Master: Zack

This is my 2nd time get to try her service as i contacted other FL but mostly they are not free. So we set an appointment last week and meet at usual place, Kepong hotel. 

The day has arrived, felt so nervous bcs long time havent met her. I arrived at the hotel and text her. She gave me the hotel number and ask me to go upstair as she is waiting for me there. I knocked the door twice, saw her with glasses and wild face (makes me turn on). 

She asked me to come in and i sit on the bed. She offer me water and we chit chat for 5mins before she pulled my hand to go shower together.  While i’m taking shower she suddenly grab my didi and kneel down and blow it so fcking hard for few mins. I kenot tahan and say we continue on the bed. She okay, and we proceed with actions on the bed.

As usual, she really hungry for cock, she suck my didi like no tomorrow and it feel damn syok hahaha. After that we proceed with cowgirl and missionary then cum after half an hour. We rest a bit, she massaged me for few mins then continue for another round. This round, she started to ass rimming me. Last time i had this experience when i go to MP at Setapak. Fuhhh, she really pro, seriously. must try her superb ass rimming skill! 

I really kenot tahan and we change to doggy and missionary position. i finally cum after 15mins fcking her. She really expert and got so many unexpected skills. After 2nd round finished, we go shower and chit chat a bit, paid her and chow. 
*She is not that pretty but she got looks and for me her skills will make u comeback for her service..  

Name: Ah Ling 
Race: CKT 
Face: 6/10
Boobs: 6/10, saggy boobs but firm
Pussy: 7/10
DATY: never tried (many said like ikan masin)
HJ: 6/10
Bbbj:15/10 (damn good!)
Moan: 8/10, almost real
Overall: 7/10
Damage: RM 150 (if lucky can get another shot)
WIR: Probably

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

>> Click for more Ah Ling FR!

Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic)

Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic)

Master: Ziegler 

Before I begin, I am never a fan of FJ. In my whole exploration, I have been a sensual/erotic massage Hunter. So I can say I have invested a lot since 2012 and mostly miss compared to Hit. But it’s okey because the real thrill is when you exploring the best service.

So this time I came across a lady from Kenya. 
She will advertise herself as “black Brazilian queen”.

Contacted her somewhere in August. She’s staying in a high end private condo in Desa Hartamas. Texted her once reached and she ushered me to her unit. I clearly told her what I wanted a day before and she accommodated more then what I could ask for. I asked for a Nuru massage and sent her an example of video how does that work.

Her service is simple. Basically she will give you what you ask for. If I’m not mistaken she’s working as a beautician because she does hair service for ladies.

She set her leather sofa as her massage table, played sensual music and she excused herself to change.
After a while she turn up in a red lingerie and red inner wears. She heated up the nuru gel. So the massage started just like how we all used to watch in videos. It started with back.

The massage was soft and truly erotic. She knows how to tease when she approach my thigh and near the didi area especially from the back.

Then she asked me to turn in front, where she came to lie her body on mine, and began to massage me by sliding the whole of it upon me. I hesitated to touch her for a good 15 minutes.

The gel on her limber skin felt too inviting. I had the courage to touch her and started by sliding my hands up her thighs as she brought her hands down over mine.

She will strip herself slowly which is the best ever experience where your didi currently wants everything. She BJ-ed me her ass is facing me. I used my fingers to do the necessary. She add more oil and start sliding her body against mine . And finally she stroke my didi with lots of oil. I climaxed and the rest was history. That was a good session.

Name : called herself Black Queen 
Height: tall like really tall
Face : 6/10
Body : 9/10 model.. not advisable for chubby/busty fans
Skin : 10/10
Cleanliness : 10/10
Service : no rush at all
BJ: 10/10
WIR: of course anytime 
Damage: RM 555

Location: Penang
Category: African

Superb Boobs black pearl Student – Nelly(video)

Superb Boobs black pearl Student – Nelly(video)

Master: Nagin

Superb riding. 

