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21 Apr 2014 Cheras BJ Queen, Qing Qing (my dream girl)
20 Apr 2014 Firm and perky nipples - Xue Er
20 Apr 2014 69 with Sedap-sedap body Dayana
20 Apr 2014 Skin is really smooth and Great BJ - Janet
16 Apr 2014 A day with Devi MILF
16 Apr 2014 Fantastic Kelly CKT
16 Apr 2014 Very friendly and nice PRC - Lan Xing
14 Apr 2014 Sweet voice Sunway Xue Zi
13 Apr 2014 Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira
13 Apr 2014 Cute smiling Bakso - Ina
13 Apr 2014 Urut Batin Dr. Ivy
10 Apr 2014 China Jennifer Lopaz ASS - Xiao Ling Long
07 Apr 2014 Amazing amazing titties... Lin
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cheras BJ Queen, Qing Qing (my dream girl) (Pic)

Cheras BJ Queen, Qing Qing (my dream girl) (Pic)

*** The Return of the Queen! ***

Master: long ben

I have keep Qing Qing for few weeks and didn't have any change to call her. So when I have the free time during office hour, I called her immediately. When I called her, she told me she free ( very lucky). She ask me come around 2pm. we reached.she guided me to her home, teach me how to register at the guard place. Finally I meet the famous lady that everyone talking about for long long times.

Once I step into her house, we sit down at the sofa and chit chat for awhile.  Then she lead me to her room, undress me, and bath with me then direct BJ me. The feeling was nice and she started to used her breast to massage my small brother till cum. Further clean up and dry up, we proceed to her bed. 

First she gave some massage, then slowly her mouth started to get naughty, her tongue licked all my body, from neck to toe, to my ball and small brother, and she asked me to turn around, this time I really experience the one and only famous "tongue fuck" from her. 

I really enjoy it. When I feel my small brother getting harder, I told her let proceed to wear cap. So she ride on me, slow and fast in pace, lead my hand to squeeze her breast. and we fighting around 5min ,my brother was lost. then take a rest and said bye bye with my dream girl.

Name: Qing Qing
Age: 30+
Origin: PRC
Face: 7/10
Booby: not sure, but Nice to hold and play.
FK: 10/10
BBBJ: Good in licking and sucking.
Tongue Fuck: Definitely over 10/10/
WIR: Yes.
Massage: 8/10
damage : RM130 + tips, 2 hours RM 250, overnight RM 350

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Firm and perky nipples - Xue Er(pic)

Firm and perky nipples - Xue Er(pic)

*** Xue Er back to Sunway again ***

Master: smallcuteguy

2nd FR on my precious Xue Er:

Decided to visit Xue Er again as she is too hard to resist. Model's body, pretty face, seductive voice and good FJ skills, in short, the whole package.

Made an appointment with her and went straight to her hotel. She invited me to cuddle with her on the bed at first, was really very comfortable with her lying on my chest, her warm body is very nice to hug. 

We chit-chatted alot while my hands couldn't resist massaging her boobs while she also started touching my crotch. Also she looked into my eyes while we chatted and touched my face softly,  I kissed her lips. After a while,  I almost fell asleep as it was too comfortable.

Next, she lead me to the bathroom to wash up, clean me and my didi like a GF. Action starts, catbath from my neck, nipples and then down to my didi. Her BBBJ is the best I experienced so far, she will look at you when blowing and I had to control myself not to CIM.

After capping, we started with cowgirl, her riding is awesome, but I think she doesn't like that position as she requested to change to missionary very soon. Pumped her about 20 mins still cannot unload, then we changed to doggy. 

After 10 mins my didi still stubborn, I oso tired edi, asked her to gimme HJ instead. She also very sweet and patient and slowly helped me to wake my didi, in the end managed to come.

Cleaned up and hugged her before I left.

P.S: She is something special, hope you guys treat her nicely and gently and sayang her :)

Name: Xue Er
Nationality: PRC
Age: 26-28
Face: 10/10
Body: 8/10(has a small tummy, otherwise good)
Boobs: Firm, perky nipples about 34B
BBBJ: 10/10(like the ball licking)
FJ: 9/10(tight and wet pussy)
HJ: 8/10
DATY: didn't try
Damage: 200
WIR: Yes


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69 with Sedap-sedap body Dayana(pic)

69 with Sedap-sedap body Dayana(pic)

Master: Izzat

i have exprience with one dayana from bangsar.

got her number from Webmaster last jan.

when i have work in kl last time i call her.set time when i arrive there at 11 pm.stayed at hotel at ampang.

she come after an huour i've check in.when i saw her face with body,quite cute.then we had some chit chat. 

after that she start to say let's go to bath.then she take off her cloth.i saw a nice body with a pair of nice boobs. 

she's not too thin or not to fat. sedap2 body la.then we take a shower together.during shower start kissing her cos tk tahan saw her lips.

then we straight go to bed.she start licking my body.then i request 69.have a nice pussy.start licking it.then she said she's horny.cos 2 days no cust.the put cap on me and start cowgirl.

at the same time i lick her nice boobs.after 15 minute i wanna cum,request tu cum on her face.she said no problem.for me nice experince with her.a little bit talkative n friendly.

