3132 – Fuji SPA, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Pudu, Fuji SPA

3132 – Fuji SPA

Cheongster: MEAN-COCK

Hello Guys,

This is my virgin post for MMS. I hope everyone will give some advice and pardon if this FR is not good enough. Went to Fuji about 11pm alone (Commando Style), usually alone la, cos no kaki and dun haf friends who are eager to join me. As usual, OKT greeted and was looking for my usual OKT, not around so talk to the one who was serving.

So I went for CK session, and woah. lots of girls today! Saturday.. I like to visit spas on the weekend to avoid the crowd. (lots of uncle need to teman aunty and kids la) Came out about 20+ girls. so many to choose from also a bit pening! So I saw a few then come this girl who is smiling from ear to ear to me. OK la! Choose her. took me a while cos the captain send all of them in, then chose a few out to see. then another set of three. cos I damn picky. haha

Anyway, decided on this one 3132. WHY? Cos I damn afraid of those mechanical monsters where they do SOP SOP SOP. I want some electricity spark, where they give u their 110% while working. I always look for those who smile at me.. those who are interested in servicing me.. since her smile was from ear to ear. so I decided to pick her. (*my own philosophy. not a strict rule where everybody must follow)

Stats as below:

Name: 3132
Age: 20 (Dragon Yr)
Face: 8/10
Body: 6/10 (On the Skiny side. maybe 40-43kg)
Boobs: 32A (I guess, not sure!) Small.. but cute; brownish nips.
FJ: 7/10 (Missionary position – wanted her to cowgirl me.. but dun wan)
Pussy: 10/10 (Wet! Very Wet!! n Tight – Young mar)
DATY: nope (said tak tahan itchy)
FK : nope (keep running away)
GFE: 5/10 (requirement on this quite high)
damage : 228
Overall Rating: 6/10
WIR: Too many pussies out there to satisfy – 40% yes

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost

* WIR=Would I Return
, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

So got into the room, SOP la. had to wait for her to take towel and bedsheets. so sat there for bout 7 mins. then she came in. quite reluctant to sit with me and GFE. so wut to do. go on to shower lo. When in shower, she cleaned my did real good, and then turn my back to clean asshole.. (expecting something already). Then turn back to the front and give me a BJ with her mouth full of hot water. (3 mins) Ok la not bad BJ, but lack of experience.

Then continue on the bed. asked me to lie down with the back facing her. So she do the catbath routine from the back. Then slowly down to south to my butt.. lick a bit on the crack a lil down south then touch the hole a bit for 5 secs. but not in the hole. So a halfway AR. OK la. not expecting much. cos not big fan. She looks very cute and her tongue is damn small. so kesian her a bit also ler.. Asked me to turn in front.. and same routine, then go down south and started at my balls. Give me some lick then mana tau. the towel sticking some cotton on my balls and dick. aiyar. potong stim.. so she had to hand pick the cotton out.. (haha! funny huh?) WTH? She said it was because of the new towel. ok la.. nvm la.. continue sucky sucky.Wahh damn hard already. then she help me put on the condom.

Then I wanted to paint her abit.. started from the ear. then she was running away. say very itchy. Ok la. then lick her neck also cannot. then lick her boobs.. very sensitive.. cannot tahan wor. go down south also quite difficult. All in all. painted for 3mins.. Then she pull me to enter her liao (Missionary Style). So I slowly enter her. she started moaning. the deeper the higher the pitch.. quite real. So just dayung la. in. out in out. (for about 20 mins). So in 20 mins. she came 3 times!! First time. while I was dayung-ing fast – I asked her to sucky my thumb, and she came while sucking my thumb and me fcking her. When she came the first two time.. her ass was all wet! So it was very good fcking session for her.

That’s the best part for young girls. So I was controlling my ejaculation. nearly came (cos of her sound effect and her horniness) U know la. when girls orgasm. make my blood boil. So the last time she came. I let go and pancut into her (with condom on). Woah! Damn tired. all sweaty already. Then lie down on the bed.. all exhausted and happy. So she kautim me by showering me properly. and end of story.

Plus Point-
– Young and Pretty
– Looks Wild but Inexperience in Sex
– When she cums.. she keep calling me “ai ren” or something like dat la. “qing ren” Not sure.. too bz dayung.
– BJ willing to please
– Boobs sensitive and Pussy tight (Young)
– NEW girl – Just arrived 22/8, so very fresh

Negative Point-
– A lil mechanical (Lacking bit of GFE)
– No killer body
– AR a bit lacking (might as well not do it – so that I dun complain)
– Tongue small. so her catbath not too well done. (but cute)
– Catbath lacking due to small tongue also

Thank you for reading. Give some advise bro’s. 😉 And pardon on such a freaking long FR.

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