The superb blower NL Nafa(pic)

The superb blower NL Nafa(pic)

Master: Jimmy

Nafa has always been a good friend. Get her contact from webmaster, texted her out and asked if she was free, since she is a part time FL. She texted and invited to come over her place. Without hesitation, agreed straight away and went to her place near Balakong.

Arrived at her apartment and  she greeted me with her melons busting out of her lingerie. Went in her house and straight to bath. She showered and rubbed yr Didi until cannot tahan d. She laughed while we showered. proposed to her for an FJ in bathroom, and she’s okay with it! But we ended up on her bed, while she was stroking my Didi again for 3 mins, before she went down for business.

She blew you up very slowly and gently…trust me…if you don’t want to finish early, don’t take BJ more than 5 mins with her. Once cannot tahan d, straight away cap and doggy her (no missionary cos boring). Fucked her real deep for 10 mins, until she came first…since I’m not done yet, I asked her if it’s okay to fuck at the sofa in the living room. She’s okay with it and pulled my Didi to the living room (she lives alone so no problem doing this).

Another session of dogging while looking out at the balcony is just like the porn movies! This time round, she gripped my Didi like hell..fucked her while groping her boobs really hard..15 mins into the action and she came again! No wonder sometimes no water😂 shot inside her with cd on and she cleaned me up perfectly.

We laid down and played with her boobs again as it was handful. She was so happy to get it this time since it was quite some time though that she did not have it.

We showered, I paid and went off. She was still smiling and said that it’s best to have it this way every week 😂

Overall was a great session. Best part is she never rushed. Almost at her place near to 2 hours leh.

Name: Nafa (Bakso)
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 9/10
Pussy: 8/10
Damage: 200
WIR: yes!
She working morning, so only serve after work!

Location: Balakong
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Old Klang Road BBBJ Queen – Devi

Old Klang Road BBBJ Queen – Devi

Master: Gopi

After many uncountable visits, I would like to share my latest encounter with Devi. As you all know, Devi is well known and considered a Legend in our community. Her place is nearby OKR, and even though her place is located in some shady area, she kept her house very clean. 

When arrived at her place, she welcomed while wearing her sexy kimono. Her huge melons were saying hello from her tightly worn kimono.

I immediately grabbed and started molesting her big melons near her kitchen. Then, we went to her sofa and I continued molesting her melons on the couch.

After some chit chat on the couch, she started to sit down in front of me and took off my pants. Then, she slowly started to lick my balls, and slowly move up to my dick. She was raping my dick with her mouth. Her BJ skill is unmatchable.

After 10 minutes of intense BJ, she brought me to her bedroom and capped me. She started riding my dick like a crazy lady and OMG, she moaned like a pornstar. Then, we switched to doggy, and I started to pound her from behind.

She liked it and asked me to “tekan lagi bang” with her sexy pornstar voice. After a few other positions, then, she uncapped and started BJ again until I unload everything in her mouth and swallow all of it. Then, we were laying down on the bed for some time and she started to chit chat about her family in Indonesia.

After that, I went to the bathroom to clean myself and went to the sofa again to have some hot drink prepared by Devi. After the drink and a ciggy, I paid her and left her until the next meetup.

Name: DEVI
Age: 40+
Race: Punjabi + Indonesian
Face : 5/10
Boobs: 10/10 (if you like big boobs)
CIM: Yes
BJ: 20/10
FJ: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
WIR: At Least once a month
Rush: No
Damage: 150

Remark: not pretty face and a bit thick. But if you want Skill, definitely go for her. She is 1Malaysia

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

My Chubby & Juicy girl – Alice(pic)

My Chubby & Juicy girl – Alice(pic)

Master: XL

Got her contact from webmaster, then started texting her. She was very straightforward and willing. So we set up a date and time to meet. 

Went and fetch her from an apartment near NSK kuchai. From the looks she look exactly like the picture but a bit chubby on the body size. So we went to a nearby hotel and we went to the room. 

