Kuantan NL Lobang!

If you stay at Kuantan or nearby,

contact me can wechat: malaysiawomen2 or Telegram: malaysiawomen2, I will give you very nice NL lobang! 😉

Super Fit and fair skin NL gem – Ms D (pic)

Super Fit and fair skin NL gem – Ms D (pic)

Master: D

This lady know her from a mountain hiking, muscle very kuat and fit you can see from her photo.

She not stay at outstation, so she only come to KL, Seremban or Selangor whenever got customer booking her, need to make appointment with her first.

In hotel, can’t wait to buka her tudung…. very fair skin, and firmed boobs!

Since she excersie a lot, hiking kaki, so please don’t simply let her ride on top of you, trust me she will KO you less than one mins.

She quite new of freelance work, so we should take care of her well.

Ms D is gem, so if you really wish to meet her, can wechat: malaysiawomen2 or Telegram: malaysiawomen2 first.

Name: Ms D
Age: 29
Race: NL
Body: 34B-29-32, very firm, fit
Damage: RM 250

* Only serve Chinese and Malay, hygiene 

Location: KL, Seremban, Cheras

Category: NL

Nice and Friendly NL LISA

Nice and Friendly NL LISA

Master: broship

hi all. this is my FR for LISA (NL). i got her number from webmaster and straight text and set an appointment.

after work on the day of appointment, i just go straight to her place at Taman Megah, PJ. her place not so hard to find and have plenty of parking space coz her place is office lot area.

FYI, she using or rent small lot in the saloon. i text her tell that i arrived in front of the saloon. it kind of turn me down coz i dont like place with many people, but lucky me coz the saloon closed that day. when she opens the door for me, she just wears tank top with hot pant. she kind of MILF with nice body shape and quite tall. so it just turns on me back. she invites me in and go to the small room at the back of saloon. in the room there is a mattress laying on the floor, a sofa and BATH TUB!! LOL. we chitchat little bit and i ask for bath before start our activity.

i just strip down and laying on the mattress. she starts massaging my back. she good with massage and i really enjoy it. then she asks to turn. suddenly, she wearing bra and panty only.  cant tell when she open her cloth. This is part when I felt cheated coz from others FR, they said she have big and busty boob. I love big boob but it sad. Her boob not really busty and big, it just around 32 with A or B cup.

Luckily, she good with BBBJ (not great as DEVI) and her moaning, it is nice. What I think she is nice coz she let me put my didi in her abalone. LOL. After 10minit missionary, I pull off my didi and shot all my juice on her.

She wipes all the juice on her body and bring me to the toilet to bath, not the BATH TUB *sigh*. Put on my cloth and pay her as her charge me.

Name: LISA
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 5/10
BBBJ: 7/10
Moan: 8/10
GFE: 9/10
Overall: 7/10
Damage: RM 150

Location: Petaling Jaya , Taman Megah
Category: NL

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Mawar the sexy ros for indon..(pic)

Mawar the sexy ros for indon..(pic)

Master: Aizzu

Almost every once a while I’ll visit her.

She greet me with with a smile. Wearing the same identical clothes the last time I met with her. She offer me a drink and we talked for a while before she invited me to her bedroom.

As always, she’ll make sure that I strip myself naked, easy for her to massage me, what she has told me. Then she started with a back massage. Starting from legs and up to my shoulder. Better than Lin because most of the time, Lin will only concentrate on my back legs. Quite painful after a while. But with Mawar, just nice and good ones.

Then she asked me to turn over and after a while, she’s going to concentrate on my didi and balls. Better try to hold it over there,  the sensation might end up you cum early. At the same time, my hand was pressing slowly and groping gently her right boob. Not that big but also not that small. A bit saggy though.

After a while, she start to blow my didi. Feeling quite nice. I asked her to do 69, she just obey. Not easy for me to have a full view of her pussy as from outside I noticed it getting dark and she doesn’t switch on the lights on her bedroom. So I can say I almost half blind looking at her body.

After some times, I asked her to positioned herself so I can easily doing doggy to her. Then I insert my didi slowly to her pussy. Still tight. I started to thrust inside out. Whenever possible, I will grab her boob from back. Little bit hard….I can hear her sound like she enjoying it, but more like a bluff. But I doesn’t really care much.

Then I finished up my intention and just lay down a while before proceeding to take a bath. Have some chat with her while smoking and then I pay her and left.

Origin : Bakso
Location : Puchong

Name : Mawar
Age : late 30
Look : 6/10,
Body : 6/10
Boobs : 6/10, A Bit Saggy
DFK : Nope, