Xiao Yen Pudu – Beautiful girl next door(pic)

Xiao Yen Pudu – Beautiful girl next door(pic)

Master: Ein

Not my first visit with Xiao Yen, but I still find myself returning to her every now and then. She’s still one of my favourite PRCs to bonk.

Made an appointment for 10.30am, one of the best thing I like about Xiao Yen is that she does morning fucks, coz I love morning fucks.

She greeted me with a pair of sexy tiny short shorts, heels and tight top, revealing her curvy body. She is not exactly a slim girl, neither plump, but she does have ample flesh – exactly my type of woman.

Went in, stripped, she washed and gave me a nice BBBJ in the shower, with her signature Darlie toothpaste.

On the bed, she was doing her usual catbath and rubbing my back with her tits while I relax.

When it was time to blow me, I told her I want to unload in her mouth, she obliged. While sucking vigorously and sensing when I am about the come, she sexily moaned in Chinese ‘Ah give me give me, I want to eat your cum’ before I unloaded it all into her tight mouth.

She went to clean up, we rested awhile before resuming round 2. Started with doggie, I love grabbing her fluffy tits from behind while I pound her.

We switched to missionary, it was a pleasure watching her fluffy tits jiggle around with every stroke I push into her tight pussy. Her nipples are quite sensitive so she doesn’t like customers suckling on them too hard, so I just kissed and played with the rest of her tits.

We changed a few more positions, she rode me cowgirl, before finally I pulled her to the edge of the bed, pounding her while I was standing. Unloaded everything into her pussy, with condom.

She told me she will be going back to China by early March. Not sure when is she returning.

Name: Xiao Yen
Location: Pudu
Age: 30s
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10.
Boobs: Fluffy C that bounces when you pound her
BBBJ: 8/10
CIM: 8/10
FJ: 7/10
Overall rating: 7/10
Damage: RM230
WIR: Yes

Location: Pudu
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese 🙂

Devi – Never Dissapointed

Devi – Never Dissapointed

Master: Rich

If you’ve read previous FRs you know what to expect already from Devi..

Reach her place in Old Klang Road..quite easy as landmark is Petronas, and block is orange white.

Tip: Don’t park underneath the tree if you want your car to stay clean. Hahah!

So went up to her place, got flowerpots in front. She open her door in her trademark kimono and ask me to come in.

Sat down in the living room and ask me what I want to drink..asked for plain water as I know will be dehydrated from coming activity..haha

Earlier already SMS her got cap or not and then she said she forgot to buy, so a quick detour to convenience store to buy.

When I toss the CD box on the table, she thought it was my ciggie then she straight away go and get ashtray..hahah

So light up ciggie and chit chat a bit..then because she look like raring to go she said “take off your clothes, you hisap your rokok, I hisap your adik”..wowie!

So while I’m sucking my cig, she’s sucking my dick..what an experience! A few minutes in, take off her bra coz can’t wait to see her melons..

Normally bra is two rows of hooks, hers is four wei..which is logical la..coz double the size..hahah!

She will deepthroat with the gagging sound..halfway titfuck, my dick got lost in between, what a feeling!

A few occasion have to stop her so I don’t cum so soon..keep having to relight my cig coz lose concentration until forgot to smoke..hahaha

After 10-15 mins..I CIM..she open her mouth and show the cum on her tongue..so sexy

So then after quick wipe proceed to the room..since just only unload we proceed to do simple massage.

Her massage is so so compared to Ivy, she gave choice between baby oil or massage oil, I choose baby oil.

Then after finish massage, on to main event – she start again BBBJ, then cap and straight away CG me!

This part is the best! Can suck on her massive boobs, while she give good action up on down bouncing..

Hot sloppy kissing in between, then change to missionary and she ask to DATY her..so obliged lor..by that time a bit sweaty dy coz of the heavy action

Then switch doggy and 3-4 more positions..then because too long and I’m tired dy she take off cap and the BBBJ again and CIM.

Overall, exceed one hour but she’s very accommodating and will not rush you.

In between she will look at phone for message, after session she make call to check on babysitter..which is fine by me coz she also need to work and look after family.

Shower, then have one ciggie more, pay and ciao.

Devi experience, never disappointing, hot and nasty!

Name: Devi (Milf)
Race: Indon/Punjabi
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10 (chubby side)
Boobs: One hand also cannot fit one side
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 Like 5 star
DATY: Allow.
CIM: YES and swallow
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM 150

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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An Amazing evening with Lin !!