She was shy at first so i started pulling her closer and started kissing her neck, she seems to react and start a little bit of moaning. After a while of kissing and licking we proceeded to the shower. 

After that she started with a bj. Her skills in Bj is very good. Great suction. I almost couldn’t hold on to it already so i asked her to stop and i started to climb on top of her. 

At that time, her pussy is very wet already. I straight put it in and she starts moaning quite loud. 10/10 for the moan. Only able to try a few positions then i shoot already.

Name: Alice
Race: CKT
Area : NSK Kuchai Lama nearby
Age: 29
Height : 160cm, 80kg (for meaty lover, very juicy and sensitive body)
Face: 7/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 9/10 E cup
Pussy: 8/10 
BBBJ: 10/10
CIM : 10/10
DFK : Na
FJ: 8/10
Damage: RM 300 (self pick her up and find hotel)
* Sorry for other brothers, She only serve Chinese

Location: Kuchai Lama
Category: CKT

A hot NL MILF in tudung – Azura(pic)

A hot NL MILF in tudung – Azura(pic)

Master: Garren

Sorry for the late reply but here’s my FR for Azura.

My experience with Azura has always been amazing ever since my first visit. Reading about her skills, I got her contact and immediately messaged her on Wechat to meetup. We set a time and off I went to her private room where there was no worry about your privacy or raids.

My first experience with her was more than I could have expected. I went up to her place and she set me down on her living room sofa, asking me if I wanted anything to drink. Best part, she allows you to smoke then and there. 

After a brief chat of getting to know each other a little more, she would get a bit handsy and touch your hands, thighs, and even between your legs. She then leads me to her room and tells me to take off my clothes as she changes into her black lingerie. I wasn’t in the mood for a massage and asked her for a BJ so she gets straight to working on me with her mouth. 

To my surprise after a couple of minutes blowing, she says she wants to fuck and I wasn’t going to turn her down. We fucked hard with me sucking on her big boobs and finally I came on her. Thinking back on such an experience never fails to make me want to go back to her.

On my second experience with her, I decided to ask her if she could wear her tudung and she happily obliged! She said it was a hot night and so she went to change and surprised me yet again as she comes back in her bright pink tudung and black lingerie. A hot NL MILF in tudung and lingerie was truly a sight to behold, especially with her face between my legs. As much as I tried to hold myself from finishing too soon, alas Azura knew how to work me with her skills and outfit.

On my more recent times with her, we went through the same motions but again, she always has something up her sleeve for me. She told me to just strip in her living room as she was going to blow me then and there. Getting to see here under the bright lights of her living room doing what she does best, she made the experience even sweeter as she told me move closer to her so that she can give me a rimjob as she gives me a handjob. That was my first time ever getting a rimjob and one of the few times that I ever came so hard into her mouth.

All in all, Azura has never failed to disappoint me on every visit. I love chatting with her as she knows how to manja with you before getting down to business and even after the deed has been done. Even after the payment has been made, she would peck you on the cheek or even give your ass a little squeeze as a reminder to come back to her when you leave her front door.

Name: Azura (NL)
Age: 40s (semi young MILF looking)
Body: 8/10 (big in all the right places)
Face: 8/10 (pretty MILF face)
Boobs: 9/10 (big and juicy)
Pussy: 9/10 (shaven and clean)
Ass: 9/10 (bouncy and nice to squeeze)
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 9/10
Damage: RM100 (for BJ only)
WIR: Absolutely

Location: Cyberjaya
Category: NL
Remark: Sorry, she only serve Malay and Chinese!!

Mama Azie 2020 revisited and still a legend!(pic)

Mama Azie 2020 revisited and still a legend!(pic)

Master: Ray

As promised here’s my FR of the legend Mama Azie.

I had met her way back in 2016 & 2017 even gotten a signature pix of her stiletto red heels posted in the earlier reports. 

