FR for Liza Milf(pic)

FR for Liza Milf(pic)

Master: MAA

Name: Liza
Area : Rawang/Sg buloh
Age: Around 40
Race : Malay
Height : 165cm
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
Pussy: 9/10 (shaved clean
BBBJ: 10/10
CIM : Na
DFK : Na
FJ: 8/10
Moan : Yes
GFE: Yes
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM 300 (include hotel & cd)

Location: Sungai Buloh , Rawang
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

HEAVEN blowjob CKT Ah Ling

HEAVEN blowjob CKT Ah Ling

Master: E

I had visited Ah Ling TODAY! On my first visit I wasnt too sure of the terms of the service so i just went with the flow. Ended up paying RM150 for a 40 minute blow job and ass rimming session before i CIM. Not too bad.

Once in the room, she looked like on of my ex lady colleagues. Hehe! Nice office looking outfit. After some small talk, she brought me to the bathroom and showered me. Washed my dick thoroughly and also helped me wash my ass. I was really excited now!

I dried myself and waited for her on the bed. She crawled on to the bed in her towel and straight away started to suck on my rock hard dick. The blowjob was excellent! Lots of licking an sucking on the shaft. She also paid close attention to my balls. Sucked and licked my balls with just the right amount of pressure!

After about 10 minutes, she lifted my legs and started the rim job. She started slow and then licked faster and faster. Then she asked me to turn around doggy style. This gave her full access to my ass. After a bit of licking she started to tongue fuck my ass. I was in HEAVEN!!

After that i couldnt tahan anymore, i asked her to cap me and we went into missionary. Pounded her for 5 mins, then switched to doggy. Continued for another 5 mins. Then i removed the cap and asked her to blow me until CIM.

Name: Ah Ling
Race : CKT
Face: 5/10
Body : 5/10
Boobs : 34B
BBBJ : 10/10
AR: 9/10
DATY : yes
GFE : Very, VERY friendly
WIR : yes

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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Massage from a cute Indo FL – Zara

Massage from a cute Indo FL – Zara

Master: Taru

Was planning of visiting Zara for some time. Heard from a friend that her massage is good.

She is very active in replying to message. Felt like to try her massage suddenly while I was at work. Texted her and she was available. Lucky me!.

Drove to her place. Shop lot flats with ample car parking.

Texted her and went upto her unit. Was surprised to see a cute Indo lady opening the door. Nice clean flat. Led me to the room, saw her flatmate (NL: as heard from Zara later on) in another room. Exchanged smiles.

Took a quick shower and was ready for the massage. Massage was like SOP but good. She can put more pressure if you ask. She is friendly and chat during massage if you want. Let me take a quick nap as well. Her hand moves are a bit naughty at times. That is to make one arouse, I guess. Felt good.

She doesn’t offer FJ or BJ. I guess one might get BJ if regular, not sure though! She can be nude if topped up. Forgot the amount, RM 30-50 I guess. Didn’t opt for that.

Batin was senseual. She will move as you ask her to. She was in between my thigh but moved up to my right to let me autoroam her. Her boobs felt firm and good to grip. Bit her neck while cumming:blush:. It was a good release indeed.
Showered and packed up.

It was a good time there.

Will return again as always.

[I do not have her Photo.. she not allow I think…
She is Info 2 kids..
Her flatmate also massage…]

Name: Zara
Age: 32-34 (cannot recall exactly)
Height: 5’1-2″
Body: Fair & Firm
Boobs: 34B /36A Firm (need to pay to undress)
Massage: good 8/10
FJ: Not available (cud be a gem if had)
Damage: RM 120 (msg+batin)
Other: pay to get nude
GFF: lively & make you feel home
WIR: yes 

Location: Sri Manja flat / shop parking+UG parking 

*** She & her NL flatmate have 4hands. Have not tried yet. In the list.

Location: Petaling Jaya , Old Klang Road
Category: NL

Kelana NL Nana Massage(pic)

Kelana NL Nana Massage(pic)

Master: BD

Nana comes from a simple massage background. Summary, more money paid, more she allows. But we have to bring our own Condoms.