An Amazing evening with Lin !!

Master: Vince

Got Lin phone number from webmaster. Add her on my wechat, immediately she message me asking who am I and where I got her phone number. So I told her etc and she replied when I’m going to come over. Make a appointment with her on 2pm the next day.

Went to her place near Batu Caves. Go upstairs at her front door, knock once and she opened the door and I can only see here head, she was like trying to sneak me into her house.

When enter her place.She offer me drink and chated for a while. Then she says we can start now. She showed me to her room and beside the bed there are two huge mirror. Ask me to strip and lay down on my tummy to start message. Her message is so good that I almost fell asleep. While she massages me we chatted and sometimes she is on her phone replying messages.

After an hour of massage she asked me want to “urut” only or “mau pancut-pancut”, I straight away says “pancut” she ask me to turn around and begin to kiss my “Adik’. I asked her to please strip naked while kiss it. Straight away I grab those 36C boobs and suck it. She says “suka isap nenen ya” and I just nodded my head. I asked to see her pussy but she says “malu lah puki Lim hitam” which I dont care and i want it.

I started to caress her pussy. Then she continue jerking me off and without warning went down and gave me a blowjob. OMG that is my first blowjob and it is out of this world. She was sucking and did some amazing tounge movement and I was like frozen. I can’t speak or react to anything. After about 5minutes I told her I was going to cum, instead of stoping blowing my penis she became faster bobbing up and down. I pull her for not making me cum so early.

So kissed her neck, boobs and was grabing her butt, then she wispered into my ear “Lin nak rogol kamu”, she pushed me and rode me like I was a wild bull. She was moaning calling “sedapnya batang abang”. Her boobs were all over up, down, left and right, without warning she bent down and suck on my nipple. She was sucking and bitting. She was stil ridding me until I cum. She got of, pull of the condom and wipe my penis.

Then she took my hand and went to the toilet for shower. She was washing me with soap and etc. After we’re done she wiped me dried, I put on my clothes and I paid her. She says to me next time she will give extra love if I come over again. Left her place while driving got her message saing she enjoyed the time spent hope to see me soon.

Name: Lin 
Location: Gombak
Nationality: Bakso
Face: 5/10 (average, butt chin and looks like Zila Bakrin)
Boobs: 9/10
Pussy: Tight and clean shave
Service: 9/10
Damage: RM150 1 Hour (Offer for 2hours for rm200 but just for another 1hour massage)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Have a nice evening With Gombak CKT Janet(pic)

Have a nice evening With Gombak CKT Janet(pic)

Master: Wolf

After getting contact from Webmaster. I made an appointment to meet at her location and she requested to fetch her to go to her normal hotel at 4pm. I am excitement and nervous but you guys would understand what I’m trying to say. She is very chatty and persuasive in sms and when she called, she would hang up the phone and expect me to call back. What a turn off for me. We agreed on the terms and conditions before.

After reaching the place, I had to wait about an hour for her to arrive and gave some excuses saying her son just came back and all that crap which I know is not true and need to fetch her to her friends house …and waited for 30 minutes more. Since she looked ok in her mid or late 30s I guess, I just proceeded. She guided me to the nearby hotel. The usual procedure, she checked in first and tell you the room number for you to go up. One thing about her is that she’s not that friendly but looks ok, just typical CKT with broken english.

So she said she had bath so she askedme to bath. I told her I had bath too but she insisted so ok, I felt a bit annoyed here. She started with BJ for like 5 minutes and saying her mouth tired. She continued for a short HJ and then said her hand tired. While doing she didnt seem interested but only watching the tv program. Maybe her favorite program I dont know. So I started with doggy and after 10 minutes still cannot unload so she said just HJ. Then 5 minutes it was over. She quickly went to the bathroom to clean up without even using tissue to wipe some off me that spilled over.

Oh also, apart from watching tv all the time, she was not a caring person and her face is without any expressions. I can say that the GFE part is almost zero. Besides being late for the appointment and no GFE feel.

Overall experience is so so only.

Name: Janet (Gombak)
Age: mid/late 30s
Appearance:  Typical housewife look. No make up.
GFE:Not very friendly
Price:300 (overprice)

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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Hani Klang – Proper massage with proper CIM(pic)

Hani Klang – Proper massage with proper CIM(pic)


Heard a lot about Hani. Got her contact for quite some time but never bothered to try her previously as I understand from other bros that her location was just way too far. It’s not just Klang, but it’s pretty deep inside Klang.