Then she went off the grid and guys on chat said she’d retired and wished her well.
Thanks to the administrator I got her new mobile number and immediately contacted her.  Quick response she replied and said she still recognised me wuhoo!

Made an appointment for yesterday evening at the same meeting venue, a hotel off the beaten path in SD (Sri Damansara). Was delayed as the previous access road was blocked and had to re-route one big round.  

She gave me the room # and I immediately made my way from the car park.

Mama Azie is very obliging to request. I requested her to dress in a baju kabaya and when she opened the door she was dressed in a black baju outlining her body’s curve … The years had been good to Mama, she still looks the same milf I met in 2017. Only difference is her face is rounder but body wise she Jaga baik baik. 

She made me sit down to catch up on our life.  Her daughter married and she’s now a grandmother too at a young age. She’s already in her 50s but reminds me of Joan Collins ( Gen Y and younger go Google ha ha ) Now she’s got free time to offer her services on a part time basis i.e when she feels like it and her business / family affairs are taken care of.

I made the move stroking her thighs and she hugged and kissed me in return.. took the cue to unbutton her top and she said wahhh ; revealed a grey lacy bra of which she obliged me by pushing her tits out for me to suck and tickle with my tongue. Best pushed on the bed and began sucking her tits..still lush and firm for a 50 + milf.

After a while my hand pushed it’s way upwards to her baju skirt and felt her crotch in silky material panties.. she moaned and lifted her legs to assist me in my task.  I placed my face up her crotch to snuggle on her silky panties and she obliged by lifting her skirt above her abdomen to allow me free access to her treasure cave.

Next her panties got removed and in all awe was her clean shaven pussy.  Still immaculate and no smell.  The moment my tongue hit her labia she was already laid back to enjoy the sensation.  She gently stroked my hands and my head as I upped the tempo and her legs spread wider.

She improvised by asking a time out while she undressed fully of her garb including bra. Then she laid down to enjoy my painting 🎨 session ☺️. I switched to a 69 position with me on top giving her pussy a good top over lick. In return she gave my dick a soft tentalising tongue and mouth blow job.  She took her time building up the tempo till it hit when she pulled my head up and commented “ohh you Masih best bagi mama Rasa shiok!”

Nothing is complete without giving Mama Azie a good fuck. Have her a missionary and follow up her legs high for deep penetrations.  She gave me some encouraging looks of satisfaction subtly telling me she’s enjoying the love making. She went smiling after I released my cum in the cap.

As usual she will make coffee after cleaning up and this time around she made Chinese tea 🍵 too for me while she had her coffee.

We chatted about the MCMO and the shopping mall’s lack of customers. Sad times but she was happy I can visit her. I told her I can come visit again; she replied once a month ok and asked to be given a minimum days notice. 

She gave me a hug and wished me well.  

Name: Azie (Mama to her followers)
Rating 9/10 (legendary GF feel)
Age: 50 (early)
Body: MILF with nice 34C and small nipples
Pussy: No smell, clean shaven and a pleasure to paint!
Kissing yes but no FK
Still love her stiletto platform heels!
Damage RM300 include room 

For appointments, please set up a day before.  She sometimes will not be available 
WIR: YES indeed for a legendary experience.

