Bang Bang Bang moaning NL Nafa(pic)

Bang Bang Bang moaning NL Nafa(pic)

Master: Anan

This my first experience with NAFA, and it was not as expected. First of all, once appointment was done, had to wait more than an hour, since she inform suddenly got extra work. Warning!, she works and doing this after work, hence the timing will be out.

At last, she came and fetch me to her apartment block. Looks cosy and she stays alone. Went to shower alone and later she showered. Body size flabby especially her ass and tits. Not giving BJ without condom as well. She also won’t allow you to DATY her pussy as well. Kind of loose, as if given birth before. Well, it was abit dull and she kept saying need to fetch her children from Baby sitter, so need to quick.

Proceed with doggy after she gave a BJ with CD on. Doggy was abit tight and felt like want to cum. Proceed with missionary and start to bang her nicely since it was abit loose that way. Start sweating since it takes quit awhile. Bang bang bang her nicely and she moans quietly. 

Bang her while squezzing her big breast but was not firm and sucking it nicely and she push your lips aways if it too intense. Then after 15 min, let go my load. Proceed to shower, paid and left. Overall, just average.

Name: NAFA
Race : Indon +
Face : milf TYPE
bOOB: bIG BUT Saggy
DATY : Not allowed
BJ : 5/10
GFE : no
Damage : RM 250

Location: Balakong
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

The Voluptuous Nini(pic)

The Voluptuous Nini(pic)

Master: Sonic

This happened last Saturday on 16/1/2021. I’ve been sex-deprived for awhile now and my lust was insatiable and I browsed through the site looking to try out someone new. Browsed and came across a review of Nini who fitted my criteria and got her contact from webmaster. I immediately whatsapp her and made the appointment (She’s a slow texter and her schedule is pretty tight due to work, so I had to book her for Saturday morning at 8).

I went straight to her place which was in Subang and there was ample of parking which was really convenient. Before heading up to her place, I had to buy cd as she didn’t have any on her. I headed to the lobby and waited for her to come down to pick me up. When she came down, my first impression was, “Eh, it’s alright, the curves are where it should be and that’s what matters (Janji tetek besar, I’m all good)”.

She brought me up to her unit and it was really clean and organized. We then head into the room, took off my clothes and started out with a massage first with oil. Her massage was great as she uses her fingers and hands really well and knows where are the appropriate pressure points to ease my body. As the massage went on, her hands started to carres my thighs and nutsack. It was at this moment, I knew things were starting to get pretty heated.

She whispered, “Turn around babe.” and BAM! , my little bro was as hard as 2020 and just wanted to penetrate her with all my might. “Sabar dulu bang, saya nak urut batang u dulu dengan mulut I”. That was such a turn on I cannot even…… She gave a BBJ for 5-10 mins and I felt like I was in heaven as I gropped those huge milk sacks and sucked on them like a little baby. After a brief 69, we DFK for 5 mins and couldn’t tahan for the FJ.

I reached for the cd and she capped me and we started the main course with cowgirl. The view of her going up and down, me gropping those boobs and DFK was such a surreal moment. We then changed positions to missionary and doggy, and let me tell you, pounding her was really really nice and I couldn’t stop it. I guess we were just high in each other’s lust and wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. Forgot to mention her pussy does have a little bit of hair but it’s clean so don’t worry.

We ended the session with my favorite missionary position, hands grabbing onto her boobs while DFK. With each thrust, she moaned so loud craving for that insatiable cock even more. In the end, I shot my soldiers in the cd and collapsed on the bed. Both of us sweating, wet at our private areas, continued to DFK for another 5 mins then we went to shower and get cleaned up. Before leaving, I paid her and did some more DFK. I was quite literally the happiest man on earth that Saturday as the morning was fulfilling and felt over the moon with the experience!