Anyway, it was one fine afternoon, had some matters to settle and I was about 30 mins away from Klang (or so I thought) so decided why not pay her a visit and see for myself what the big deal about her is.

Texted her at 11am, she said it’s too early asked me to find her at 12pm. Found out her location, wah it’s a lot further than I expected. Made my way there, just in time for our appointment.

She gave me her block number, took a bit of hunting to find the building. It’s quite a rundown low-cost property.

Met her outside her unit, she was a bit cautious opening the door. First impression was as per what other bros have said. Her looks are not bad for her age

Went into her master bedroom. As I already bathe, and I plan to bathe again after the oily massage anyway, we got straight into the massage session.

She takes great pride in her massage, and is a bit annoyed by customers who only want to bonk her, at least that’s what she told me. So don’t bother asking her for FJ sessions only.

She also said she doesn’t like new customers annoying her with requests for pics. Her style is you want to come, you make an appointment, no pics. She doesn’t like lengthy chats.

While she was massaging me, we chatted a bit, talked about her life, her ex-bfs etc etc. I asked if she can strip and massage me, she asked me to wait, that will come later.

Once done with the massage, the removed her top and loosened her bra to free those D-cup jugs. She brought me over to suckle on them. Flicked my tongue around her dark, large areolas.

I signalled her to blow me, she obliged, it was good, but I’ve had better. Then again, to be honest I wasn’t really that horny when I visited her. It was a more of a visit to satisfy my own curiosity rather than urgently needing to unload and empty my balls.

I came in her mouth, she didn’t stop immediately, but continue sucking every last drop. Nice.

We rested awhile, she said she also offer FJ, but I wasn’t in the mood for a second round. Nothing’s wrong with her, it’s just that the chemistry wasn’t quite there. That’s just me. Maybe I am not that into her, somehow. But her massage is worth paying for.

FL: Hani
Location: Klang
Age: 40s
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10. 
Boobs: D
BBBJ: 7/10
CIM: Sucked it all nicely
Massage: 9/10
Overall rating: 7/10
Damage: RM150
WIR : Only if I want a massage

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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BBW Peggy from Puchong

BBW Peggy from Puchong

Master: Cheong

Thanks to the Webmaster. It took me two weeks to meet her after texting her few times, maybe she had a long CNY break. Today is the day she gave me the green light to meet her. Time was set at 5 PM, I left the office earlier than usual.  Her location is easy to find with Waze.

The moment she opened the door, I see a nice MILF wearing a pair of specs that look like any aunties at the supermarket. When I took out a cigarette, I noticed her hand was shivering. I am not sure if it is her age or my young look caused her hand to shiver. I think she was nervous because of my good boy look. She is very chatty but her eyes were not focused on the topic we discussed because she might be wondering why this young man is into MILF. We chatted wide range of topics from BR1M to the life of her past. As the conversation is going nowhere, I initiated the first move. ‘Let’s go’, I said without wasting any more time as I still have another appointment to proceed later.

I also showed no hesitation of my love for milf. The moment she opened the room door, I see a room that looks like the HK red light movie. I guessed she felt uncomfortable to undress in front of me. From behind, I could see her Tiger skin G-string and fair skin. Without any hesitation, I hugged her from behind when her bra is still attached. My didi got furiously excited when our skins touched. I guessed that is the time the ice was broken. She felt relieved and we proceed to the bathroom, no cat bath, just plan SOP, clean my didi from head to the back lane like a typical mother would clean up her child.

On the bed, she started to tour my entire body with her tongue while oldies music playing in the air. Her skin is nice and like other bros reported, her nipples are soft and light color, my kind of soft candy! She really likes sucking, good suction and definitely passionate about satisfying her customer. I turned her around to sixty-nine positions. No smell and smooth. We were like playing at the orchestra hall. Each player has own strokes and melody to harmonize the pleasure. Her pubic hairs are gentle and pretty puffy. Her moaning gained momentum when my finger going around the o-ring of her anus. At that moment, I could feel she wants to keep playing Symphony number 69 repeatedly. If not wrong, we 69 for two oldies songs. I had to stop because my face is covered by her love juice. She gently asked if I want to come into her mouth. I said I need to come inside her. We just did missionary. I came in less than 10 minutes as the front view was nothing spectacular but the look of her passion in making love drives me crazy.

