Sexy Tudung Mama – Azie(pic)

Sexy Tudung Mama – Azie(pic)

Master: Edwin

If you’ve read previous FRs from other brothers, you can imagine what it’s gonna be like before meeting Mama Azie.

This is my 2nd time trying Mama Azie and I am not disappointed.

It’s hard to get Mama sometimes because she had her day job and depends when she wants to do this. I contacted her and since she remembers me,she agreed for a session that night.

Reach the hotel in Kepong….and she gave me the room number. Knocked on the room door and this beautiful mum wad behind the door with her high heels, her damn sexy see through lingerie and panty hose and high heels. I had a hard on looking at that. Went in and as soon as she closed the door, I French kissed her,and while kissing we moved to the mirror, I turned her around and started fondling her in front of the mirror while she watched. She then was rubbing her ass all over my crotch. I removed her lingerie and started twisting her nipples gently and she loved it.

She then turn around,continued to French kiss me while undress me, and she pushed me to bed. She went on her knees at the edge of the bed,licked my nipples and then giving me the sensual blowjob. While moaning and sucking me,I nearly came but I stopped her. I carried her and put her in doggystyle position and teased her pussy with my fingers. She was moaning. Slowly licked her pussy. No hair and no smell. She loved it.

She was horny and ready to fuck now. She capped me and I asked her to sit on me. She rode me gently while I such her nipples and then she rode faster. She was about to cum but she stopped. She wanted to cum while in her favourite position. We went back to the mirror. She wants me to fuck her while in front of the mirror. We fucked in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes till she came. Then it was my turn to cum. She sat on the table while I fucked her. As I was about to cum, she asked me to pull out, she quickly removed the condom and jerked me off so fast that I shot it all the way to her chin. She just smiled.

We then lay in bed and catch our breath. She held me and just play with my dick for a while.

Then I shower and left.

Name: Mama Azie (Milf)
Race: NL
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 
Boobs: I Love it…not saggy
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 Like 5 star
DATY: Allow.
CIM: never try
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM300.00 but she doesn’t rush you. Spent slightly more than 1 hour with her.

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT

OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT

Master: BABA

Celine, a mother, Wife, typical working-home maker her mid 40’s, nice long hair, big ass and tits, a little weight on her but all in the right places. Years go by as I always fantasized about having sex with Aunties.

It got more and more intense as time went on and it didn’t help any better from me to go and see her in hotel that she has already booked. I even brought up what was said about me wanting aunties only and not young girls . She said that there was nothing wrong about that. She blushed and said that it was flattering that I would find her attractive and got meat in all the right places and a nice butt and boobs, everything I love on a Woman. She touched my hand and then I kissed her.

It was like fireworks going off and I had this tingly feeling in my pants I have never felt before, it was great. I immediately put my hand on her breast as I was kissing her and pushed forward to lay her down as I was on top. I started kissing her neck and she started unbuttoning her shirt, as each button came undone, I started seeing more and more beautiful chest. As her shirt came open I started kissing down the middle of her neck to in between her breast and I pulled the shirt open more and there were her huge beautiful tits in my face. I started sucking and groping the most beautiful tits I ever saw.

I licked her hard nipples and nibbled on them as she was in a deep breath. I sucked on her breast for a good 10 minutes before kissing her again. Then she sat up and took her shirt completely off and as she layed back down I started kissing down from in between her breast to her belly button pulling her pants off as I was doing so. I then layed between her legs and kissed around the linings of her underwear and then started pulling them off. When I took her underwear off completely, I looked down and saw vagina right there for the taking. It had a little bit of hair, I liked shaved pussys but her, I didn’t care how much hair she had it was beautiful.

I then played between her legs spreading them even more as I was kissing around her crotch and then gently rubbing the pubic area. Then I lunged my face and tongue right at Auntie pussy and it was so taste and the smell of her wet pussy drove me nuts. I had her pussy in my mouth and inches from my eyes as I licked her like it was the last thing on Earth. I ate her for about 5 minutes and I asked if she liked 69 and without hesitation she got right up and I layed down and it was the greatest sight ever. Her leg going over my head with her entire crotch in my face, a perfect view it all, pussy and ass.

As she crouched down I started kissing and sucking on her ass cheeks and she loved it, and I spreaded her ass cheeks and started licking her ass, as I did she moaned so loud and told me she hasn’t gotten eaten or her ass licked in years. I put my tongue so far up her big beautiful ass, it was great. I squeezed her ass cheeks and sucked her asshole for 10 minutes. Then I started eating her pussy as she was sucking my dick. I had my tongue in her pussy and my nose and a finger in her ass. She cummed all over my face and trust me I didn’t waiste a drop as I licked every drop of it I could. Moments later I told her I was cumming but she keep going and I blew my load deep down her throat. She gave the best head I ever had, she played and sucked on my balls and gave my balls attention all the time and knew how to suck dick great.

I was so excited, I was still hard like I never came. She got up and layed next to me telling me that she was glad I approached her and that she needed some good sex. But all this talk a few minutes rest, I was brick hard and ready to blow her brains out. I told her that it was just a warm up what we just did and she had an amazed but exciting look on her face. We started kissing as I rolled up on her. She looked deep into my eyes as she spreaded her legs and took my penis and put it in her vagina. It was like slow motion; there I was entering her pussy. Years and years of fantasy all coming true.

I took my sweet time entering her because I wanted to enjoy every minute of it and take it in. I started fucking her slow and then picked up speed. She started to breath heavier and then I pulled out and got in back of her on our sides and we fucked sideways. It was great that way, like doggie but lying down on our sides. It was so intimate as we looked each other in eye as we fucked. She then got up and got on top of me and started riding me until she came, it took everything in me to hold myself from Cumming but I held it. It was so fuck having her ride me while I sucked on her tits and nibbled on her nipples to make her cum even more. She must have cummed buckets because  my crotch area was soaked.

She then got on all 4’s and looked back and smiled and said I know you must have always wanted to do this to me. As she go on all 4’s and before I put it in for the grand finely, I had to taste her some more. I licked every inch of her ass, asshole and wet cummed soaked pussy. Her cum tasted out of this world. 3 minutes later I then took my penis and with her assistance put it in her pussy from behind and fucked her doggie style.

The whole experience was surreal, from the slappn sound of my body slamming against her ass as I fucked her doggie style and hearing her moan and scream that she was Cumming again. Just seconds after she came I blew my load.

Name: Celine ckt milf
Body: small chubby height 4’9″
Boobs: 36b
Pussy: natural bush nice ; wet when aroused and natural no smell
Bj: yes very nice and good job
Anal ; ,no no
Body: 7/10
Gfe: 8/10
Moan: yes.
Damage RM 200+ 30 room.
Wir: yes 

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

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Brickfields Sally MILF

Brickfields Sally MILF

Master: Alex

Thanks to webmaster for her number. Managed to set appointment with her on one fine day. This will be my first experiment with the eldest MILF i have tried so far. here’s the story:

went to the hotel mentioned by her in KL Sentral/Brickfields. easy to find. as usual called her for her room number at the hotel entrance. She opened the door and i can see a basically auntie look MILF smiled at me and asked “So how, would you like to come in?” in chinese. Her looks is fine with me and so i went in eager to try her service. She is definitely meatier than Peggy from Puchong, tall, short hair and a sizeable pair of boobs! passable face as well. well if you like MILF like me, you have no complaints.

as shared by other FRs, she was very chatty and told me I’m her first customer of the day. it was 1pm..she starts work at 11am daily. She told me why not tried her service and promised me to give me a good session since this is my first visit. within seconds, she took off her shirt and asked me take off mine too. Her boobs must be about 34C and bit saggy. She grabbed my didi and helped me took off my pants. Can feel like your auntie helping you to strip and shower after this (reminds me of my kid days). In the bathroom, she helped me to wash my body and clean my didi. my hand was grabbing her boobs and her ass during the shower.

After 5 mins, we went straight to action. she asked me to lie down and her mouth went inside my hard didi. the BJ is just OK – not as great as Peggy or Devi’s skills. While she blowing me, my hand was busy grabbing her boobs and enjoying the view in front of me. oh did i mention she has a nice fair skin as well. after about 10mins, she went on cowgirl position and ride facing me. i love the way she swing her ass during the ride. obviously her experience helps. we then changed our position with me on top and banging her all the way. she hugged me and complimented me that I last quite long than most of her clients. aaaa..that gives me more encouragement and i stroke even faster. in the end, i came inside her with the cap on. was quite disappointed as i wanted to cum in her mouth.

i rested awhile on the bed and she looks satisfied as well. after 5 mins, Sally cleaned me in the bathroom. We chat for awhile and was talking about the heatwave recently and about her personal life. overall, she is a nice MILF ckt and asked me if the service was up to my expectation. She asked me to come back again.

Name: Sally 
Type: CKT Local
Body: 4/10 (auntie look)
Boobs: 34C (saggy)
Age: 55
FJ: 7/10
Cumswallow: Did not try
Daty: never tried
Damage: RM50

Location: Brickfield
Category: CKTMILF

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Master: Alex

Got her contact from a friend. Texted her and she replied promptly. Set the appointment for next day. Went to her port in Puchong after work and was kinda worry she will FFK since many bros mentioned she will sometimes reply your sms late.  Once arrived at her place, I waited patiently for her reply at the mama shop opposite her apartment.

Finally her sms comes in saying “Ok, you can come up now”. I couldn’t wait to try this legendary MILF queen everyone were talking about . She opened the door and as usual as other bros mentioned she will dress in short hot pants and t-shirt greeting you with her glasses on. Looks like one of my neighbours aunty! LOL! she must be at least 40 years old and above. what the heck, i told myself i can bang this aunty as hard as I could.

Invited me to sit at the sofa and offered me drink. We chat for awhile but i think she can see didi getting a hard-on, she asked me strip and go to bathroom with her. As she was stripping, i can see her G-string. She has quite a nice slim body with flat chest (small breast). I cheekily slapped her ass twice to see if its bouncy. Not bad leh ! In the bathroom, she cleaned me from head to toe. just like a mom cleaning her little boy 🙂

Went back to her room and she asked me to lie down on my back, she went crazy like sucking my toes, and the ass rimming session was pretty good as well. I can say its better than Ah Ling from Kepong. Her tongue moves so fast. After about 6-8 mins, I turned around and she started sucking my nipples and slowly go down to my didi. the BBBJ was really GOOD! she really deserve the legendary BBBJ MILF award. Definitely one of the best BBBJ i ever had in my life! After about 10mins ( i was trying hard not to cum) we started the FJ action. She went on top of me and ride me for another few mins before I changed position with me on top. I keep banging her non-stop, her moan is like a classic MILF-moan!

I gave her last ram and i loaded my soldiers in her mouth. She ate all of it! Fuuh, what a session. She could tell I was tired, so i can come back with another shot. really worth the deal with this MILF Queen. Great service from Peggy. I will come back soon.

Name: Peggy
Face: 5/10
Body: 6/10
BBBJ: 9/10
FJ: 8/10
DATY: never tried
Cumswallow: HELL YEAH
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM150 

Location: Puchong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She serve 1Malaysia!

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Molesting her soaped up boob – Lin

Molesting her soaped up boob – Lin

Master: Snooker

I went to look for Lin again some time this month. Needed a good massage after a long week at work, and why not some release down there as well. Got there late at night when it was quiet. It had been a while but when we met, she said she can still remember my face.

Stripped naked right away and started with massage. As usual, she’s distracted by her phone on and off, but I don’t really mind because her technique is firm and hits all the right spots. Up and down, back and front, and my dick slowly comes awake… Suddenly I sit up and strip her out of her clothes and unleash those tight round boobies. She laughs and act manja and goes down for BBBJ.

Lin’s lips were made for blowing I swear. I told her to go slow, and enjoyed the view looking at those lips while groping her boobs. She did a good job slobbering all over my groin and balls. Then capped on and started riding me, boobs bouncing everywhere. Hard to control myself, so I quickly asked to change positions. Doggy only a short while because she said it was painful. Continued in missionary before switching again and I blew my load in a wild cowgirl finale.

Showered and she washed me thoroughly while I continued molesting her soaped up boobs like a zombie. Then she made me a coffee and chitchat a while before I chao.

Name: Lin
Origin: Bakso
Location: Batu Caves
Face: 5 – Not exactly pretty, but CFM look with a pair of hot lips
Body: 6 – Chubby and bangable
Boobs: 7 – Rounded and bouncy
Massage: 9 – Deep and hard, very relaxing afterwards
BBBJ: 8 – Look at her lips, they were made for this
FJ: 7 – She’s up for most suggestions
GFE: 8 – Friendly as usual
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM150

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

First time with Ah Ling

First time with Ah Ling

Master: Three2

Thank webmaster for her contact. Msged her she reply with hotel location and room number. Knocked on the door, there she is the famous Ah Ling standing in front of me. She looks like a next door housewife or a school teacher to me. She invited me into the room, started with tcss she said she didn’t expect me to be so young, she asked me does I know her age before we met and I told her I always like mature women, she smiles

After talking about 5 minutes she started took off my tees and jeans, then for herself. She lead me into the shower started washing and rubbing my body. My didi started negaraku, then she went down her knee while still in the shower and give me an awesome slurping wet bbbj.

She blow me like she never had a cock for ages. After a while we proceed to the bedroom dried ourself and she tell me to lie on the bed and continue blowing my erect didi for almost 10minutes. Then she capped me and started riding me cowgirl she moaned are soft and gentle, very seductive. Grinding my didi like a hungry milf her moaned getting louder and louder. Beh tahan and released my load while she still grinding me. She smiles . She lead me to the toilet wash up, dry up, pay up and leave.

Name: Ah Ling (CKT)
Over all a good experience with her. Highly GFE everytime with her. Highly recommended for Milf lover
Face: 8/10 – next door wife looks
Body: 9/10 – ok la. Can’t complain
Boobs: 7/10 soft mature tits
Pussy: 8/10 
Ass: 6:10 big
HJ: 8/10 – soft and teasing touch 
BBBJ: 9.5/10 eat my didi like a hungry Milf 
Moan: 8/10. Macam real
GFE: 8/10
Overall: 9/10
Damage: RM150
WIR: Already 

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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Mawar the sexy ros for indon..

Mawar the sexy ros for indon..

Master: Aizzu

Almost every once a while I’ll visit her.

She greet me with with a smile. Wearing the same identical clothes the last time I met with her. She offer me a drink and we talked for a while before she invited me to her bedroom.

As always, she’ll make sure that I strip myself naked, easy for her to massage me, what she has told me. Then she started with a back massage. Starting from legs and up to my shoulder. Better than Lin because most of the time, Lin will only concentrate on my back legs. Quite painful after a while. But with Mawar, just nice and good ones.

Then she asked me to turn over and after a while, she’s going to concentrate on my didi and balls. Better try to hold it over there,  the sensation might end up you cum early. At the same time, my hand was pressing slowly and groping gently her right boob. Not that big but also not that small. A bit saggy though.

After a while, she start to blow my didi. Feeling quite nice. I asked her to do 69, she just obey. Not easy for me to have a full view of her pussy as from outside I noticed it getting dark and she doesn’t switch on the lights on her bedroom. So I can say I almost half blind looking at her body.

After some times, I asked her to positioned herself so I can easily doing doggy to her. Then I insert my didi slowly to her pussy. Still tight. I started to thrust inside out. Whenever possible, I will grab her boob from back. Little bit hard….I can hear her sound like she enjoying it, but more like a bluff. But I doesn’t really care much.

Then I finished up my intention and just lay down a while before proceeding to take a bath. Have some chat with her while smoking and then I pay her and left.

Origin : Bakso
Location : Puchong

Name : Mawar
Age : late 30
Look : 6/10,
Body : 6/10
Boobs : 6/10, A Bit Saggy
DFK : Nope, Just A Normal Ones
DATY :Nope For Me
Massage : 6/10
AR : No
BJ : 6/10
FJ : 6/10
GFE : 6/10
Overall : 6/10
WIR : As Always
Damage : RM150 Per Session

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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Unbelievably good BBBJ – CKT Melody

Unbelievably good BBBJ – CKT Melody

Master: Adrian

Got number from webmaster and went to contact her to make appointment.

Meet her around noon, she seems a little in a rush since I was there already and she’s not. Quickly get changed and started with b2b massage, for those who like a good massage I would recommend it.

Bbbj, it was unbelievably good. She got the techniques and know exactly how to please my little brother

She turn her pussy toward me after 5 mins of BJ. I’m DATY guy, so it was fine. But no fingers allowed.

Then CG, after about 5 mins she ask to change position so go for missionary and she surprisingly came very fast, so I shot along.

Then ask me to lay down as she is cleaning litter brother. After that chit chat a bit, paid and left.

Name : Melody
Face: 6/10
Body: 6/10, broad &  tummy, a bit heavy
Skin : 7/10 smooth & fair
Boobs: 8/10 (36E)
Ass: 6/10
Pussy: 7/10
Massage: 7/10 pretty good than most
Bbbj: 9/10
FJ: cw and missionary only
Gfe: 7/10
Wir: maybe

Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

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Hot CKT MILF Maria(pic)

Hot CKT MILF Maria(pic)

Master: Ken

Got Maria number for sometimes but only last week I decided to contact her. I have always have something for CKT MILF even im not that old. Something that arouse me when i see CKT MILF.

Ok enuf for my own fantasy. So I sms her and she replied in 2 hours or so, then i make a booking with her next day. I drive there, not very hard to find, is a condo. I park my car then i sms her tell her that i arrived. she give me her unit number and i go in straight. when she open the door she open only a bit and she look concern, see left right like worry if neighbour see me going in. Make me feel excited actually because it makes me feel like I’m going to someone house to bang other’s wife. CKT sommore!

The house is  nice, and cozy. She bring me straight to the room and let me shower myself. I just wash myself quickly and cant wait for action.

Her body is at the petite side and boobs looks awesomely good (too good to be real). She was wearing sexy lingerie, for her age 30 plus, her skin is very smooth. She dim the light asked me to strip and she started to massage me with some oil. Honestly, this is not the best massage I’ve experienced, piano playing. But then when she asked me to turn around my didi got hard straight. Looking at her boobs covered with sexy lingerie, but she strip off once I turned. Looking at her body I got so much hamsup rush going on in my mind and did.

She slowly give me cath bath all over my body, while she doing that I also slowly touch here and there, starting from her boobs. Her BBBJ is superb! She even deep throat nicely. We then 69 for awhile, pussy is nice and wet. Then i cant tahan anymore, we start missionary…slow and steady. Her moan made me go harder and harder, almost cum but i have to hold coz i want other style. Switch 2 or 3 post, doggy, she’s on top, standing doggy etc and i finish with standing doggy. Her leg shake slighly

Overall the experience is very nice, good GFE, feels a bit like FUBU coz of her nice cozy house.

Name: Maria
Area : KL
Age: Mid 30s
Race : CKT
Height : 160cm plus plus
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 7/10 (enhanced)
Skin: 10/10 ( Smooth and fair )
Pussy: 79/10 ( Shaved and no smell )
Massage : 2/10
Catbath : 6/10
BBBJ: 8/10 
FJ: 8/10 
GFE: 8/10
Damage: MYR 250

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT

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Maz@OUG – sucking with passion

Maz@OUG – sucking with passion

Master: Snooker

Booking Maz takes a few days as she’s not the most responsive and doesn’t communicate well. When finally agreed on time, she told me to book a hotel and tell her the room number. I did as instructed and suddenly she changed story, said she scared I was someone else and made me swear demi allah. So I, a pork-loving Chinese atheist, swore demi allah into my SMS. She relented but only arrived 45 minutes later. WTF.

Turns out that someone else used to prank her a lot, plus she hasn’t had customers in a very long time, so she was just overly wary. Like in previous FR, she salam and kissed my hands. Paid upfront and took a shower. We were about the same height, so easy for her to reach my everywhere. Before the action starts she asks me, the first time I’m hearing this, in these EXACT words:

“Do you want to fxck my asshole?”

I declined as I’ve never really been interested. Proceeded to catbath back and front, then BBBJ. She grabs my whole body and pulls it to her, while sucking with passion… so it’s a bodily experience, not just isolated on my dick. Asked me if I’ve had enough, I said to continue… until I’m good and ready… then the cap went on. I survived only a quick cowgirl and missionary.

We washed up again and proceeded to massage. Here she was very thorough, with a medium strength treatment. Back and front all the way to my toes. We started chatting a bit here, and from what I gather she’s really desperate for money. Which explains why she’s so ‘obedient’ and borderline subservient.

After everything was over, she salam and kissed my hands again, then my forehead and both cheeks and a quick peck on the lips. All in all, a bit scary. She even knelt down to put on my socks and shoes for me, but I said no need. Still thanking me, she kowtowed and kissed my feet. Not joking. I was really freaked out then.

She left, but I lepak a bit in the room and collect my senses before checking out. It was definitely an experience.

Name: Maz
Origin: NL
Location: OUG
Face: 4 – First impression, scary looking!
Body: 6 – Tall with wide hips
Boobs: 8 – Well-developed and firm
Massage: 8 – Very thorough
BBBJ: 7 – She holds your whole body while sucking passionately
FJ: 6 – Passable
GFE: 6 – Very subservient, which I’m not comfortable with
WIR: Not likely
Damage: RM250 (not including hotel and cd)

Location: Old Klang Road 
Category: NL

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