Master: Imran

So thing is, I got Hani contact from our Bro John here at 1malaysiawomen a month ago. but as I was not planning to be in KL any time soon, i had kept her number just there in my phone.

but who would have thought that my damn Boss would send me on a weekend to Klang for work at End of April!! Dammit where is the Law when you need one! It’s nearly labour day for God’s sake!

so long story short, after being in Klang for practically the whole Saturday (travel 1am to 4am, work 5am to 3pm), my body was as sore as you can imagine and a full body massage was in order.

initially was planning on going to any massage parlour nearby, but then i remembered that i have Hani’s contact in hand. So send her a whatsapp message asking if she is available.

who would have thought she would reply so fast? as per the previous FR on Hani here, her answers were quite short so some may think she is not friendly. (I did!)

so with her address in hand i went l the way to her place and reached there sometime near 4:30pm. Called her up and a sweet voice answered me telling me to go up to her floor.

now i have read nearly all the FR our bro’s have posted in here and was quite surprised to see her. Hani was quite a petite woman! really did not strike me as a masseur famed for her strong massage.

she invited me in and we went straight into her work room. Mind you, she was very friendly, not at all the same as her messages and you don’t fell that shyness when you meet someone new.

She then starts off the session by asking you to take off your clothes and asking you to lay down on your front, you know the standard SOP. then it start….Damn the massage session was HEAVEN! Her skills are good using her hands and knees really hit the spot for me. i practically lost any semblance of time during the massage session. and it was quite comforting too with hani and me making small talks during the whole session. we practically talk the whole session and by the time she as finished i realized we overshot the session by 20 minutes.

now comes the fun part. She practically turn from this talkative friendly girl into one hell of MILF! the moment she takes off her clothes you can fell her vibe changing man..and she straight away jumped on my boner.

the blowjob is great, i’d say way better than lin, and she keeps making this sucking slurping sound that just keeps me on the edge guys.

At this point i cannot tahan more, so ask her to cap and game on.

Practically all the style came out with Hani and i can say both of us was quite satisfied with the game where by the end we finished with doggy style. It was practically 7:30 when i noticed we have been going on too long.

Suffice to say i left from her place that day a happy man.

For the guys who are looking for a genuinely good massage I recommend Hani anytime over the rest, even over Lin.

Name : Hani
Face: 7/10 (sweet mama)
Boob: 8/10 (nice n firm)
Pussy: 8/10
Daty: 9/10 ( she loved to be lick )
BJ: 9/10 ( the longer the better )
FJ: 9/10 ( real moan)
GFE : 10/10
Damage: 150+50 tips for great massage!
WIR: For sure!

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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Early Morning With Lin

Early Morning With Lin

Master: HANAPI

After some times, i tries to make appointment with Lin. It’s been a while since i saw her. Maybe 2 months ago. I’m among her frequent customer although I’m not always visited her but every once a month she’s going to contact and say hi to me. Maybe she wanted me to come.

So that day after I check in at hotel near KL, I try to contact her eventhough it’s already past 2am. I was lucky she’s available and nobody around for her to entertain.

Went straight to her apartment and park my car nearby. Went up quietly as I don’t want to wake up the neighbors.

She invite me to come and even hugh me after not seeing me for a while.

Went through the standard stuff as she already know what I prefer. She suggest me to be with her for 2 hours but I reluctant as it already late. So as a start, she massage my whole body. Then when proceed with my didi, she began undress her clothes one by one. Few minute down there while my hand was groping her left boob. Also play with her nipple. Really enjoying doing this

 After that, I proceed with FJ and finished up by taking out the CD and cummings on her body.

Clean ourselves together and taking a shower. Have a chat a bit, pay her n left.

Origin : Bakso
Location : Batu Caves
Name : Lin
Age : Late 30s 
Look : 5/10
Body : 5/10 Got some tummy 
Boobs : 7/10 Big Boob 
DFK : Nope, Just Normal Kiss
DATY : Yes
Massage : 7/10, she has the power.
BJ : 6/10
FJ : 7/10
GFE : 5/10
Overall : 8/10
WIR : Yesss
Damage : RM150 for 1 hour session.