After shower, I paid her and chao. She asked me to see her again. Mission launched and goals achieved.

Name: Peggy
Race: CKT
Age: 40+
Face: 6/10
Body: 2/10 with tattoo, I would give her 6/10 without. To be fair, her tattoo is small and OK. Not ah beng temple like or Yakuza type.
Boobs: 8/10 (Nice nipples)
Ass: 6/10
BBBJ: 10/10 
FJ: 9/10 
GFE: 2/10 (my age doesn’t match her profile kua, may i look like his son!!) 
DATY : 6/10 
WIR : I am not a tattoo person.
Damage: RM150 1 shot with no sign of rushing at all.

Location: Puchong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She serve 1Malaysia!

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Service Milf but not pretty – Anna

Service Milf but not pretty – Anna

Master: Adam

Got her contact from webmaster. Call her to make appoinment. Then I saja ask her whether can go to her house or not. Surprisingly she said ok. Then I made an appointment on tomorrow 3pm because she said still got relative in her house.

I reach her area and call to ask exact location, she directed me to her house where she waited me at the gate. Then just usual protocol, go to bath and start the business.

She started with licking my nipple and followed by sucking my dick. She really service type one, good suction power and lick my ball somemore. Then put on condom and just do missionary because she said she cant do long on cowboy. I fucked her for 10 minutes and suck her nipple until I cum.

Her face will really put you off, if want pretty one dont take her. If really want service type then go ahead.

Name: Anna
Race: CKT
Age: 40+
Face: 3/10
Body: 5/10
Boobs: 5/10
Ass: 6/10
DFK: Dont want try, her mouth not so hygenic as young freelance
Damage: RM150 1 hour 1 shot (got 150 because do at her house)

Location: Kepong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay 🙂

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The pregnant experience with Preggo Rissa(pic)

The pregnant experience with Preggo Rissa(pic)

Master: Fjs

Got her number from webmaster. Call her up immediately and she responce right away. Answered a a few question. She asked me if she knew about her condition. Told her that i knew. Set an appointment for tommorow. She booked a hotel in Batu Cave .

Time set at 2.00 pm. The next day take KTM to Batu Cave n uber to the hotel. Arrived an hour early and wait for her at a coffee shop near the hotel. Around 2,00 pm she call and let me know the room number. Paid  my drinks and went straight to her room. Knocked on the door and she open the door. I went in and walk towards her, she was covering her face, she kinda shy.

Walk towards her hold her hand uncovered her face.. Cute face, Kiss her forehead and down to her lips. Hug her and my hands squeeze her ample butt. lift up her long blouse ..Holy mama no panties!! I went around her back and and squezzed her boobs from behind. Lift up her blouse showing her padded red bra. I unhooked her bra from behind, then turn her around facing me. I lift down her bra strap with my mounth. Like in the movies. She goes crazy. And “”rentap her bra down. Plop goes her boobs. Kinda saggy but good lord she got almost an inch nipple. Looong , the longest i have seen.

Straight attacked her nipple and she moan like crazy. I enjoyed her body like hrs. She doenst do much , she like guys do stuff to her. She like to be “belai”. You go slowly and then up the tempo and the u go rough. She like rough too. But you must get her in the mood. I spent hrs playing and sucking and pulling and twisting her nipple. She loves it. After almost 1 and half hour i ask her to jerk me off. About 5 to 10 minutes i cum on her saggy tits. What a felling.

Then she wash her self. then my turn. Help her to dressed. Dressed her while groped her butt and boobs. i mess around with her .. kissing her and gropping and squezzing her boobs and she  moaning manja. i squeezed her boobs hard lift up her dress and pullout her vtiits out of her red padded bra. Suck it hard and long. One for the road. Dressed her back give her a kiss. Then she said we gotta go. Then i paid her  and left.

Name: Arissa preggo
Location: Batu cave
Nationality: NL
Face: 7/10
Boob: 8/10 C to D cup . Bra size 36 D. Incredible 1 inche nipple.
Pussy: Dark and shaven Tembam
Service: 10/10
Damage: 250
WIR: Yes only for the 1 inch nipple.

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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Ah Ling Must Be Your Favorite!!

Ah Ling Must Be Your Favorite!!