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

FR for Authentic Urut Batin – Sister Sherry

FR for Authentic Urut Batin – Sister Sherry

Master: Xie

This FR is dedicated for brothers who are looking for Authentic Urut Batin. Means there is no hanky panky/ tfk/ bj service, it’s purely for manhood treatment or “maintenance”.  
    Masseur is from negeri sembilan, but every month she will schedule travel to different state around west Malaysia and stay for 4 days.  So you have to enquire from the masseur for her schedule. A deposit is required for booking to avoid FFK and her slots are normally full, especially Selangor/ KL areas.  
   Once you make a booking with her, she will notify you the location once she has arrived and check-in. unlike other masseur, she would remind you to be punctual or 5 min earlier, else most likely the session will be cut short since everyone’s timeslot is allocated. She also told to bring 1 towel. 
   From my experience, when I arrived at the apartment lobby, I was lead by her mate to the designated unit. After some simple introduction, I was brought to another room and was told to remove my pants and underwear, lie on the bed and cover my bottom with towel.  
   She will start with lower back 1st, then turn around open up the towel and start with massage with inner thigh with a massage roll pin, which is quite painful if you have tight muscle. After that she massage the penis. She would advise to inform her if there is a feel for ejaculation but whole session I never felt it. In between she will ask you some question and advise you some manhood maintenance tips and stuffs. Massage is about 35 – 40 minutes, 2 cycle of massage. 

   Certain massage can quite painful depends on individual pain tolerance. For me overall is still fine even she pull the penis shaft, but when she pull down and stretch the foreskin was quite painful as if going to tear, I did feedback to her and she make some adjustment. How the process goes, its better you go and experience yourself. After the massage, from my penis down to the shaft is quite red, as if I have done a session but without ejaculation.   
   After the session, she told to wipe myself and get dressed while she will wait for you in the living room. In the living room, I was given to drink a small bowl of “authentic” tongkat ali and yea, its bitter. She will also offer some product to sell like the special brewed massage oil and tongkat ali. If you would purchase, she will tell you how to use it. I did purchase the massage oil as you can do “self-maintenance” and of course she will teach you how to do it with instruction and video. I leave after paying her the balance. 
   For the following next few days, I would have morning wood without fail even after having sex. It’s effective and it will make your session last longer during my 1st “test drive”.   
Name: Sister sherry (NL) 
Overall appearance: body normal, kinda MILF, look quite pretty. 
Damage: RM170 (if she travel over states), RM150 (if you go to her place in NS) Deposit RM70  
* No HJ/BJ/ Intercourse
* Serve 1 Malaysia. 

Location: Puchong (but may change to other place since she not stay KL)
Category: NL

Cyberjaya lonely MILF, NL Azura(pic)

Cyberjaya lonely MILF, NL Azura(pic)

Master: KC

Azura has been my favorite to visit all the time. She has her own place and you don’t need to worry about place or raid. Some might be wondering where is Azura now, for your information, she has shift to Cyberjaya since end of August, with better environment and better view. Not to mention, free parking too.   

If you like milf, then she is the one you should look for. She is in her 40s, breast quite big but not soggy, small nipple and body size is ok for me, not fat not thin either. At times I would go out with her for lunch/ dinner when I’m near her place. When she is with you, she would treat you like bf, she won’t mind to hold arm/ hold hand/ hug in public. But of course not all the time I get to invite her as at times is hard to get hold of her.  
My recent encounter wasn’t too exciting to write as we have known each other like friend and I just went her place to chill, some chatting to release some working stress and end with a bj before her next customer slot. She offers me a special fan service that I wasn’t expecting; she wore a tudung and give me a bj. Fuh… 1 of my fetish I always had.  
Probably I’ll share my 1st experience; when the 1st time I visit her, she will greet with a smile. After invite you to her apartment, she will treat you a drink of choice, then chit chat abit. At times she will seduce you with “lao gong, wo yao ji ji”. After some “ice breaking”, she will invite you to a room, ask you to naked yourself and lie on the bed while she prep herself.  
Massage was so so to me since I was a masseur before, wasn’t up to my expectation, but sometimes it feels good when she hit the right spot. Although I feedback to her but she said it’s her style, oh well…  
When she is done with her massage, she will manja and tell, “lao gong, wo yao ji ji” with a kinky smile and start fondle my penis. Her touch is nice and arousal. She wipe my penis clean after “inspection”, probably I did leak some during massage as at times she will “accidently” touch near the private part. 

