36C big boobs Mongolia girl – Bai Mu Dan(pic)

36C big boobs Mongolia girl – Bai Mu Dan(pic)

Master: sunny 

First time write FR sorry for bad English 🙂 Vlvisited this lovely girl last year when I got the number from webmaster here.

Got her number and straight away SMS her for appointment… too bad she busy 🙁 after two days trying manage to book her at 7~8pm. Guided by her how to go to her apartment (nearby cheras) went up and meet her.

First impression, very friendly! A big smile greets you. Chit chat with her yo break some ice and then started by bath. She stripped naked and her boobs is huge, although a bit saggy. She told me that she don’t like to wear bra. Hehe like it natural 😀 To my suprise the water bed is really a full single leather bed. No kidding! It’s not those air pumped, haha very nice.

I lay down and she wash my back sensually then she sits on top of me then rubbing her boobs against my back! b2b started! XD the soapy b2b session is very nice as her boobs is big and soft. After that I turned up and the b2b continues. Wash after a while then she cat bath and kiss me while teasing my Didi. Nice as you totally feels there like no rushing at all. Service max very extremely good. Haha feels like I am being pampered by her :p we dried up then proceed to bed, haha she open the TV of a porn DVD.I

told her to turn off cause don’t want any distraction Hehe. When on the bed we FK non stop (she is an awsome kisser :3) shortly she give me a blowjob raw, her sucking skill is very nice. After a while cannot tahan dy asked her to start CD and ride. Surprisingly she is strong! She rides me on the top very hardworking wow. 100% not lazy at all Hehe. After few position my I come in missionary style. She clean me up and we both proceed to bath. After dried up we both lay on bed.

As usual she not urgy to chase you out meet next customer. Rest for around few minutes then my hand started to naughty dy touching her… Hehe and FK starts again (god I love kissing with her) really GFE feels! She blow me again and proceed to missionary, after several minutes (tired dy) I let go and cum. So long never two shot at one girl! Cleanup she bath me again (her service can’t be described with words.) then we both dress up and chitchat at the living room.

She very chatty and relly GFE feels. Look at the time… =_= almost 3 hours at here already… damm scare kena charge Gao Gao… She only charge me RM200 @@ wow… so nice of her, I guess that because she enjoy it too Hehe ^^ . I gave her extra tips cause was very happy as she serviced me very good! Paid kiss good bye and left

Name: Bai Mu Dan
Originate: Mongolia
Area: Cheras
Face: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Boobs: 34C a bit saggy but nice to play Hehe 
FK: allowed
Pussy: Clean shaven, wet and tight
BBJ: 8/10
GFE: 10/10
WIR: Hehe after cny gonna visit her again. What do you think :p
Damage: RM200 + tips

*** please treat her nicely as she a rare gem. Be nice to her and your sexeperience would be awesome! Never seen someone as hardworking as her trying to please you and enjoy herself at the same time. 

***be nice to her and she might invite you for dinner and cook for you :p hehe

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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