19 ys old like student PRC – Mee Xue, Kuala Lumpur, Old Klang Road, Pearl Point Hotel, Mee Xue

19 ys old like student PRC – Mee Xue
She blow very serious, and slowly………

Master: as long

Get OKT contact from here, then quickly call her and make arrangement. Since a bro here mentioned 19yo PRC mee xue then i straight ask okt her room no and go for it.

Name: Mee Xue
Age:19 ( Like student, so young and like less experienced in this job )
Face: 7/10 Consider ok ( long straight hair)
Body: Slim , smooth skin , wangi
BBBJ: 9/10 (She blow very serious, and slowly)
Boobs: B+ / C cup . dunno how to see. but quite big and firm. Very soft, nice to grab and suck.
Pussy: Very less hair, clean, and quite tight for me. ( She used like 2-3 min to put my didi inside ) Seem like really new to this job.
Catbath: Body only
GFE: 5/10 ( Dunno she new or what, the feel she giv me is cool type. I ask 1 she answer 1 , shy shy type )
WIR: Not sure, depend
Dmg: 160

Went in the room, we undress ourself, then i hug her from back and proceed to bath room, keep on squeezing her big boobs, very soft and her body smell very nice, i like the smell. Inside bathroom was SOP, wash didi for me then i wash boobies for her from back. After that, dry up each other and i laying on the bed. She take off her hair pin and start catbath me, body and nipple only. Then reach me didi there straigth BBBJ, looking her face and grabbing her boobs while she BBBJ me, damn enjoy. Blow like 5min then i stop her and said my turn to service her.

She lay down and i start catbath her, lick her neck to boobs, then suck suck suck, light kiss on face, and 1 of my hand playing her boobs another 1 was rubbing her pussy.After like 10min, her pussy wet already , but her face still look cool , never talk,only light moan. Ask her to cap me , then start with cowgirl, she holding my didi and want to put inside her pussy, but dunno why she try many time also fail , many newbie. haha . After like 2min finally my didi inside her pussy, she start pumping me , enjoy seeing her Ccup boobs shake . While she pumping my hand also not free cuz need to grab and squeeze her big boobs.Really soft. Then change to doggie, pump like 5 min and i unloaded.

Clean up , paid , back.

Btw, i used delay spray before go in the room, but while bath she wash my didi with shampoo , dunno the effect let her wash away or what, the delay spray like not effective. I only can tahan 10min which i think that i should be able to tahan 20-30min pumping. Sad =[
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    plz pm num for me make deal…..

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    hello got her contact number

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    hi Bro,

    Can pm her number….thnaks

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    pls send me contact, at oppajang123@gmail.com

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    bro can i pls have her number

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