Name: Dayana NL
face 6/10
boobs 7/10 a little bit 'layut'
fj 8/10
body 6/10 not too fat..
damage 250

Skin is really smooth and Great BJ - Janet(pic)

Skin is really smooth and Great BJ - Janet(pic)

Master: Bo

Got Janet’s number from Webmaster after reading her FR here. Thought I’d support local economy. :)

Anyway, so I contacted her and we arranged to meet at a budget hotel somewhere in Setapak. Her voice was somewhat husky, so that’s another big turn on. 

First time I saw her, I thought she’d be taller. She is quite petite but still a solid body. Good shape overall. 

Everything was pretty standard procedure, the bath and the cat bath. But she is really accommodating and will keep asking if she is doing it alright, if I am feeling good...good GFE points. 

Her bj was great and when I told her to roam my balls, I was dead high. Couldn’t last very long so I told her to stop and we played and cuddled more. Her skin is really smooth and very nice to the touch. 

Before I got late for my dinner, I continued to pump and before long I was a happy man. Tired, but happy. Showered and left. 

She is also a conversationalist if you want her to be, or she can just be quiet. I prefer some light chit chat and she very kindly obliged. 

I did not try anything kinky or special so I don’t know if she goes for those. I just wanted a quick release. :)

Name : Janet 
Race : CKT
Face: 7/10
Body : 7/10
Boobs : B or C
BBBJ : 7/10
CIM : She said no. 
DATY : Didn’t ask
ANAL : Didn’t ask
GFE : Very friendly. 
Damage: RM200 (hotel RM30)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wild Deepthroat Bakso- Jina ( CC kepong )

Wild Deepthroat Bakso- Jina ( CC kepong )

Master: Ace

Not familiar wit kepong area so decided to go there first before contact. finally found the place but so many ppl around e area kinda crowded, lack privacy a bit. Sms and replied wit no room hotel no so proceed but feel little bit uncomfortable because e staffs there staring.

knock on e door n then greeted by blond petite bakso. She asked me whether i want to relax n have cigarrate first or start right away. I told her that i booked her short time so dun want to waste time. She started to undress n I kinda dissapointed her body quite flabby not like pictures. Proceed to shower she very accomodating even start to lick my nipples and caress my body while shower, then she started to bend down n gave bbbj while still showering, feeeel gooood..

After shower, little bit foreplay n then she started to bbbj. She suck very hard n really into it, very wet n then she started to swallow my didi up to her throat. Wow! i 've been deepthroat by girl before but not like this..when my whole didi inside her throat she still tried to push it to a point she started to gag ( nasty!) i m not a fan of deepthroat but this gurl really know how to do it, there are times when i feel my didi was so hot in her throat i want to shoot inside there! can u imagine shooting cum inside a girl' throat..

I have to stop her bcoz already feels like my didi was hot n warm n feel near to explode, put on cap n she start to ride me cowgirl. while riding she start to lick n suck my neck n nipples very hard n suddenly she gone wild n start hump me very hard, sound so loud Pap!Pap!Pap! i tried to make her slow down coz i cant handle it but too late..already cum..thought want to finish wit doggy.

after finish she still entertain me , shower wit me so good service.. after that relax, have a cigarete n chat.After few minutes of chatting she started to warm up n open even told me stories about wild party shes been to n how recently she was caught high on estacy by police etc. After chat said goodbye so overall good xperiences. To those who like wild wet deepthoat bbbj this is ur girl..

Name: Jina
Age: 25
Nationality: BAKSO 
Language: Malay
Face: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 7/10
Ass : 7/10
Deepthroat: 10!
BBBJ: 9/10 
DFK: nope
DATY : nope
FJ : 8/10 managed to get cowgirl only coz pancut awal..very wild!
GFE : 7/10 friendly but more to friend than gf
Moan : 7/10 
Rush : No rush at all
Damage : RM170
Overall: 7/10 
WIR: Maybe

             0105459970( ah cool)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A day with Devi MILF

A day with Devi MILF

Master: Jake

Kinda hard to find the place, but i text her a day before our appointment. 

Did little bit of research on my GPS. So the next day around 5pm, rainy day ( A perfect time to have a good pampered for myself ). 

Call up dewi, and she ask to come over to her Apartment. She was standing there with a sexy Kimono. All i can say, her boobs and her hospitality is the best. She’s not a looker but, because of her appearence and greet i was melted. Before we start our session we chit chat for a bit for 7min.