Rare black lady with big boobs, came across this FL,  from webmaster, in call only at Cyberjaya and Sunway. 

Student age bout 25. 

Meet at her place superb bj and cowride, very agressive with big papaya you can’t resist to squeeze hard. She like it hard squeeze and hard rough ride.

Name: Nelly
Nationality: South African student
Age: 25
Face : 7/10    
BJ : 9/10  
FJ : 10/10  
Daty : 8/10 
Damage : Rm150 an hour

Location: Sunway
Category: African

36C natural boobs Pinoy – Mitch (pic)

36C natural boobs Pinoy – Mitch (pic)

Master: Vinz

I got this contact from a FL where she ask me to try her friend. She’s mixed Sabahan and pinoy.

Made appointment last week before the lockdown in BB hotel. She’s a very cute size, very polite. 

We had a quick chat about her job here and how long she’s been doing this. She lost her job due to MCO which leads her to do this. When she got in she was very a very short dress which us above her knee with a deep V cut around her chest. She’s has a very huge melons and it’s pure natural. She also smells very good which gives you the seductive feelings. 

She started off by escorting me into the shower. She help me to clean up my didi with soap and other part of my body. Then she clean her self (boobs, pussy) very nicely with soap. After we wipe our self up, she escorted me to bed. 

She’s ask what I will like to do 1st and I ask her to start with a lite massage. She massage my back, my legs and my head. She has a very soft hands. Then she ask me to turn over and rest on my back. She sat on top of me and I can feel her pussy touch my didi. She slowly started kisses the whole body and made her way down below my waist. She gave me a blow job which was not bad for someone who just started doing this.  

She had a huge 34C size boobs which very firm. While I was busy with her boobs I was also fingering her pussy. She’s gets wet very fast. Her pussy is clean shaved and no odour at all, Smells clean, fresh and very wet!

Did doggy style and missionary which she loves the most. Got tired after few min and time for me to relax and let her do her job where I got her to do girl on top. She’s started to moan and while she’s ridding I started playing with her boobs until the volcano erupted. 

Rating 7.5/10 For gfe and no rushing. 
She put up in a 3 star to 4 hotel for the session.

Name: Mitch
Nationality: Pinoy
Age early 35
Breast 34C Natural 
Pussy clean shaved , clean no smell
Height 145cm
BJ Average
GFE 1st Class and very friendly 
Kissing yes
Damage RM 350 include hotel room 

Location: Bukit Bintang
Category: Philippine Girl

My first 3P with 2 CKT MILF!

My first 3P with 2 CKT MILF!

Master: C

Got contact from webmaster about Celine. Called her and asked her for appointment. She mentioned want to take 3P or not. Since there’s such a nice offer, of course I took it. She recommended Jojo and I agreed.

Went to meet her in Pudu at the hotel she mentioned. Got a room and she knocked the door not long later. First impression was a little bit down as I wasn’t expecting such a petite lady. She came in and apologize that Jojo will be late. She brought me to the toilet and cleaned up. Then we proceeded to handjob and blowjob. Surprisingly she was quite good with blowjob.

Awhile later, Jojo came. Slim but flat breast. She cleaned up and join the action. So basically I was fucking Celine while Jojo licking my balls. Both of them were moaning and I was happily fucking Celine. Her pussy is warm and still quite tight. We went on for a little while more until I release my first shot into Celine’s mouth. 

Took a short rest and we started 2nd round. This time Jojo was the one sucking my dick. I fingered Celine’s pussy and sucked her nipple. Second round was quick one and I finally CIM in Jojo’s mouth. Celine’s said Jojo enjoyed the sperms and she considered them a essence. LOL.

Overall, the are quite a nice group and if you don’t mind the looks you should find them more than satisfied. Celine even mentioned she can bring different partners next time.

Name: Celine (Local CKT)
Boobs: 9/10
Pussy: 8/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ: 6/10

Name: Jojo (Local CKT)
Boob: 3/10
Pussy: Never try
BJ: 10/10
FJ: Never try

Damage: RM300

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

Little cute CKT years 19 – Serene(pic)

Little cute CKT years 19 – Serene(pic)

Master: Nobody

Name: Serene 小胖妹
Race: CKT
Area : i City, Shah Alam
Age: 19
Height : 165cm
Face: 7/10
Body: 9/10
Boobs: 9/10
Pussy: 9/10 (shaved clean)
BBBJ: 10/10
CIM : Na
DFK : Na
FJ: 8/10
GFE: Yes
Damage: RM 400 (include hotel & cd)

LocationShah Alam
Category: CKT

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Lara Pinoy chubby and good GFE(pic)

Lara Pinoy chubby and good GFE(pic)

Master: Raymond

This contact from a friend. At first I was thinking it’s Lara NL but no different girl when I text her and she gave her nationality. She’s pinoy and mix Sabahan born in Mindanao island.

Made appointment yesterday evening in BB hotel. Knock on door and a shy petite size chubby face greeted me. She was also cautious since I still wore my mask !

Sat down and broke ice chi chatting for 10 minutes. She’s doing massage + service as a part time job as she has a day time job.  Like many of her fellow countrymen she’s stuck here due to the MCO and closed borders.  She was telling me many have no jobs especially those in the entertainment and bars. Sad stories abound.

She was wearing a loose helter and I could peek at her black panties and bra when she moved. She assured me her breast are natural not implants when I told her my experiences with FL who wear padded push up bra to enhance the cleavages.

After finish ice breaking session she escort me to the bathroom to clean my tool( Lara tells me it’s very important the tool be cleaned always).  After giving me a good below the waist wash she clean her pussy in anticipation of the coming massage and aftermath.

Her massage average, she has soft hands so I was pretty relaxed.  Next her batin was the wake up call for me; was asking her where she learnt her massage and batin. She told me she learnt it from YouTube! Hmm ok la her batin. After the batin she’s all ready to be explored by my hands and tongue.

Breast were nice and bouncy c cup 36 and she was all sporting. Next started painting her pussy clean shaven and typical pinoy closed up lips labia. She took it in stride but alas she too succumbed very early to my painting tempo; most 3 minutes. 😔

Next did missionary and ended up she did a BJ which was average but pass la.

Rating 7.5/10 For gfe and no rushing. 

She put up in a 4 star hotel for the session.

Name Lara
Nationality: Pinoy
Age early 30s
Breast 36c
Hips nice and meaty
Pussy shaved , clean no smell
Height 145cm
Gfe excellent
BJ average
Kissing yes but no fk
Damage RM 350 include hotel room 
Wir … Can consider when I’m in the neighborhood.

Location: Bukit Bintang
Category: Philippine Girl

Super Big boobs BBBJ pro Quen – Kate(pic)

Super Big boobs BBBJ pro Quen – Kate(pic)

Master: King

Last week whatapps Kate to book for Friday Session. It’s good if you book her a day before the actual session.

Kate is MILF age around late 30s but still maintain her figure and have big boobs

Straight away she help me to remove the clothes and shower. Kate remove her clothes, can see her solid boobs hanging around. Then we showered together, she washed me clean top to toe. Then she ask me to lie down and start massage. 

Good massage though. Today I requested a good massage. Few session last time I request for a relaxing sensual massage. 

Then comes BBBJ lick again like a pro. Damn good she is. Please experience yourself. Then comes b2b with a lot of oil .She use her boobs and ass very well. Nice cat bath even lick my asshole. I proceed with DATY, her moan quite loud. No smell and trimmed pubic hair.

Then comes the FJ, Caps me, she ride me on top first and moan like hell. Then I ride her, change to doggie and finished with missionary. When i almost want to cum, uncap and unload all over her body. 