After that she gave me a blow job. FUH… it was quite good, in fact she will “slurp slurp” sucking it, stroke my penis; lick my balls and says “lao gong hao da”.  Blowjob goes slow, then fast, then slow again. She will change position after a while. She also allows to fondle her ass and boob, but was quite resist when touch her pussy, she said later she would want, but never get to fuck in the 1st visit. 

After awhile when the feeling comes, I CIM while holding her head until the ejaculation end. It was a good experience as no one did that for me before that. After that I went for a quick shower and clean up. 

After the clean up, she would offer a drink again if I want. Paid her and she would hug and kiss you before you left. Overall no rushing and she would plan her timing well.  
Name : Azura  (NL)
Age : in her 40s, MILF look. 
Body : 6/10 (pelvis would be wider after giving birth) 
Height : 163cm (I think) 
Boobs : 36, I think, not as firm as those who haven’t pregnant but not soggy. If 1 women breastfed before, you will know the feeling. 
Pussy :  Shaven and no smell  
Armpit : Shaven no arm hair 
Look : 7/10. Ok la for me, quite pretty 
Ass : 8/10 Nice round ass  
HJ: 8/10 
Bbbj: 10/10 (quite good) 
GFE: 9/10 
Overall: 8/10 
Damage: RM 150 (for massage and BBBJ CIM) 
WIR: as always 

Location: Cyberjaya
Category: NL
Remark: Sorry, she only serve Malay and Chinese!!

Tudung Milf Azie(pic)

Tudung Milf Azie(pic)

Master: Jim

Its been a while since the last time Mama Azie is available. Thought she has retired, but then again she is back in action!

Got her contact again and straight away texted her. Quick response and straight away went to Sri Damansara to meet her up. Once arrived, went straight to her room and rang the bell. 

There she was with her tudung and red lingerie… went to shower with her and Lie down on bed. Best part with azie is that she never rushes. Offered coffee as usual and she lied next to me. 

Hands slowly moving towards didi and there we go. Spent a good time blowing abt 15 mins before i went down to DATY. DATY for 5 mins and she’s so horny! Straight away doggy in front of mirror where she enjoyed it so much….natural moaning while her boobs swaying over…after 15 mins, she came while standing….

Went to bathroom and she showered me…lie down for a while and when asked for a second round, shes down for it!

She blew me again for a good 10 mins, before we proceed to doggy in front of the mirror in the toilet! And after a good 15 mins, she came again and i followed after…

It was a good session and will definitely find her if im looking for a milf

Name: Azie (NL)
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10 for her age
Boobs: 7.5/10
Bj: 9/10
Fj: 9/10
DATY: 8.5/10
FK: Allowed
Damage: 300 inclusive room

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

Secret romance place with MILF CKT – Sharon(pic)

Secret romance place with MILF CKT – Sharon(pic)

Master: Joe

I found out about this place right after I landed my first job, I stayed around PJ and this place from the outside looks like a normal massage parlor. On that day I did not expect it’s going to be my lucky day, when I entered the shop everything seems normal. But everything changes when I entered the massage room. I did not choose the lady, they come at random. First five minutes was normal action. I took off all my cloths and laid on to the massage table.

She rubs and massage my back for the first 20 minutes, and It was good and normal. But after that something changed, she started to rub my inner thigh with a delicate touch. She starts with on the butt, go slowly to the inner thigh and start rubbing my balls. 

At that time, I was fully erected, and I could not lie face down properly. She keeps on tease and tease my penis until I was fully aroused. When she noticed that I was slowing down, she said. “Pusing”, I turned and there you go. She could see my fully erected penis clearly. She suddenly starts playing with my nipple to keep me arouse.

And this is it, the moment. She asked, “You mahu buat itu ke?” Without thinking twice, I said “Yes”. She started to strip naked and take off the inners, her breast I think it’s a B Cup. She went to the switch and wanted to dim the light, I got up and stopped her and turned back the lights on, at that time she grabs my Penis and stroke it gently, “Sedap?” Haha. 

