5’7″ English speaking PRC – Connie

5’7″ English speaking PRC – Connie

Master: anonymous 

I went here two nights ago for a massage. Haven’t been here for 6 years but the establishment is the same although they have changed name from Prexxxent Hotel to Jx Boxxxque Hotel now. At lobby entrance, turn left and you’ll see another staircase entrance to the Health Spa. Use the elevator there to floor 3A.

Anyway, the captain walks forward and offers the massage packages available. I chose the 90 min session; RM132. Fyi, they ask you to put your belongings in a safe deposit box and hand the key to you but you can bring along your phone – no  problem.

While the captain and I walk to the room, I asked him if they have other services. The answer was favorable. They had two girls who do full package service for RM250. Okay cool; I said I would like to view. The first one was Theresa, PRC; nice sexy figure but had no smile when she saw me – skip. I wait for the 2nd one called Nani. Unfortunately she was away on her break – I didn’t feel like waiting. So I told the captain, I will take the 90 mins massage and wanted a girl who can do extras if I wanted her to. He understood and sent me one.

This is where the whole night became so worthwhile. Her name was Connie. She’s from PRC but spoke credible English which made me feel alright-o! Very friendly and said a BIG hello when she walked in. Plus points already! She was slim with nice long legs. Not very tall though 5’7″ maybe. But her mannerisms were wonderful. Boobs were perfect for her physique. Natural and perky.

She started out with a massage of course. I told her to go extreme – with all her strength and she did. Very nice back and leg rub down. Relaxing and comfortable. After about 45 mins or so, I felt a slight finger touch just above my butt crack. WOWeee. She played it so well…made me spread my legs further so she can do more – which she did excellently. Soft touch just hovering between feel and no feel. My little man was rock hard. But the best part was, this soft touch had a second stage up my lower back all the way up to my nape (she did this with the another hand while still doing the earlier movement near my butt crack. Oh man…sensational. Then she very sexily breathed a sigh near my ear like she wants to whisper sweetness to me. Goose bumps! After the second or third time she said softly “turn around’.

I obliged. I was stack naked and wood stiff erect naturally. She touched me and looked me in the eye and asked “want B2B?” Hell yeah! That’s what I am here for girl 🙂 (extra RM100). She got on top, did the cat-bath, kissed gently all over, with her hand stroking my cock. I thought I was going to shoot there and then but she was a pro. She slid off and played with my balls for a while teasing me still. I said “please blow me” and she gave this knowing sexy nod and started the BJ (top up RM50). Fabulous tongue and lips. Anyway, there was a moment she turned her backside towards me so that she can go deep-throat and I that’s when I touched her pussy. Oh lord it was wet and pink. Clean too! She moaned, turned her head back to look at me – with a shocked-like face :-). I said “may I continue?” “Of course, you naughty boy”, she said . Ahhhh…this woman is indeed a natural. No extra charge too!

Okay I fingered her and she did her sucking, she was aroused I can tell. Moaning and groaning all the time. Sometimes so loud I was afraid people might hear us. Anyway, few minutes later she just decided to go 69. Pushed her pussy and butt right to my face. Like I said; she was clean and no odor at all. Her pink pussy and caramel butt hole was too tempting to decline and so I attacked it with vigor – tongue, finger, nose and all. Heaven for both of us. Her wetness and willingness to go with me like this was like she was my longtime lover. I was amazed that I hadn’t yet shot my load. I was still hard and not looking to climax any time soon. I wanted to f**k her too but she wouldn’t; because that’s the rule for 90 mins massage sessions. Sex is strictly with the other two dedicated girls only – Theresa & Nani apparently. Anyway, after 69 for awhile, she brought her face to me and we started kissing; first, around neck, eyes, then lips. The lip kissing part was full bodied, wet and open mouthed but no tongue because I don’t like that; so I didn’t attempt. I am confident however, if I used tongue we would’ve gone ‘French’ *wink* no doubt.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. I finally shot my load, we showered. She even blow-ed me one more time for fun in the shower but I didn’t want to finish because I was depleted mentally. However, it was the best and most worthwhile 90mins (maybe more; I lost track of time in there) that I dare claim to have experienced. Connie was wonderful and remarkably good for what’s worth. I didn’t have to pay her anything there but settled everything at the counter. Collected my stuff and left a VERY happy fellow!

Name : Connie
Age :  Around 25++ (guessing)
Race: PRC
Active: Yes (for 10 months)
Catbath: Yes 8/10
BBBJ: Yes 8/10
AR: Yes (but ask first)
Boobs: Small but nice, pointy nipples 
Butt: Nice, round and smooth
Weight: Slim
CIM: Maybe (I didn’t try)
Pussy: Tight but nice and clean.
Fingering: Yes (ask first)
DATY: Yes (ask first)
French Kissing: Yes to me (but pls ask first)
Sex (penetration): No (but you can try asking after you aroused her :-))
WIR: Yes definitely for the french kisses and oral sex (and make love to her if she allows it)
Damage: 90 min massage only RM132, B2B (with BJ) = RM150 Total = RM282


JJ Boutique Hotel Damansara Perdana- Executive Health Spa No.12, Jalan PJU 8/5G, Business Centre Damansara Perdana Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47820 Malaysia 0377 249 556

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