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Sunset With Mawar

Sunset With Mawar

Master: HANAPI

Almost every once a while I’ll visit her. Text her first to set the time and went straight to her apartment.

She greet me with with a smile. Wearing the same identical clothes the last time I met with her. She offer me a drink and we talked for a while before she invited me to her bedroom.

As always, she’ll make sure that I strip myself naked, easy for her to massage me, what she has told me. Then she started with a back massage. Starting from legs and up to my shoulder. Better than Lin because most of the time, Lin will only concentrate on my back legs. Quite painful after a while. But with Mawar, just nice and good ones.

Then she asked me to turn over and after a while, she’s going to concentrate on my didi and balls. Better try to hold it over there,  the sensation might end up you cum early. At the same time, my hand was pressing slowly and groping gently her right boob. Not that big but also not that small. A bit saggy though.

After a while, she start to blow my didi. Feeling quite nice. I asked her to do 69, she just obey. Not easy for me to have a full view of her pussy as from outside I noticed it getting dark and she doesn’t switch on the lights on her bedroom. So I can say I almost half blind looking at her body.

After some times, I asked her to positioned herself so I can easily doing doggy to her. Then I insert my didi slowly to her pussy. Still tight. I started to thrust inside out. Whenever possible, I will grab her boob from back. Little bit hard….I can hear her sound like she enjoying it, but more like a bluff. But I doesn’t really care much.

Then I finished up my intention and just lay down a while before proceeding to take a bath. Have some chat with her while smoking and then I pay her and left.

Origin : Bakso
Location : Puchong
Name : Mawar 
Age : late 30
Look : 6/10,
Body : 6/10
Boobs : 6/10, A Bit Saggy
DFK : Nope, Just A Normal Ones
DATY :Nope For Me 
Massage : 6/10
AR : No
BJ : 6/10
FJ : 6/10
GFE : 6/10
Overall : 6/10
WIR : As Always 
Damage : RM150 Per Session 

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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Afternoon with Kay

Afternoon with Kay

Master: Joshua

Got the number from webmaster and decided to try this girl. Read the FR and say she not pretty but ok i try. Contact her and set meeting point. quite unlucky because the girl having period (walao).

After drive to KL pick her up, went to check in nearby hotel. Her face is really not nice for me but she skinny. Then went and start. She not very experienced and not very good with foreplay.

One good thing is she will let u do alot of things, and she will accomodate to you. She start with BJ then i start fingering. She can get wet but after a while i stop cause wanna fuck.

Later start cap then fuck a while. 5min talk then wash up. For me, quite normal and standard

Name: Kay
Location: KL
Age: 28
Face: 3/10 (really not pretty)
Body: 4/10 (skinny)
Boobs: A
BBBJ: 5/10 (normal)
CIM: never try
FJ: never try
Overall rating: 4/10 u
Damage: RM200/ 1 shot
WIR: No unless you want young

Location: Kuala Lumpur , Jalan Raja Chulan
Category: CKT

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Lin Bakso Super Sucking BJ

Lin Bakso Super Sucking BJ

Master: Mohd

I got her number from my good friend, messaged her to make appointment. She gave me the location but not the unit number. On the very day when I arrived she gave me her unit number. Went up, open the door there she is, a very short plump lady. She was really pleasent and accommodating. Serve me mineral water and biscuits. Then took my hand into her room and ask me to strip down naked.

She starts with massage first it was without oil, then she ask what kind of oil that I would like to use. I say some thing hot, she says if use hot oil cannot play with my little brother. I say it is okay. The massage session was average and most of the time she is on her phone.

30 minute after that she excused her self to the toilet, upon returning to the room she asked what do I want. FJ, BJ or HJ. I choose just BJ because of her talent that being told by other brother’s. It was true her sucking is good or equivalent to Devi. i took of her bra and squeez her breast, then went inside her panties rubbing her clit. After 10 minutes I came and she swallows all of the cum and suck my penis dry.