Light in that room was quite bright and she gave a normal blowjob and start to ride me, she was quite active on top of me. She took my hands and put it on her breast. After riding for a few minutes, we did doggy style and that is when I cummed. Feeling good, paid her RM150, had a warm shower there and chow. It was an unexpected day, I just wanted to get a normal massage in the beginning

Name: Sharon (CKT)
Rating: 7/10
Age: 40+
Damage: At the counter RM60, Inside the room RM150

Location: Sri Petaling
Category: CKT



Master: Toni

Last week off early from work during driving back home suddenly i have a feeling of want to cheong and have a dirty feeling itchy for sex. Remember got a FL Malay contact store in my phone that given to me  by my Malay friend so i find a place to stop my car to what apps her. Stop the car at roadshow and what apps her. Thought will take some some time for her to reply as i never contact her before so i continue driving without direction whether to go home or go elsewhere to find some fucking. After around 10 minutes my phone got a what apps message wow she reply. As i am driving i need to find a place to stop and chat as don,t drive and chat dangerous. Drive fast fast reach a roadside to stop… luckily and read the message.

Reply from her like this
Hye there Local Malay FL age 31 outcall to KL PJ Shah Alam and Subang no incall Happy go lucky girl with fair skin like Chinese Amoi look.160cm slim curvy 52kg. Doing full service NO ANAL.  RM350 1 shot  plus massage full service 1 hour    RM500 for 2 hours 2 shots plus massage B2B

Reply her and chit chat a bit to deal. Ask what is full service got sex or not. She reply very fast all services only no ANAL.  I ask again how about CIM she said no also hmmm. I reply got BJ or not and she reply all services can mean BJ, sex, kissing also can. Don,t want to ask anymore already hehe. She ask me when free to meet and i reply later 8.30pm she said ok she free. I reply ON for 2 hours deals. Than again start a long texting on location…. some location i mention she said far some she suggest i scare jam so after texting around 8 minutes as sometimes i need to wait for her reply we finally agree on the venue for action.

Therefore i drive FI speed to reach the location mention as at the time is 6pm i got to reach 8.30pm and during peak hours is damm jam. Finally reach the location by 8pm and go to the hotel agree to book a room, Shit the room given when i go in TV not working. I need to go down to reception to change room. Finally went to the other room all is in working condition. Wait for her watch TV,  I a bit kan cheong or nervous waiting for her, think of how her look and body. than around 10 minutes later some one knock on the door horay she arrive. I open the door she a fair petite Malay lady with acceptable look but a bit order than the age mention to me but look is ok to me fair skin.  She wear a skirt and blouse ( dont know how to describe but like tight fit blouse) that show her body look quite curvy.  Look is ok for 31 years old still look young NOT MILF look but i feel she is more like 35 years old but i didnt check her IC hehe.

She walk in and sit for a while before slowly take off her cloth and ask me to take shower together. Body look good and curvy. Ass look ok and nice.  She got a pair of nice boobs and small tits nice. While in shower we do FK a bit i raba raba her boobs her ass she touch my little brother slowly go hard. She notice that said bang sudah bangun cepat hehe.I take this opportunity to rub my little bro against her while shower. She wash me clean make sure my small bro is clean use a lot of body shampoo.

Then proceed to massage ok la not bad. She have good message skills know where to press and during massage ask me which part i feel tired. I ask her to massage more on my back and leg. After around 15 minutes she ask me to turn over and time for B2B.  This session is quite shiok as she rub her boobs at me face and my penis. So my rod slowly getting harder and harder, and she keeps on the B2B for another 5 minutes i think lost count of the times too steam already. I start to touch her boobs, pussy and ass. Pussy is clean and nice shaven but still got hair fine to me.

