B2B with PRC YoYo Subang Jaya(pic)

B2B with PRC YoYo Subang Jaya(pic)

Master: Ken

Obtained contact from a webmaster. Immediately wechat for an appointment. 

Told to wait for 2 hours as she having customer that time. No choice but to wait since body was so tired and my brother been feeling naughty. Waited for 2 hours and finally reach at her apartment.

Park my car at the designated parking and message her. She directed me how to go up to her.

Met her at first sight, thinking she is definitely looks better than picture in Wechat. Went into her room and get myself a bath while she preparing the bed.

She put on some sensual music on her HP and start massaging with B2B.

Omg, I just realised her melon are freaking huge when I turn over. My brother start reacting and she told me that he is very hard.

Slowly she go down to my brother and give a warm blow.

At the point of time, I suggested for some extra service. But she refused and said she is not into that 

kind of service. Then I just asked her to continue and at last I burst in her mouth.

Then I clean myself another time before leaving. She gave me a warm hug and ask for return.

Name: Yoyo
Race: PRC
Area : SS15
Age: 30++
Height : 160cm, 65kg 
Massage : 7/10
Boobs: 9/10
Pussy: N/A
BJ: 8/10
WIR: can consider
Damage: RM 150 (B2B + HJ), extra RM 50 for BJ, CIM extra RM 20

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: PRC
Remark: Only serve Chinese

suck-suck-fuck then fuck-fuck-suck – Cambodian Anna(pic)

suck-suck-fuck then fuck-fuck-suck – Cambodian Anna(pic)

Master: Adam

Met Anna before MCO 3 started. Saw her at a massage shop in Bukit Bintang. Picked her, had a meh massage, but good BJ + HJ. I asked if she available for full service. She say OK, but at her place in Jalan Alor. I go jalan-jalan at Lot 10, until 8pm where I go to her place. Met with her, and she brought me up to her flat. 

In her flat, it was super onz. For the next 2 hours, it was suck-suck-fuck, then fuck-fuck-suck, HJ-HJ-HJ, and then rotate again. Her BJ was good, and her HJ get me off every time. She was down with almost anything, except french kissing, but she let me lick her pussy until she came. Pussy was not clean shaven, but cut very short so look very neat and tidy. Pussy smelled clean too. 

Fucked her deep in missionary, doggy, and all styles possible. I came 3 times in the 2 hours. We cuddled a bit after the 3rd shot, and she ask if I wanna go again for 4th round. Sadly my little soldier was already super tired. 

There was a small toilet in her room, so I washed myself a bit, paid and left at 10pm++ that night. She told me next time to book Airbnb so we can fuck all night long. She’ll even bring her friend for a 3some. Went home a happy (but very miskin) cheongster. 

Name: Anna
Race: Khmer (Cambodian) 
Face: 7/10 (like 
Body: 8/10 (slim)
Boobs: 7/10 small but perky
BBBJ: 8/10
DFK: Not allowed
FJ: 8/10
GFE: 7/10
WIR: Idk. Spent almost 1k. Maybe for special occasion. 
Note: Her English is a bit broken, might need use translate app if you text her. 
Damage: 300 (massage/BBBJ/HJ at her shop) + 500 (2 hours, full service, unlimited shots at her flat)

My lovely MILF – Ah Ling Kepong

My lovely MILF – Ah Ling Kepong

Master: plan

Been long time no contact her… Since 2-3 years back, text her made appointment, ones reach hotel asked for room number … Waited few minutes, ones green light confirm, directly go to room.

Onces she see me… Oh she remembers ….We have some light chat chat catching up … After some grandma story… As normally lah shower ,dry up ourselves and off with our game..

Starting off she gives BBJ wet wet, she ask to be finger her pussy and she loves it very much to be finger…As before yes she squirt… ( Use to be alot, but maybe age is catching up now less water) after some time BBJ , cap on with she on top… Then doggy and me on top… Halfway she says she can takes anal with my dick size…. ( She don’t offer anal to anyone as some bro might be bigger dick)
She suggested few position with anal.

After about 35-45min of playing, time for me to blow it all off. Yes her pussy and ass is still tight.
Info: if looking for service, yes she could be one of the best but if looking for pretty face or younger looks she might not be…

For all the bro who would wants her contact or pictures, please ask admin for it.

Date: 2021 Aug
Name: Ah Ling (kepong)
Age: 55-60
Race: Local Chinese (CKT)
Height: 155-158cm
Weight: 55-60kg
Figure: chubby loh
Face: Aunty face…
Boobs: C
Pussy: Well shave.
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: not sure
CIM: yes
Anal: yes
Video recording: No
Damage: 150 including room

Remark: She only serve Chinese customers, sorry for other brothers.

After 2 Dose with Ina(pic)

After 2 Dose with Ina(pic)

Master: Boby

After get 2 dose vaccine, itchy abit, so check on my phone list, saw her number since very long time in there didn’t manage to find her. Now have some time n snake out to try.

Get her approval by watapp, then i went to her place. Reach there she open door n ask me don’t make noise. So she ask me to take a bath 1st. 

After that we direct to the bed. I chose package RM270. I lay down on bed she give me a gentle massege . Then my hand start touching her everywhere she didn’t refuse. So she start to BJ me. after sometime i cannot tahan, she ask me to cucuk her … so i did it. 

Take a 10min rest. She start her BJ again. This time she blow very hardly. Actually feel very good. Normally 2nd shot take abit longer.But she did it anyway. I CIM her.

Leg feel tired. take rest with no rushing by her. Take a wash n i off to work with tired leg.

Name: Ina (Balakong)
Age: 25 
Face: 5/10
Body: Small chubby lil tummy (156cm, 49kg)
Cup: 36B (she said, but i think is 32B only)
HJ: Yes
BJ: 10/10 (she hv a very wet mouth)
BBBJ: Yes 10/10
FJ: 8/10
FK: 10/10 (what can i say is WET)
Catbath: 7/10
Damage: RM270 few package offer buy her, ask her

Location: Balakong
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Melissa BBW Puchong(pic)

Melissa BBW Puchong(pic)

Master: skyleng

Hi admin. I’m Joe. This is my FR about Melissa as I like to exchange with Sabrina Shah Alam contact. Thanks in advance.

Got her contact from webmaster and direct whatsapp her for appointment. As mention before, need to pay deposit for booking slot. Paid her and got the time to meet her.

Once reach her port, chit chat a bit and start massage. Just a so-so massage la but I dont care. What happen next really pissed me off and swing my mood.

I ask her to open her dress but need to add on some fee. I agree. Then when she revealed her body, i was soo upset cause her boobs not soo big as mentioned earlier in previous FR. My expectation for big boobs was like Ekha pudu and legendary Dewi.

When I want to suck her boobs, she declined and said her skin was soo sensitive bla bla bla. Just ramas² only. Hmm very³ upset. Then my mood totally gone. Just let her finish HJ and i ask to cum on her boobs but again she declined while giving some bullshit excuse. Maybe I’m not handsome so thats why everything cannot do 🤣🤣🤣.

After clean up, paid her and cau. Really a big disappointment.

Name: Melissa
Face: 7/10
Race: Punjabi Indian
Area: Bandar Puchong Jaya
Body: 8/10 (for BBW lovers)
Boobs: 7/10
BJ: 7/10
WIR: Never
Damage: 250

Location: Puchong
Category: Indian

Chubby AR Queen – NL Erna

Chubby AR Queen – NL Erna

Master: Khai

After long time not do any fr as im not a good writer or reviewer, i decided to make my first fr for this year. I have been here for quite sometime but i want to test myself to have sex with some good bbw type of girl. i have never experience it before and i want to try it with our top AR Queen, Erna Natasya. so i saw her advert here that she’s going to make an od at Shah Alam. since im from Selayang so i just try my luck and book a slot with her.

