1st Middle East girl I’ve ever tried – Godiva

1st Middle East girl I’ve ever tried – Godiva

Master: ngcmn

So i coincidentally met this freelancer some where and decided to give it a try … manage to book her on a sunday evening..

Finally the day came and i went up her hotel room.. actually it was not hers but she loan it from her friend… so we started chatting a bit 1st and she asked me to pay her 1st which i wanted to pay half 1st in case just anything happen.. but she assure me nothing bad will happen.. so i paid her the full amount and she then asked me if i wanted to clean myself up 1st.. 

I asked her if she’s going to clean me, she said she just cleaned herself just before i came… then i quickly just wash myself up and lay on the bed… so she started licking my nipples then just a simple cat bath on my body..then i wanted to suck her boobies too and she allowed… after sucking a while I asked her could I DATY her and she asked me I like pussy and then she allowed me to lick her after hearing me saying yes… 

she started to moan slightly and told me to lick her clit where she gladly guide me to it… I must be doing something right as she was moaning more and more… its kinda difficult to make her very high and my tongue started to feel tired after licking for around 5 minutes… then she proceeded to sick my cock and give me a quite pleasurable blowjob for around 5 minutes then she cap me and started to ride me… 

after riding me for around 3 minutes she seems tired and then I lay her down and start fucking her missionary style… after around 5 -6 minutes of fucking i came… too bad my stamina is really that high thats why I booked her for 2 hours… then we rest a bit and start to chat  with me… she’s the type of shy girls and she say she dun really talk much…

Next she started to give me a massage… at 1st it was ticklish as nobody massage me before… I asked her where she learned it she said she learn from the massage parlor around BB area… Massage was quite ok but did not put enough strength I think… after around 20 minutes of massage and resting its time fore round 2… she start to give me another blowjob and this time I asked her for a 69… 

I enjoyed eating her pussy as it was fresh and clean.. after i make her wet enough we did the missionary style again… after another 4-5 minutes of fucking my didi went limp and she tried giving me another blowjob to resurrect my didi but i think i was too tired and could not go for another round… so after cleaning up i said good bye to her.. 

she is a great girl and its really a different feeling compared to those escorts brought in by agent… she is not really skillful but everything is all natural which is what I like most… just too bad my stamina really not enough.. or else I would have bang her cukup cukup… haha

Name : Godiva
Country: Jordan
Age : 23
Location: BB area
Face : 9/10
Height : 160cm
Boob: B to C cup
Bbbj: 7/10
Ass licking:no
B2b ;no
Massage : 7/10
Damage : 600 only for 2 hours (unlimited shots)
WIR: yes if i have enough money again…

She is studying so you can only sms her… she will filter through before accepting u… no regrets fucking her… 😀

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  1. David says:

    Can you share me her contact number.. Thanks. Email me at davidg1919@hotmail.com

  2. JamesChan says:

    Bro, please please share with me her contact and photos. please please please.


  3. Hello World says:

    Please share her contact bro. Thank you!

  4. kenji says:

    pls chare the contact bro, kenho_81@hotmail.com. thx

  5. sparkplug says:

    sharing is caring bro, please share werock124new@gmail.com, million thanks to you 🙂

  6. zula says:

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  7. marcus says:

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  8. marcus says:

    bro…share her contact bro… 0197772607

  9. Arie says:

    Can share her number? Appreaciate it.

  10. Aj says:

    Plz share her contact number bro.tq

  11. Aj says:

    Plz share her contact number bro.tq

  12. matt says:

    bro.can you please share with me godiva contact.tq

  13. Sam says:

    Bro, please send the contact to samhealthforlife@gmail.com

  14. Raja says:

    Can get contact number pls

  15. kevin says:

    Pm contact pls and golden key…asianzmc@yahoo.com.my

  16. Bimster says:

    Please send me her contact info and a photo if you have. I have NEVER done with a mid-east chick before so really really looking forward to your response.

    THanks very very much in advance.

  17. Jimmy says:

    Send me u
    1. price
    2. Contact number
    3. U location

  18. tony domme says:

    bro, number plzzz…i belanja u too!

  19. H M says:

    Godiva contact no. pls. Thanks

  20. Dymitepro says:

    Hey bro, please share her contact to dymitepro@yahoo.com Tq & really appreciate.

  21. Adi_Putra says:

    Hii bro, can share contact with me adi_putra98@yahoo.com

    TQ bro….

  22. hg11 says:

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  23. kittymen says:

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  24. Zellman says:

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