Than start with kissing and cat bath, we doing that for 10 minutes i mean the foreplay kissing, boobs sucking, ass sucking I lick her asshole before i go down on her daty ( i not a daty guys so i daty a while only). She got a nice breath as when kisising no funny smell. Shaven pussy nicely trim still got a bit of hair but nice no smell and pussy is fair color not the dark color type so this is nice to daty.  Daty for a while change to 69 continue for while my penis really rock hard already. Than change position i standing and she BJ me. BJ is good lot of saliva and deep throat. Feel like a pron movies scene i watch hehe.  After quite a while she look a me said want some more i said yes she continue BJ till i stop her scare cum early. Cannot wait anymore  ask her to cap me and enter missionary. As i enter her pussy missionary i can feel the pussy still tight as before this she told me she doing this only when need cash normally only entertain her boyfriend only so cannot do FL a lot later pussy not tight boyfriend will notice. Need cash to paid rental and car. After missionary change to cow girl and she just ride on top of me start with slow motion than fast and than faster up and down.

Than i ask for doggie she quickly turn her backside towards my rods and guide my rod into her pussy. . Doggie is the best can see the butt view i like this style and i pump her hard. Her moan seem real and pussy is wet just nice. After around 10 minutes or so of pumping in and out ( i lost count of times) feel like cum i told her she said change back to missionary she want to see me come. I slowly  take out my little bro from her pussy and lick and suck her boobs as i don’t want to cum fast so foreplay a bit first and do some kissing. After around 5 minutes of licking her boobs i penetrate her pussy in missionary mode and start engine again. I try to do rough sex with no objection from her she seem like it and moaning. She said bang masuk dalam sikit and kuat kuat. Reach my climax in missionary and load all my soldier in side her of course with cap on. I feel her like a bit of shaking maybe cum too but  i don,t know didn’t ask. After that she take a tissue and take the condom and throw in the toilet and flush.

We went to toilet to clean up a bit and back to the bed and when i check the time still have 30 minutes of the 2 hours deals but she ok we can play longer no rush. Than we talk a bit, she ask me got girlfriend or not, hmmm i don,t know how to reply. She said don’t shy la she also have boyfriend doing this to make money and she enjoy the sex also as she said she like try different penis. Suddenly she got down to my penis and start blow me again. Her BJ is quite goods feel like her tongue is licking my penis head and sucking is hard and good grip not like those who just lick lick type. Really like those in xxx movies type. My penis is hard again and this time i put the cap myself and ready for action. Penetrate her I on top she bottom, I can see her one line pussy being hammer by my penis.

Quite jussy as i can see some juice on my penis of course with cap, i got excited and start pump her hard and kaw kaw. Maybe because second round don,t really feel like cum and getting tired on my legs and ask her to be on top. She jump on top on me guide my penis into her pussy and i start pumping again but this time is she who is doing the job up and down and i keep look at her face. Still don’t feel like want to cum and my penis getting soft already. She take out the cap and suck my penis again till it get hard help me to wear cap and we do doggie. I can feel her pussy grip in this style really turn me on again. I pump her using all the energy i have left and finally shoot my soldiers into her hole. I withdraw after than she take the cap and flush it in the toilet, We lay at bed and rest for a while than we go for shower. After than get dress i paid her and before she leave ask me come to see her next time.Overall a good session with her and she have a good GFE but talk mostly in Malay. Went home a happy man.

Name : Anita 
Race : Malaysia Malay girl
Age : 31 years old she said but i feel she is 35 year old but look still ok NOT MILF look.
Body : 7/10
Height : 160cm
Boobs : Not so big not small just enough 
Pussy :  Shaven and fair color nice no smell she said wash with female product at home before come 
Armpit : Shaven no arm hair
Look : 7/10 ya abit of Amoi look Chinese but she is Malay.
Ass : Nice round ass 8/10
Fxck Job : 9/10 can do lot of style no complain
Damage : RM350 1 shot  plus massage full service 1 hour    RM500 for 2 hours 2 shots plus massage B2B

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Cyberjaya (She is Outcall only)
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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