i reach at the place around 12am and parked at the side of the road. shes already waiting for at lobby to bring me at the room. i love the room that she booked, really cosy and spacey for the session.
cut the story short, we reached at the room with dinner/supper that i bought for both of us, and settle down for a bit. she already with her sexy red lingerie at waiting for me to pounce her. starting with light kissing and then boom her dfk and tongue start to play its role. i tell you this lady has a very wild tongue that i will suck your lips and tongue with her erotic suction. i really love that. im a dfk guy!

then my hands start to roam around her body caressing her as she moans sexily. i start to open her bra, suck her big papaya shape tits voraciously as she moans and non stop.

after that she start to bbbj me lustly till i nearly came if i dont stop her. she’s really good with her mouth, knows how to use it and tease you up. she allows you to play with her wet pussy and finger her slowly and thats makes her become more lusty!

i cant wait anymore and cap and start with cowgirl as she pushes me to the bed and start to ride me. i have to admit, she really good at this. and due to my long day at work it makes me out of control and out of stamina. her sex drive is really something and if you can treat her well, she will delivered the best service for you. we manage to do missionary, cowgirl and doggy. wow she really good during doggy really tight and can make me cum pretty easily.

my performance that night was not really good at all, after short time of game, i finally came on her face as thats my fetish for a long time hihi.

then i wash myself, and take a breathe for a while. as we chit chating, she tease me with her tongue as she cathbath my whole body. i have to admit, im a ticklish type of person and she tried really hard to make my cock stands again. but fuck me, my cock betrayed me as im failed to make the second round. clean myself, paid her then left with smile.

Name : Erna Natasya
Category : NL
Age : 25 years old
Height : 156CM
Weight : 75Kg
Duration : 1hour
Damage : RM250
Face : 8.5/10
Body : 8.5/10 chubby curvy type
Boobs : 9/10 enormous suckable nipple
Ass : 8.5/10 big and nice to doggy
Pussy 9/10 super wet
HJ : 8/10
CB : 8.5/10  can make u become more horny 
BBBJ : 9.5/10  deepthroat like a pornstar  :crazy_face::crazy_face:
CIM : Allow
COF : Allow yes i came on her face :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:
DFK : 9/10 super suction
DATY : 9/10
AR : Allow yes but im not fan of it sorry
ANAL : Not Sure
GFE : 8/10
FJ : 8.5/10
WIR : maybe
OVERALL : 8.5/10

Location: Shah Alam
Category: NL
Remark: She serves 1Malaysia


Putry the lusty Pinoy(pic)

Putry the lusty Pinoy(pic)

Master: John

Got her contact from webmaster, attempted to make booking with her few times but couldn’t really make it as her working time is very limited.

Finally able to book an appointment with her, drove to her place and its quite a hassle during this period of time. Able to reach her place as scheduled, texted her and followed her instructions to her unit.

Once arrived at her unit, she led me into her room. She served me a bottle of water and asked me to get undress. Before proceeding into the session, she asked to pay first and i paid her.

She asked me to undress and followed her to her ensuit bathroom, when she took off her clothes, its a bit disappointing as shes a bit meaty (not really a fan of her meaty girl), but she does have great melons. To my surprise, she gave me toothbrush and asked me to clean my teeth and passed me some gargle to clean my mouth. 

After that, we showered together. In the shower, she asked whether do i like BJ, i said yes and she asked whether do i want to have a warmup BJ in the shower . I said yes of course, she kneeled infront of me and started to lick my little brother, my little brother stood still and let her BJ me, while she BJ me she kept on looking at me with the lusty look.

We dried ourself up and she began with massage over my back.  Her massage skills were great, and she used her melons to give me a B2B and teasing me around my ears and my neck.

