A early morning encounter with Sa Sa.

A early morning encounter with Sa Sa.

Master: Ray

Hello brothers,

This fr took place 1 month ago. Been busy so only completed now.

Was feeling restless last Sunday night and decided to cruise up kota damansara to check out some massage shops. Didn’t realize there were so many of them within the town centre in Dataran Sunway. Virtually every street had one with its neon signage blinking.

Finally at 11:45 I came upon this centre which our webmaster had mentioned before . It comprised of two corner lots back to back ( you see it you will know folks!) Went up to level 2 and went in through the door but not before taking off the shoes as reminded by the OKT who was foreign guessing he was from Bangladesh or Nepal .

I looked through the massage packages and the OKt twas recommending I try their package plus batin (unofficially not in the printed menu).  He even told me they offer a genuine batin which all customers given a thumbs up.  Ok I took the 90 min massage and batin.  Next I asked who are the masseurs? Are they local or foreign; they employ PRC got young and older ones depending your liking.  Being a milf lover I challenged him to get me one age ranging mid 30 to 40s.  He recommended Sa Sa and typical of the sales pitch he assured me if you don’t like her appearance no obligation can switch before commence session.

Was next ushered into a heavy curtained cubicle with dual layer similar to cinema style (good for privacy) and the cubicles were wider then the other MP I visited.  So far so good!  Undress and waited 5 min and heard a soft knock on the cubicle frame and in popped Sa Sa.  First impression was her face quite pleasing and though slightly shorter then 150cm in height and also chubby (+ pts for me), I  approved.  She was most courteous and she can speak Cantonese since she had worked in Shenzhen for 2 years and picked up the dialect another + for me to have a good chat with her during the massage session.

From our conversation I found out she was a single mother to a son in China; husband separated and she was working in Malaysia to provide financial support for her son. Her massage was better or comparable in technique to the regular centre I visit in SS2. For a small size lady she was very strong when she used her elbow to knead my lower back.  

All the while I asked her about the do and donts during batin.  She was sporting and I told her she had nice boobs and also she commented my nipples are smaller then hers so I took the lead and asked her about her nipples and colour and her cup size etc.  I even ventured to ask her about her Y area and whether she shaved her pussy hair ( which she doesn’t trim ) because she mentioned my pubic area was very neat LOL.  All the while I was asking her if I can pay a tip and have her strip but she declined she was afraid the okt may check.  I told her at this hour?  It was already close to 1 am who still comes for massage? BTW the centre opens till 3 am ha ha ha!  Initially another customer checked into the adjoining cubicle so she won her case LOL.

I did find out from her that majority PRC girls dont like DATY as its not their culture based on my related  experiences of trying to DATY the PRC girls. I asked she got free time to come out and do a session for me and she said only in the morning before the centre opens.  All the while I was trying to bait her by telling her how I can give her a fun session which she never had; turns out her sex life is just take off the panties and let her husband fuck without foreplay.  What a pity!

After an hour plus she told me I was making her horny in away since she hadnt had sex for a long time and she was evidently very open to my suggestion of a one off session during her free time.

After she finish her massage routine she commenced the batin. She told me to be patient as she will move over to my side  where I can have some extra feel; so after some tingling finger touch arousing my didi from slumber she moved over my right side and allowed me to team her breast and put my hand beneath her t shirt wow her bra was a sexy black lacy type. Roam inside her cup and felt her nipples…she moan slightly so not to arouse untoward attention. As I was progressing she told me to hang on a moment.
She lifted up her t shirt and pulled her breast out beneath her bra to allow me to toggle at those supple breast…still firm and yes her nipples were longer and the areola still lightest pink brown. She took a towel to wipe her sweaty boobs cos massage exertion. I said I don’t mind sweat and oh she smelt good very natural when I placed my mouth over her left breast. Felt like baby suckling for milk…

By that time she was getting aroused and so was my didi too. My hands managed to roam to her butt crack and through her pants feel her crotch too. She whispered please don’t not here in panic. I stop but not before getting her say she liked that sensation.
After another minute or so I came full force and shot my load like a gushing oil well…being professional they know how to control where you shoot so it didn’t shoot outside my body. She took tissue wipe my cum and then went out to get a towel. Turns out a hot towel which she placed and wipe my lower body. Felt good since the air conditioning was making me feel chilly after cum.

I thanked her for her massage and got dressed. She stayed with me until I was dressed and gave me a hug. I told her about meeting outside for eca (extra activities) and she said call me after giving me her mobile.  I left close to 2 am..happy and knowing I will meet her again for massage and pleasure.

Looks like there will be a part 2 to this story. To be posted another day.

Name: Sa Sa PRC
Age: 33
Boobs; 36c
Build: chubby meaty below 150cm height.
Daty: hopeful in part 2 of this story but she say bushy yum yum!
Fj: hopeful too
Location: a mp in kota damansara.
Damage: massage 1.5 hr RM 77, batin RM 60 tips for boobie experience RM 30.
Wir: definite yes and also many other PRC milf Massuer too.
Also part 2 of story for fr lol.


Her contact is 010 8779519
D’touch kota damansara.

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