Right after that, she ask me to enter the ZEN room which is very SPA look a like.
She start massaging me and i feel so relax, until she reach nearby my HERCULES Jr rub gently. She was impressed by my Hercules XD. Then she open her bra, and TRUST ME GUYS… Its like a gigantic heavy ballon drop on body. Her breast is SUPERB and that is my first time experience it. 

Makes me nervous to see it, and it was glorious. She gives me a Tit F**K for few minutes and i cannot than straight push her head down and give me a BJ. I was planning to have sex with her, but because of her BJ was too great, we do it all the way. She can really DEEP THROAT. Never in my life to have that satisfaction BJ. 

While she’s giving me the BJ, i can see the pussy is watery. I rub her pussy for awhile but the BJ she’s giving is like so rough which i like it so much. and again she was amaze that i can than for that long. Until one point little Hercules lost he’s power and shoot the loads inside her. OMG it was a life time experience. 

Then she clean up my body and give me a shower. We chit chat again, and she’s was hoping that I’ll come again.

Guys try her, and treat nice you will get the satisfaction u need.

Name: Devi
Age: 36
Race: Indian Mix Indon
AR: Yes
Attitude : Very friendly
Looks: not a looker but worth it.
Weight: chubby
BJ: DEEP THROAT all d way
CIM: Yes
Pussy: Cubby & abit watery
Fingering: Didn’t try
Damage: RM 150
Batin: 7/10
WIR: Yes, for BJ

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Fantastic Kelly CKT

Fantastic Kelly CKT

Master: Ah Ben

feeling years nvr visited this SPA coz many gems have left and those left over gem are too hot in booking.

coz SPA always reminded me of Jojo.

after exibition nearby, i decided to drop by at black canyon for coffee and eye washing as many Segi hot chick are surrounding.

but there was one fine milf turn me on big time with the tight shorts and big ass!!!! hence i decided to go up to spa...

walk into the spa, greeted by the captain... as normal, asked for regular ML, Vivian is off....damn, Amy is off ...Damn!!!! what about Celine? she is off!!!! duhhhh... whose left, the captain told me Kelly is available!!!

OMG~ the superb gem is available which out of my expectation!

i told captain why dont u tell me early, pls make sure she is available in 30min! coz i want to clean up myself before been server by the Porn Queen hehehe

captain server me into the room, and i insist i want massage room!

coz i find the i can't perform well or penetrate Kelly well with low bed! hahaha opt for high bed.... moment later~ she walked in with short skirt again! she still remmeber me by calling my name~ what's a day... after some chitchat, while she putting down the towel and i can clearly see the g string~~ what was a killer shot!

i told kelly, dont mind we have fun before massage, she was shy... after all, she is shy gal as i notice~ but not after warm up! hahaha i'm sure regular Kelly fans know what i mean!

i knew she hate ppl smoke, and i managed to clean up 30min before the session. hence we start with light kisses and soon later... we have some wet kiss, although it' snot FK type but i'm thrillled.

action started with doggy daty with clothes on and G string... she was hesitated at first but i convince her with my tongue. coz i recall she like daty but most of time cheongster is too eager and she did not enjooy~

and I daty till the bath room, no idea how when did we took off the shirt~
after bath she push me on the bed and ask me behave as she need to do her job too... Wahlah~~

dont you think she look so much like Kelly cheng? her eyes , her body and fair skin~ dont you feel excited Kelly cheng assrimming you when u in doggy possition hahaha i tell you, i'm in heaven!

i didn't stop her doing it as i used to be...coz i feel pai seh.
this round i let her finish her job and what come next... she spent nearly 5min cowgirl and nearly break my shaft hahah she kinda heavy, frankly hahaha maybe she talk and surprisingly she didn't ask for change possition. guess she found the spot during cowgal.

notice she start slowing down minutes later, i put her down... face down and ass up! guess way... i dive in and daty her again and she didn't stop me.... what's a gorgeous view!!!! reminded me of Julia Ann, white chick and solid ass!

not long after doggy her and i unloaded with smile.....

both sit on the bed and starring each other...damn, i really scare i got addicted to her... i feel guilty if i say fall in love~ hahaha

then i tease her how she remember me when she not using smart phone. coz we used to sms each other few times aweek... she told me she can see me on whatsapp with another phone...

emm.. my next target to ask for her smartphone number~ and ajak her out for jungle tracking hehehe her fav sport~

in summary:

Kelly @ late 20s
FK: 7/10
Datay: 10/10
AR: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 - I wasn't happy with my performance
BJ: 5/10 - ask her spend more time on AR as i enjooy more hehehe
WIR is YES if she available with her clothes on!
Damange: RM 249 (full package)