Master: Nics

I was extreme horny yesterday and need to unload so called her up and bravo finally manage to get her. Then, she text me the place and i manage ti find it easily

After knocking the door, she said “yup le la” meaning come in please, then saw her with glasses and I like her as she does not has that kind of chicken look.

Sitting chit chat with her for a while and i said i need to use the loo and i took off my pants and straight to the loo. Then, when i wanted to wear the pants, she said “no need la” and she start to touch my didi and it became so hard instantly. Then we took shower with the std SOP and she give me BBBJ and i tell you it was the best BBBJ i ever had while trying very hard to hold as I worry I will cum. I told her to suspend for awhile as i feel like cumming and she said just let it CIM! she continue to suck and OMG i can’t stand it anymore and shot straight to her mouth and she really enjoy it!

However, the most exciting part was when I finger her kau kau and believe me the amount of water coming out from her is unbelievable, the whole towel was wet, she was moaning and begged me finger her kao kao as the sentence” wa beh tahan, lai liao!lai liao!” and not only the towel was wet but the whole floor too this time

After doing all these sexercise, we lied down on the bed and she touch my didi again it started to get hard again and she instantly suck it like no tomorrow and i also and F her kao kao for another 20 min and finally cum. wow, that was really nice as i love the moaning and she is really a sex machine.Anyway, she is a very nice lady and she really how how to make love!

Name: Ah Ling
Age: 40+
Face: 6/10
Body : 6/10 
Boobs : 6/10 (with big nipples and love to be sucked)
BBBJ: 9/10 
FJ: 9/10 
GFE: 7/10 
DATY : didn’t try 
WIR : Oh yes!
Damage : RM150 include with hotel room

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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Big bouncy boobs (38C) PRC MILF Xiao Qin cum 3 times!!!(pic)

Big bouncy boobs (38C) PRC MILF Xiao Qin cum 3 times!!!(pic)

Master: Jason

*** Xiao Qin Photo(5 pcs), please click![Golden Key] ***

Got her ctc no. from the webmaster
First time trying her after heard so much about her. And is my first time writing her FR.
She is a MILF from China and work as freelance in Cheras.

Call her and she answered and appt made.
She start work by noon till early night only.
Reach there on time and park outside the condo.
Registered and go in and walk to her unit.
And she waited at her door gate.

SOP. Chit chatted with her and treat me nice chinese tea.
Then, walk inside her dim lighted room, undress and go bath together.
Saw her big bouncy boobs. Original.
She wash my dick and ass. Oooh, nice.

After that, dry ourselves and proceed to the room to start our action!!!
Lied naked on the bed while she massage my back for a while before proceed to B2B.
Her tits are so soft and felt so erotic while she uses her big boobs to massage from leg to head.

Then, turn around and she started to blowjob me slowly and later, deep throat.
She said i have nice big cock and really can tahan so long without cum after she deep throat me for almost 10mins!
Might be tat day my performance is good.

The real action begin, she capped me and start cow girl for ard 10mins.
She ride me and at the same time i fuck her hard and she cum once.
then, she turn around and we started doggy from kneeing and fuck her until lay back on bed while grabbing her big boobs.
Another 10mins, she cum twice. She said i so powerful.
I grabbed her waist and make her walk while my cock still inside her pussy to the mirror at the cupboard.
There, i fuck her another 10mins from behind while facing the mirror. Bouncing boobs and high climax face from her.
She cum thrice! Yeah!

Then, final moment we went back to bed and start missionary. Bang her another 5mins and now i cum inside her.
She really enjoyed it and cum 3 times. She said haven’t been fuck so hard before.

Both of us lied on the bed and rested for 15mins. Both sweaty.
then, proceed to clean up at bathroom, put on clothes and chit chatted another 15mins at living while having tea.

More than her required hour. But she said ok.
She said maybe next time can try 3P with her friend.
Coz I fucked her so hard till she cum 3 times. So 3P shouldn’t be a problem.

Paid her and tips her. Hugged for a while and fuck off from there.

Name: Xiao Qin
Origin: PRC
Boobs: 38C (bouncy boobs)
Body: Petite
Age: 30s’+
Face: MILF face
Height: 5′ 3″
Massage: none
B2B: Very erotic 
FJ: Fucked her so hard till she cum 3 times.
Damage: 120 + tips 30

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: Only serve Chinese

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