When I went in, she immediately gave me a kiss. After stripping, she lay on my body naked while giving a feel of what she is. After that she starts massaging. After massaging, she immediately touch ur didi while French kissing causing excitement provided ur into French kiss. We then proceed to fxck normally, I prefer simple fxck.

Overall experience, Boleh-Boleh la but I feel like she rushes through the time, so be dominant n tell her ur need to not rush.

Name: Nana
Age: 29+
Race: NL
Height: 5 ft something
Figure: 7/10
Boobs: Not very big 
Pussy: Shaven
FK: Nice
BJ: 5/10
FJ: 7/10
Damage: RM200 full 1 shot
WIR: maybe

Location: Kelana Jaya
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Sweet LIN: Massage with a slight twist

Sweet LIN: Massage with a slight twist

Master: BD

Lin a.k.a Bakso Lin is very known for her excellent skills in massage, FJ and BJ, and etc. However to my fellow cheong brothers, Lin has stopped FJ since early 2019 and only does massage and everything else except for FJ (that includes anal).

Anyway, thanks to admin for the number, I contacted Lin and went to her place at Batu Caves. She was very accommodating and she assured my comfort. She told me she does not do FJ anymore but she would love to give me a BJ if I like. I said not this round as I was really in need for a massage. Her massage was amazing and i didn’t feel the 2 hours went by.

When it came to my batin massage, she had a very kinky smile. She said she loved my cock n she stripped immediately. She literally got thirsty and walked out of the room to drink water. Came back and she hoped onto the bed grabbing my didi and licking my nipple. *However, she does not do French kiss as she is shy of her mouth smell. However, she does not how to get u excited with her body and overall, I was really satisfied. Even played with her abalone and allowed me to finger her. For her age, her body is good and damn, her abalone is tight.

Her service has a personal touch which is tailored to your comfort and I do recommend you to be polite to her as she knows what she is doing. Overall experience, I loved it and I will definitely go again, that is just for her massage.

*massage lasted more thn 2 hours and she was not rushing it at all

Name: Lin
Age: 36+
Race: Bakso MILF
Height: 5 ft 3
Figure: 8/10
Boobs: Just the right size of big 
Pussy: Shaven
Damage: RM200 urut with manja2
WIR: Yes, cause her massage was really good plus good care for customer

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

CKT Ice in hot pussy(pic)

CKT Ice in hot pussy(pic)

Master: Bryan

“Talking about ICE, long story to talk about her. Ever since i got her contacts, at first i nvr have time to meet her up yet, then we keep contact through hand phone for almost a month, chatting over the phone always, then, i decided to meet her.

The first meeting was good, exciting and ‘kan cheong’ a bit. hahaha… i pick up her at Time square, she is vy talkative, like usual, but the baby face, ahhwooo WOO…. when saw it first glance, can’t tahan dy… i drive fast fast to the destination, get the room key, gentlely hold her hand, we went up the room together.

 Once got in the room, she took off my shirt, follow by her own, then we went in bath room together…. my didi that time oledi hard like steel… in bath room she BJ me, then came out, i lay on the bed, she BJ me again… her BJ is sth that i must praise, not superb but use a lot of heart, slowly, deep throat, kiss it, lick it… wow… i like it most…. BJ is not to get ur sperm out quickly but to let u enjoy….. this is damm good…

 Then, she help me to wear ‘raincoat’, i start to work hard… she moan like kitty, small voice but u enjoy it… i fucked her, bang her hardly… she start to moan even louder…. i bang bang bang… fucked her… kiss her… she hug me, kiss me, we kissing each others…. fuck man, best fucked i had in this 2012, fucked and bang her harder and harder… she scream… i kiss her… deep one, kiss, and bang….. and finally, i explode and fire inside….

after that, we hug each other and hv a rest…. no energy to wake up…. my didi still left inside… finally, we go to bath together again. She is like gf, vy good gf feeling… i told her i will be back for her, and up to date, by the time i wrote this FR to u all bros, i already fucked and bang her for 3 times… hehe….