When she asked me to turn around, my little brother already harden like rock. She started to give me BJ slow and nice, with he tongue licking at my little brother and moved her way down to my balls and giving gentle suction on them.  She asked me whether do i want to lick her pussy , i rejected as im not really into it, and she was fine.  

After around 5mins of BJ, she caped me and asked me to doggy her. In the doggy position, her butt  is so bouncy, as i was pumping her from the back, my hands also fondle around her clit and also her big melons. Her clit starts to be wet and she kept on saying she’s cumming (wasn’t quite sure about it ). Subsequently changed into missionary position, continue pumping her hard and unloaded my first shot.
Rested a while , and she continued massaging my legs, and then we chit chat abit, got to know that she has been in malaysia for 3 years and used to work in a palour at petaling street but due to MCO hence she lost her job and now working as FL.

After ~ 10 mins of massage, she asked me whether do i want Batin i said ok why not. She started her batin massage but i think its more of like HJ. Whie giving me HJ she kept on telling me to let her know when im about to cum as she wanted me to CIM, she was so shy and she said she wanted to try my cum, that makes me more excited. After that , i asked her whether can she give me a boob job ( won’t missed the opportunity for such big melons), she put more lubricants and i slipped my little brother in betweeh her melons and that felt so good.

Passed 10 mins i still don’t feel like cumming, she caped me for round 2 and i ask her to ride me this time. Her riding skill was just acceptable, but she shoved her melons to my face and wanted me to lick her as she really enjoyed it. After that changed into doggy position, this time i asked her to look into the mirror as i was pumping hard from behind . While i was pumping her she kept on playing on her clit. Pumped her so hard and i offloaded all my soldiers 2nd time.

Cleaned myself up and left the unit.

Overall her services are good, but she’s meaty.She really will do almsot everything you asked for.

Name: Putry
Age: 40’s
Body: 6/10 Busty , chubby
Boobs: Firm and quite big
Pussy:  shaved and clean
Look: 6/10 Milf
Ass: 9/10, the perfect ass i tell u
HJ: 8/10
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage:  RM400 for 2 hrs (
RM250 1hr)
WIR: Maybe as not really my type
*venue: Regalia residency KL

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Pinoy
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

Big boobs like South China Sea – Alice(pic)

Big boobs like South China Sea – Alice(pic)

Master: Khoo

Got contact from webmaster. Called an made appointment. 

May need to have some patience as she doesn’t reply that promptly. Booked a hotel and reached earlier before the agreed time. 

Now you guys can turn around and stop reading if you cannot accept huge size. She is huge, but her skill is good. 

Big boobs like South China Sea, gonna drown you. Cleaned up and proceed to bed. She was shy, but things got heated when she started sucking my little brother. 

She put in great effort to suck, going deep. Great in licking balls too. She got horny, then called me immediately and place my stick into her pussy. Pussy is warm and tight, she rides like there is no tomorrow. 

Seeing her boobs hanging there shaking up and down, great sight. The round ended in doggy position. She has huge butt, nice to grab while in doggy.

Name: Alice
Race: CKT
Area : NSK Kuchai Lama nearby
Age: 29
Height : 160cm, 80kg (for meaty lover, very juicy and sensitive body)
Boobs: 8/10
Pussy: 7/10
BJ: 7/10
FJ: 7/10
WIR: can consider

Damage: RM 300 (self pick her up and find hotel)
* Sorry for other brothers, She only serve Chinese

Location: Kuchai Lama
Category: CKT

Massage and dessert Yana NL(pic)

Massage and dessert Yana NL(pic)

Master: Ray

Got this contact from a webmaster.

With MCO and limited radius of travel max 10 km, found the location within my limit. She stays in Kelana Jaya not too faraway so made an appointment to meet.

SOP requires me to park at the basement level of her block and she will come meet you at the lift lobby.
First impressions meeting her she’s MILF material late 30s petite size friendly lady.  She greets me babe apa khabar? 

Inside her unit ( she stays with her son, single mum ) she tells me she offers massage and extras, BJ fuck etc but the fee is higher. 