Name: Nini
Face: 7/10
Body: 9/10 (She’s THICC but not fat/obese, just my type)
Boobs: 10/10 (Boob lover’s, y’all must try)
Pussy: 9/10 (Short hair, no smell, nice to eat)
Massage: 9/10
Catbath: N/A (Didn’t try because we wanted to FJ immediately)
BBJ: 10/10
DFK: 10/10 (We violated each other’s mouth)
FJ: 10/10 (She’s just so damn fuck-able)
Moan: Yes she does and it’s really loud
GFE: Very talkative throughout the session and really treat her like a GF
Damage: RM 300 (With her service, I felt like I underpaid her, I should’ve given her liike 500 because her service deserved it) 

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

Thailand Trans-sex FR(pic)

Thailand Trans-sex FR(pic)

Master: Yuan

She was introduced by a buddy and he gave me permission to write a fr on her.

Last week Friday evening i was boring so i went to google and i wanted to try some Trans and i came across this POST-OP means he/she got a pussy to play with so I immediately contact her and book for Saturday night

On Saturday night after work i went to her hotel which is comfortable he/she let me in and immediately bring me to shower and start suckky then went to the bed and continue after that once we finish i suck her tits and went home

I got to say trans are good on sucking and you get to enjoy them just like a real woman

I dont know her time since she freelance and you dont need to go through any agent just through her but book one day ahead

Name: Opor
Age: 25+
Body: Slim and big boos/Ass
Rating: 8/10
Damage: RM200
Location: work between Penang and KL

LocationPenang , Kuala Lumpur
Category: Thai , Trans Sexual

Slim petite NL Azura(pic)

Slim petite NL Azura(pic)

Master: Khu

Got her number from a webmaster.. 
I straight away contact her via wechat as advised by my friend.. 
N hours later only got reply.. 
Ask her what kind of package does she offer and i took the full package which includes Body Massage, AR n BJ.. 

So we set the time to meet at her place the next day.. 
Next day, i text her again to confirm the time and she agrees and texted me the direction to her place.. 
So i drove there as her place is quite far.. 

And reached a bit late as the road was jam.. 
She texted me couple of times asking where am i and wanted to cancel the meeting but i asked her to wait a while as i have already reached her place.. 
Park my car and just let her know that ive arrived and soon after she came down to fetch me.. 
First look, slim not to tall and maybe in her early 40’s..

Just my type.. 
So we went to her unit and she offered drinks n some snacks..
Chit chat a little n she asked me to clean myslef while she changes to her black sexy lingerie… 
She starts her massage from the back n it was good.. 
She knows where to apply pressure and where to tease.. 
I was already turn on at this point.. 

Soon after, she asked me to turn around n starts massaging the front part of my body.. 
Then she starts with massaging my didi and ask how do i like to end the session with.. 
Told her i would like to cum in her mouth.. 
She BJ and this is where the fun begins.. 

AR was awesome i tell you all.. 
A few minutes later kenot tahan d liow.. 
I put my dd into her mouth n loads all my soldiers in as she will suck clean every drop of ur cum n swallow it.

She ends her session with a head massage n it is a really good one too. After that I clean myself up we chit chat while waited for next customer to arrive. 

Name : Azura (NL)
Age : Early 40’s i guess
Face : 7/10
Body : 7/10
Tits : Just nice to squeeze 
BBBJ : 8/10
Cumswallow : Yes
Massage : 8/10
Damage : RM170
WIR : Hell yeah!.. 

Location: Cyberjaya
Category: NL
Remark: Sorry, she only serve Malay and Chinese!!

Enjoy watching her large big breast – Nini(pic)

Enjoy watching her large big breast – Nini(pic)

Master: Amor

She was introduced by a buddy and he gave me permission to write a fr on her.

Growing up in subang. You end up never leaving subang. So love to get myself stressed free in subang. 

Received contact from webmaster thank you as always. I’m huge fan of bakso milfs always my favourite. She is very easy to communicate with in Watsapp and made an appointment. Head over to her apartment and saw she had big boobs. I always love big boobs they are my favourite. 

She is very professional with her massage. She helps takes off my clothes. She massage every part of my body. Then she uses her hands to massage my didi very slowly and stare right into my eyes.