She brought me to the toilet and showered me. She dries me up and serve me drinks. Chat a little paid her and made my way out of her place. She messaged me told me to come again.

Name: LIN
Originate: Indon 
Area: Gombak
Face: 5/10
Body: 6/10 
Boobs: 8/10 
FK: Nice 
Pussy: Nice 
BBJ: 10/10
WIR : Yes
Damage: RM150

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Milf Hani great experience(pic)

Milf Hani great experience(pic)

Master: Ranok

Got Hani’s contact from webmaster. Was there on a weekday early afternoon.  Place not hard to find if use Waze.

The apartment unit just outside the lift.  Once enter as all brothers say its like entering a cat petting zoo.

Massage was excellent. Made almost forgot im there for a fuckjob.  She asked full package…yes i said!  Blowjob was excellent…some deep throat although not every blow but good enough…she will stare at your face as she suck it down which turns me on even more….

Breasts still damn nice for a milf.  After 5 mins of sucking…cap on and as usual starts with cowboy.  And the rest is history….ended with side missionary…

Bottom line is above average service..could have been better but still enjoyable. She talk quite a lot if you actually start talking back…

Overall experience: 7/ 10 best part was blowjob for me

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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Evening with Janet(pic)

Evening with Janet(pic)

Master: Gene

So it was a Thursday afternoon that i made an appointment with her. The last time i met her was not so long ago (3 months?) but unfortunately she couldnt remember me. Well maybe deleted my wechat. The time is set to 12pm and this time couldnt fetch her from her place because i took uber after getting off from the nearest lrt station.

Waited for an hour before she show up wearing a short and a top only. Nothing special but maybe dont want to grab attention if wear too sexy. So she book a room at a nearby budget hotel and we went it. Once inside, she got the towels and had a simple shower then afterwards she ask me to shower alone. Came out later and she removed her towels and started to touch me once we sat o. The bed.

She played with my didi for a while and asked if i want start with a bj or not. I said ok and almost cant tahan so i ask her to stop and do normal style. Dunno why there’s no feel and so she suggested to switch to doggy. Again not much excitement and she was wondering what is going on. She gave a handjob to wake up didi and i just said let’s do it again this time doggy style. After a few rounds managed to unload and can see she’s relieved that it’s over. Maybe she frustrated and tired.

So we washed up and paid her. Overall the session was ok. Nothing that great but you get what you pay for. In the end the job was done. We went separate ways once outside the hotel room.

Name: Janet
Age: 40?
Body: 6
Face: 5
Boobs: 6 (soft and shapeless)
BJ: 5
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 4/10 (kept playing with phone or watch tv)
WIR: hmmm..
Damage: 200 

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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Wild flower of Mongolian – Bai Mu Dan(pic)

Wild flower of Mongolian – Bai Mu Dan(pic)

Master: Anthonio

It’s been a while since I’ve had sex with the wild Mogolian flower. Wanting to go back to see her
but was tire down with busy commitment. Friday night, called to book her for 2 sessions on Saturday night.

At first she declined but agreed when I told her I’m fucking horny.

Saturday came, reached there at 8:45 pm text her and ask me to head up.
She sneakily opens the door, she let me in and jump and hug me soon she closes the door.
Wow…. like long lost sex partner.. she straight away pegang my hard on crouch dy..
Syok! Chit Chat and drink and time for action… got naked and sat by the couch.

She too got naked but with panty on crawls to me slowly and looking at my hard on.
With her sexy juicy lips she sucks, licks like the last ice cream she is going to get.
After 5 mins of BJ, I took her down on the bed. I attacked her breast and suck and
lick her nipple hard as she moans softly in pleasure. My fingers playing with her clit
teasing slowly and insert my fingers when she is wet. Change to 69 and lick her hard and wet
as she swallows my dick in and out… I can not tahan dy. Cap on!!

Hungry like a  wolf… I grab her to a doggie position and pounded her for a good 5 mins,
grabbing her boobs while looking at her expression of lust and pleasure through the reflection on the mirror, Went to her face and insert into her mouth for another BJ then continue
with missionary position, each thrust getting wilder and harder until I unloaded inside her.
So fucking tiring wei.. both of us are in sweat but it was damn good fuck.

Went shower and rested a while wiith some drinks… Ting ting round 2, I was relaxing at the sofa.
She was laying by my shoulder, her hands were creeping towards my dick and start playing with it..
We had a long deep french kiss and my dick is hard on again. Now she look so lusty and horny sucking my dick, all the way down to a good rimming and using her tongue to tease me right back on the tip of my dick head.

She capped me and rode me slowly and proceed to a faster momentum. After that it’s my turn, spread her legs wide and went for her precious pussy with juice and licking and gave a tongue fuck… she was shivering with delight and non stop moaning. Lift up one of her legs and starts to pound her deep, that position is so syok man… It didn’t even last me 5 minutes and unload again all in her. I though would never come but I did.

Rested for a while and showered, paid her and kiss goodbye. Bai Mu Than is a MILK by the way.
A gem that knows how to pleasure a man, no rushing, accommodating, polite and hospitable.
I can say what you pay is worth every Ringgit.

Name: Bai Mu Dan
Nationality: Mongolian
Area: Cheras
Age: Mid 40s MILF
Face: 7/10
Boobs: Nice for her age but a bit saggy, still good for sucking
Body: 7/10
BJ: 9/10
FJ: 8/10
DFK: Yes
DATY: Yes no smell and delicious
Damage: 1 hr 150, 2 hrs 250

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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22yrs super young CKT – Kris and Lili (pic)

22yrs super young CKT – Kris and Lili (pic)


How long you yet tring super fresh and young 22 yrs mei mei? One at Cheras, another one at Kampar/Ipoh, waiting you!

Name: Kris
Age: 22
College student
Location: Cheras
Height: 158cm
Body: 34B boobs, soft types.
Pussy semi shave
Gfe, 6/10
Damage: RM 300

Name: Lili
Age: 22
College student
Location: Kampar/Ipoh 
Body: 38D boobs
Damage: RM 200

Great Wonderful Morning with Mawar

Great Wonderful Morning with Mawar

Master: Jerkss

Got her contact from webmaster, wechat text her straight away.

I’m abit horny that day and luckily she have a slot empty in the morning. So appointment is set!

Reached her placed around 10 and texted her again. Asked me to go up to her unit. Luckily waze is eassily to access nowdays, finding her place is easy.

Went up to her apartment, and she is there dress in dark long dress. You can still see her pokky nipple on her dress. I think she had a housemate, as that girl is sitting there watching tv. She invitted me to her room, with her indonesia jam song blasting out, asked me to undress and lay on the bed. I purposely kept my underwear on, the moments she came in back she laughed and then slowly remove off my underwear, thats give me a boner.

She starts her massage and chit chatting, backrub all over my body. Her massage is just so so if compare to Hani Legend. After that, she asked me to turn over, and the moment i turn over, my boner is ready for action. She giggle a bit and give me a blowjob. Half minute later, she asked me to wait as she want to finished off her massage. While her hand is massage my body and arms, my other arms is grabbing her C cup breast.

After that, she undress her self to review her jug, not too big not too small, is acceptable to me.

She starts to BJ me and then i tit fuck and asked her to BJ while she is laying down. Then do a 69 position & lick her clean shave pussy which is no smell. She moans a bit as her pussy now is wet. Turn her over finger her for awhile while sucking her nipples.

She capped me on, then stick my dick into her in missonary style..after awhile move to the mirror for a doggy style. After close for awhile unload my little soldier on her body. In this point she is giggling, and i don’t know why. LOL.

Took a short break, went to clean myself and while talking, she grab my dick and asked me to come back soon. Paid her and leave as a happy man.

Name: Mawar / Bunga
Race : Bakso
Face : 7/10
Body: 8/10 not too chubby
Breast : 8/10
DATY : 9/10
BBBJ : 8/10
GFE: 10/10 very accomodating
Moaning: 9/10
Rush : Nope
Damage: RM150 massage + 1 shot

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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