Oh I see 🥰
Ok I’ll try your full package.

Strip down and lie facing down where as standard start with back massage. Her massage skill good and very relaxed, can put you to sleep if she wasn’t so chatty talking to me. Gave a brief history of her work and how she ended doing massage as a source of income after Covid-19 came about. Her apartment is comfortable 2 room unit albeit it’s small just for her and son.

After finishing with frontal massage she starts her batin on Didi, hmm average but am good with it.  She than confirms if I’m good with full package and I ok it.

She starts off taking her off her dress 👗 she not wearing bra, her breast perky 34b cups with nice nipples. Somewhat like young girls size. 

She started with giving Didi some seduction by rubbing it with some oil and follow up a BJ slow than slowly build up the tempo. But me being a DATY fan wanted her pussy and she told oh I love jilat!!! Off comes her panties revealing a well clean shaved pussy with lips waiting to be suckled and lick kaw2.

She lies down spread her legs and the moment my tongue touches her labia she moaning already. Best u babe she kept repeating and commented anytime you be my special jilat customer ha ha ha 😂 . Gave her a good 15 minutes lick and also some finger massage on the surrounding pussy area and she moaning all the way… Was worried her son will hear and she tells me don’t worry I tested and he cannot hear in the adjoining room separated by the washroom with no door access.  FYI since Covid-19 son has online classes and believe he plugs in with earphones.

In the end she say that’s the best jilat I had and she tells me she came twice, no squirting or big flow water 💦 from pussy. 

Next she gives Didi a wake up HJ massage while I busy suckle the breast moaning in the process.
Mount her missionary after cap and she goes again 🙄 moaning quietly while I slow pump her and slowly build up tempo. Finish up lifting her her legs over shoulder and give her deep drilling which she goes ga ga and has the facial expressions of a good orgasm. 

Wash up and kiss her bye bye.

Name: Yana NL
Age 37
Body MILF petite
Boobs 34B
Pussy well shaven and petite 
Complexion fair skin
Face average 6/10
Massage RM 130 1 hour include batin
Full package RM 300/ # of shots I didn’t check.
Location Kelana Jaya, easy locate and ample parking.
Note: her sop requires customer pay b4 start session, I’m ok f2f pay her upfront first. 
WIR yes already visited her 2x
Rating 8/10 for GFE good services.

Location: Kelana Jaya
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Perfect aunty Sharon(pic)

Perfect aunty Sharon(pic)

Master: Hami

I got her contact from webmaster. I direct text her n she reply immediately.. I book slot 6pm after my work done .

then i straight drive to sri petaling for meet this good review milf . very famous for her massage skill n bj .

when i arrived n i text her . she told me to wait for her.. she will take me upstairs.. my 1st impression likee okayy this one look so aunty but still pretty hahaha.. she wear short skirt n t shirt only.. then enter the room.. get ready for massage .. start with strong back massage n start to going down a bit to my ass.. she will teased many time ur little bro.. about 40 mins massage back then she ask to turn front.. my little bro already excited to meet this pretty aunty ! she will play with ur dick 1st then ask what service u want.. bj or fj or hj.. i choose bj only bcs this is my 1st time try this milf.. 

she will take off her shirt n skirt then she start with licking all my dick part then slowly put in her mouth. then im in heaven hahaha.. wahh this aunty so much experience i think.. so good laa.. not to rush n so deep .. about 20 mins i think untill i feel wahhh i cannot tahan anymore.. i hold her head n stroke untill CIM..

then clean ourselves n pay her n give her hug before going back..

Name : sharon
face : 9/10
body : 7/10 ( petite n good shape )
boobs : 7/10 
Ass : 8/10
BJ : 9/10
DATY : never try
WIR : Hell yeaahhhh bcs i love milf
Damage : Rm 100 massage + rm 50 bj

Location: Sri Petaling
Category: CKT

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