We started to turn gives a little B2b action. Play with her breast and sucks me. We caresses and hold her body. Then puts on a proceeds to ride me like a cowgirl always my favourite position. I always enjoy to watch her large big breast bounce is stunning on of my favourite positions.  

Then I changed the position for doggy for some breast swinging action. Then finally switch to missionary squeezing and licking her breast will I blast out.

Name: Nini Bakso Delicious 
Age: 30 something 
Race: Bakso
Height: 155
Figure: curvy 
Boobs: 9/10
Damage: 200 – 3000

Note: she FL in home mornings 9-11+ and 12-9pm in a massage centre located in PJ. But she cannot give max service in the centre; too much attention to her moans of pleasure!

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

New ML – Cik Affrina Urut Batin

New ML – Cik Affrina Urut Batin

Master: Tan

Lately fubu complained my didi not performing as usual so i decided to go for urut batin. My usual ML at flora damansara is sick so decided to try out search at wechat. Added her and contact her and deal with her straightaway. 

Once she shared the location, made my way to there. Somewhere behind the petron at batu tiga. Went up to the designated floor and meet her at the door. We chitchat a bit then proceed to shower. 

She asked what pckage i want, i explained everything and she said better take the “urut cincin zakar” costed me rm180. 

She massage my back first. Very good. She will ask for your preference in the pressure needed. My back feels great after the massage.  Once turned over, she massage my legs then proceed to my groin. 

As im not in the mood for any pain, i said to her to do a soft batin with minimal pressure. She does her cincin zakar massage and man, she reached to spots where i didnt knew existed. Even the cincin massage does put you in a state of arousal / pleasure but not to the point of ejaculation. Some areas she massage may hurt but she is very tentative to your pain tolerance and preference. 

Once she finished her massage she will give tips on how to improve and sustain longer. So i paid my dues, cleaned up and went out on my way. 

She is not a hanky panky ML so please ve considerate. Only go there if you want proper batin massage. 

Name: Affrina
Race: NL
Location – Batu 3, Shah Alam
Face – 5/10 (didnt pay any attention cause i went there for batin only)
Boobs – 5/10 (refer above)
Daty – no
Ass – no
HJ – She is a non hanky panky ML. So no HJ,FJ,CB and so on
Massage – normal massage 9/10 ( very good. She knows the precise location and only apply pressure according to your preference )
Batin – 9/10 (very good)
GFE – makes you feel comfortable
WIR – yes
Damage: RM 180 (got other package, pls check with her )

Location: Shah Alam, Batu Tiga
Category: NL

Pussy macam 25 year old pussy – Maria(pic)

Pussy macam 25 year old pussy – Maria(pic)

Master: Adam

So this happened quite a while back. I was feeling a bit excited and horny after a very busy day at work, but all my usual places tutup… which is sad. How to release stress? I remembered I had saved a contact of one of the FL, Maria. I tried her before, and while she was an excellent MILF, her price was quite steep… like maybe once in 6 months can go la. So I hit her up on WhatsApp.

She replied about an hour later and still remembered me, and told me the deal. Same price, but her hours are from 12pm to 10pm only (last time it was till 12am). Need to give her a bit of time if you wanna come (hehe) to her place. I set a time with her around 9pm and went home after she shared with me her location.

9pm finally came, and I was already parking at her very nice condo. Had to sign a sheet to go in to her apartment block, and I saw a lot of braders already went before I did that day. Maria banyak customer, even during MCO lol. I arrived at her unit and I saw her, still the same Chinese MILF that serviced me a long time ago in 2018. She was wearing lingerie and my lil bro already standing at attention. She recognised me and we hugged. 

Her place was very old fashioned, lots of old furniture – it was like visiting your grandma’s place. But nvm, Maria was quite a hot piece of ass – yes, she was a bit older, can see on her face, but her body under that lingerie was slim and toned – and such a tight ass for a 30-40 (?) year old. I think if you throw a 50 cent coin on her bare ass, it would bounce off like it was bouncing off a brand new beach ball. 