After shower she massage me. Then we kissed and said goodbye.

Name: Kate
Race: CKT
Face : 8/10 
Boobs : 8/10 
Massage : 7/10 
DFK : 6/10 
DATY : 8/10 
BBBJ : 8/10 
FJ : 8/10 
GFE : 8/10
WIR : Definitely
Damage : RM250/hour
NO Anal, CIM

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

Perfect boobs for me NL Larra (pic)

Perfect boobs for me NL Larra (pic)

Master: Sidhu

Got her contact from a webmaster and whatsapp her right away. After I text her there was no reply. About an hour passed she then replied saying sorry for the late reply and sent me her rates and all. 

Then agreed and went to the hotel she told me to go. She sent me the location which was easy so just waze there. Once there got a room for 2hours then went up the room and whatsapp her again saying the room number I was already in. She replied and then after about 10minutes she knocked on the door. 

As I opened I saw this pretty looking malay girl. She had a tight jeans on with a tight black top. He boobs were sticking out and the cleavage was so tempting. Then we sat down talked for bit and then she slowly started to rub on my lil bro. 

She then started undressing me and licked me all over and I said no need shower? She said I already smell so good why shower haha. So then she gave me a cat bath like a wild cat literally at some point I got so sensitive at certain areas and had to stop her haha. 

Then she undressed herself and her boobs were firm and handful to grab. Just the perfect size for me and she had a firm round butt too. 

She then blowed me for 15mins straight and right after that bam I cim. Then she told me relax for a while and after 10 mins of talking she started cat bath again and stroking my lil bro till it was hard as rock again and this time she gave me a short blow capped and rode me like a bull rider haha. 

She moaned quite loud and I had to grab her down to me kiss her so it won’t wake the neighbors haha. Then did her doggy and merchrnary. After that I told her blow me again till I cum. She gave a glorious bj once again and this time I released it over her boobs. 

Overall it was one exhausting experience. She fucks really hard like a wild cat. 

* She only available today till tomorrow (8 Oct 2020) 3pm! Grab it fast!

Name: Larra
Age: 24
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10 (154cm, 60kg)
Boob: I’m not good with size but very nice to grab and Handful (41C-34-42)
DATY: Nvr ask
Fingering: Can 
BBBJ: 9/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 9/10
Dmg: RM300/1 shot,  RM 550/2shot (Included Hotel)
WIR: Yes

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

4 hands CKT of SENSUAL relaxation and happy endings!(pic)

4 hands CKT of SENSUAL relaxation and happy endings!(pic)

Master: Ray

Hello brothers. 

I had been visiting the 4 hands massage for the past 1 year and I would like to share their services with all of you.

4 hands consist of 2 MILF in their 40s who combined their  massage experience  to offer an unique and relaxing massage.

The 2 ladies are Cara and Mel coincidentally their name combine the word caramel!

They conduct their business from home and hence there’s privacy 😉.

The first time I encountered them was last November.

As the name suggests, you get a synchronised 4 hand sensual massage from the 2 ladies whom I had dubbed Cara as soft mistress and Mel is the hard mistress since their technique is different. Cara’s massage is soft and relaxed whereas Mel is hard press.

Each session is 1 hour no rush and the ending is a sensual batin which I like especially how they both will give you a tingling happy release.

You can also opt for a 2 hand massage by either them.

But best you take a 4 hands option to get the best way to enjoy a good session.

Please note the massage is strictly no transfer of fluids apart from your happy ending finale. 

After a while I have gotten to know and build up a good friendship with the 2 ladies. You need book them a minimum 1 day notice. 

Give it a try , you’ll not regret.

Attached some enticing photos of the 2 ladies.
Rating 9/10
Cara and Mel age 40+
Location PJ nearby Glo Damansara
4 hands RM 200
2 hands RM 150

Cara is the smaller MILF type body with nice 36 d chest
Mel is tall chubby body with 36 b chest.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

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