She is worth you a try and if u willing, worth u to keep her as a consistent one…. i will fucked her again next week… hehe…

Name: Ice
Age: 26
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Skin; 8/10
Boobs: B+ cup
Pussy: 10/10 juicy
BJ: 9/10
DATY: NO, i dun want, u can ask
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage:300 (not include hotel room)

Location: Cheras 
Category: CKT

Remark: She ONLY serve Chinese

Welcome Couple/欢迎情侶

If you are couple, and your partner/spouse like to join exciting group party, pls contact us, we will organise party soon.!

Please join our Telegram Group:

Thank you

如果你是情侶, 你的另一半喜欢玩刺激的多人派对, 请联络我们, 我们將挙辦!

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第一次偷吃刚出來偷做的34D巨乳本地20岁小美眉 – Karin(图)

第一次偷吃刚出來偷做的34D巨乳本地20岁小美眉 – Karin(图)





她就很骚的抓着我的大鸡鸡放进她的水帘洞里,原來她已经湿哒哒,我迫不及待进行男上女下的姿势,越搞越激烈! 突然,Karin推倒我,不等我反抗,就直接骑在我身上,猛力的前后骑,那太让人受不了,太爽歪丕了,结果就这么被KO。


Karin是偶尔缺钱才出來偷做,想试就下星期 10月12日, 过后就不懂还会出來做吗, 想试就快去找她吧!!

名字: Karin 本地美眉
样貌: 8/10
身材: 8/10
三围:34D 25 35
Bj: 9/10
服务态度: 8/10
整体: 8/10
伤害:RM500一炮/45分钟 (包括酒店)


Tall and very beautiful South American – Ania(pic)

Tall and very beautiful South American – Ania(pic)

Master: John

Got the intro from Master and straight away message her. She reply immediately and fix time in 1 hour at her hotel. She stay in a very nice place.

When i reach the door and knock, she opened the door with a big smile. Wearing very nice clothes and high heels.

She is tall and very beautiful to look. She has a South American accent.

She chit chat for a few minutes. Asked me to shower and wait. Then she come and take off her clothes.

Very sexy figure, no baby fat. Well maintain body. I ask her if she allow painting and she said NO. But allow me to play around for a good 10 minutes. She was really really wet. She moan very very loudly. Her private area, very clean and no smell. Can feel that she was turn on when i play with her.

Then she do very powerful BJ on me. Suction very good and really tease me until cannot tahan.

Ask me to fxck her doggy. Her bontot very round and good view from the back. So i was turn on.

Pump hard for a few minute, then ask to change position. But she BJ me hard once again.

Really tease me badly second time.

Then I ask her to lie down and then do cowboy. She was very wet and can hear the noise. Good view to see her boob go up and down when pump.

She then ask to stand down and she come to the end of the bed. Pump like that until she cannot take it. She come and was very very wet.

Then ask me if i was ok to come. I said ok so shoot.

It was a nice experience with a South American for the first time. Really enjoyed that and all friends must try.

Name: Ania
Nationality: Bolivian
age : maybe early 30 (i love elder women,milf)
face 8/10(can say similar to rozita che wan)
boobs : 9.5/10 (big,bouncy,i drowned between it)
height : 170cm maybe
pussy : wet all the time

damage : RM 450 in her hotel room
comments : she’s nice.

Location: Kuala Lumpur , Bukit Bintang
Category: Bolivian

wechat: malaysiawomen2 or Telegram: malaysiawomen2 for booking!

38C big boobs 25yrs CKT – Victoria(pic)

Local 25yrs Chinese 38C big boobs – Victoria(pic)

Master: Turer

Get Victoria contact from web mater, quickly make appointment with her.

Reach the hotel, knock door, first feeling she quite tall, face like the girl next door.

After bathing together, we play 6969, she eating my banana, i eating her abalone.

Her BBBJ not bad, big boobs, if you pay extra you can ask for CIM.

After finish, no rush, we keep chatting, good girlfriend feel.

Name: Victoria
Age: 25
Face: 7/10 
Body: 7/10 (38C) BIG
boobs: big 38C
Pussy:can eat
Service:BBBJ is good, good girlfriend feel
Damage:350 (not include hotel room)
Booking: WeChat: malaysiawomen2 or Telegram: malaysiawomen2

Location: Cheras 
Category: CKT

Remark: She ONLY serve Chinese and Malay

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