She led me to her room, took off my clothes and told me to shower. After that, went on the very old-school bed and she started the session with a massage, followed by a very sexy, naughty intimate catbath. When she finally reached my ass cheeks she asked if I wanted some rimming – another RM150. Ordinarily I would say no, I’m already paying RM350, but my dick was the majority leader in this parliament and told her to go for it. 

My rock hard dick was very pleased with that, and I congratulated my dick for taking the lead on making that decision. Turned around on my back, and she was already fully naked – and I still cant believe she can keep her boobs so firm and perky at her age. DFK a bit before I sucked the titties a bit while she stroked my dick. She then proceeded to give me a BBJ, and it was still as amazing as before. This MILF had everything, the figure, the butt, the rack and legendary BJ skills. No wonder she charged so expensive. 

When tak tahan already, she cap me and I started the main course with missionary and then doggy. Hoooo my god, I think she works out because her pussy macam 25 year old pussy. Didn’t last long because of the rimming and mind-blowing BJ, and I unload everything in her. Rest for a bit while she cleaned up herself, then I clean up, pay her, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Also grabbed her butt last minute lol. Recommend! 

Name: Maria
Face: 7/10 
Body: 10/10
Boobs: 10/10 
Pussy: 10/10 
Massage : 7/10 
Catbath : 9/10 
AR : yes (+150)
BBBJ: 10/10
DFK : I violated her mouth lol
FJ: 9/10 
Moan : Yes, very real 
GFE: Hmm. More like very professional. Like this was a business transaction. she wasn’t cold, but feel like retail shop assistant friendly
WIR: Yes
Damage: MYR 350 (+150 for AR)

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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I am the King of the fxcking world – 3P NL Shira and Julia (pic)

I am the King of the fxcking world – 3P NL Shira and Julia (pic)

Master: Alvin

Met and Shira and Julia at the hotel we decided to meet and then after we entered the hotel room. First imperssions were that Shira was like a milf aged around early 30s and Janes was also like a milf aged around 29-39. Both had huge asses and assets. But face okay but Julia was much more prettier. Once we entered the room, we started chit chatting for about 10 mins .

After that we went and entered the bathroom for shower and I was like “Wah first time got to milfs entering with me in the bathroom, and then the stand beside me. Then they just sandwitched me and rubbed me and then my dark knight started rising and they started rubbing my didi. 

Then after we showered, we proceeded to the the bed and we started with them giving me and handjob by laying beside me. Then Julia when down and gave me a blow job while Shira started licking my nipples. Then Shira just decided to sit on my face while I get my dick sucked and I DATY Shira. 

All of a sudden she cummed while I couldn’t tahan edy with Julia and asked her to stop before I cummed. Then they capped me and we started fucking, first I fucked Julia missionary style and Shira started rubbing us, after that I asked Shira to change with Jane while Julia rubbed and kissed me. 

After that. siaow woh, we change to cow girl and that Shira was being fucked while I DATY Julia and I was like “I am the king of the fucking world”. After that I cannot tahan I released all my soldier in Shira and after that we rested for awhile, my heart all beating loud AF and I was like I just ran a marathon. 

Then Julia said “Abang saya tak dapat” and then she gave me a blow job while shira kissed me. After that my didi shot all of my reserve. After we just cuddled in the bed and talked about their plans and all. These 2 travel around the country and they were in I-city area for around 1 week and was going to go to Langkawi next.

I bidded my farewell and gave both of them kisses and ciao-ed. 

Name: Shira and Julia
Age: Early 30s
Race: Both Nasi Lemak
Height: 155-160
Figure: Thick and juicy (but fit)
Face: Average looking ( Julia > Shira)
Boobs: Both D cups
Pussy: Well shave
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
CIM: Julia got but have to pujuk
Damage: RM 600

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Four Hand massage with 2 MILF Cara and Mel(pic)

Four Hand massage with 2 MILF Cara and Mel(pic)

Master: Joe

I never tried a four hands massage before, so this is going to be my first time. Quite excited. The previous review saying that both are MILFs, usually MILF have better experience, right? After I get the phone no. from Master, straight away I message Cara and Mel. They are quite responsive too, really quick. 

Made an appointment the next day. Since because of Covid19, she asked to wait outside the shopping mall, and she will pick me up. It was a decent looking apartment.

I waited for about 5min, then she came with a small car. When she arrived, I feel like a Mom picking up her son from school, haha. It’s a MILF. Entered the car, she was quite friendly too. Chit chatting while on the way to her apartment. I entered her apartment I saw her partner, slightly younger than here. They both are really chill and relax. 

She asked me to take off my cloths and wait in the dedicated room, after like 5min. They both came in black spandex, walouuu got costume some more. They started massaging me both at the same time, feel weird at first but I think you will get use to it. After 30-40 minutes, the naughty things started, they both rubs my inner thigh, one left and one right. At that time, I cannot tahan already. Didi started erecting, after I almost fully erect they asked to turn facing up.

They both continue massaging the groin area, felt so good. After like 5min or so, they start to get hard to make me cum. Both stroking at the same time feel like another level. Both laid on my shoulder and lick my nipple. I almost cummed, I ask nicely, please slowly. They just laugh, haha.

After I feel like cumming for the second time, they went all out with the stroke and lick me like crazy. My ass was floating when I cummed, the orgams was intense. That’s done, they have this session where we still on bed and they still playing with you didi and chit-chat, that was new. 

Usually at other places, after everything is done, people just cabut or take shower. Paid them RM200 and Mel drive me back to the shopping mall. Noted that, they don’t offer BJ or FJ, only Handjob.

Name: Cara and Mel (CKT)
Face: 5/10
Rating: 6/10
Age: 40+
Damage: RM200 (Four Hands)

Cara is the smaller MILF type body with nice 36 d chest
Mel is tall chubby body with 36 b chest.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT MILF

Fun time with NL DIANA(pic)

Fun time with NL DIANA(pic)

Master: Sat

Got her contact from a Webmaster. Texted her and she replied promptly. Set the appointment for next day. Went to her port in Usj 1 Subang after work and was kinda worried she will FFK since many bros mentioned she will sometimes reply your sms late.  

Once I arrived at her place, I waited patiently for her reply at the mama shop opposite her apartment.Finally her sms came in saying “Ok, you can come up now”. I couldn’t wait to try this legendary MILF queen everyone was talking about . She opened the door and as usual as other bros mentioned she will dress in short hot pants and t-shirt greeting you with her glasses on. Looks like one of my neighbours aunty! LOL! she must be at least 40 years old and above. what the heck, i told myself i can bang this aunty as hard as I could.Invited me to sit at the sofa and offered me drink. 

We chat for awhile but i think she can see didi getting a hard-on, she asked me strip and go to bathroom with her. As she was stripping, i can see her G-string. She has quite a nice slim body with flat chest (small breast). I cheekily slapped her ass twice to see if its bouncy. Not bad leh ! In the bathroom, she cleaned me from head to toe. just like a mom cleaning her little boy  Went back to her room and she asked me to lie down on my back, she went crazy like sucking my toes, and the ass rimming session was pretty good as well. I can say its better than Ah Ling from Kepong. 

Her tongue moves so fast. After about 6-8 mins, I turned around and she started sucking my nipples and slowly go down to my didi. the BBBJ was really GOOD! she really deserve the legendary BBBJ MILF award. Definitely one of the best BBBJ i ever had in my life! After about 10mins ( i was trying hard not to cum) we started the FJ action. She went on top of me and ride me for another few mins before I changed position with me on top. 

I keep banging her non-stop, her moan is like a classic MILF-moan!I gave her last ram and i loaded my soldiers in her mouth. She ate all of it! Fuuh, what a session. She could tell I was tired, so i can come back with another shot. really worth the deal with this MILF Queen. 

Great service from Diana. I will come back soon.

Name: Diana
Face: 9/10
Body: 7/10
BBBJ: 9/10
FJ: 8/10
DATY: never tried
Cumswallow: HELL YEAH
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM250

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL

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