy says:

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  64. Baba says:

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  65. Jason Yong says:

    Hi, please share with me the golden key and contact details of Nur.

    Here my email.


  66. zedzo says:

    Look horny pony MILF..want to try..bro..no please..

  67. jack says:

    pm her contact bro, and the golden key. Thanks

  68. theo says:

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  69. pork says:

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  70. bcagar@yahoo.com says:

    Can i have her number? N golden key

  71. Mushroom says:

    Hi, how to contact Nur? Thanks

  72. zza says:

    hii can i have her number please ?

  73. Rashwan says:

    In new here. How to get the golden key?

  74. Rashwan says:

    Im new here. How to get the golden key?

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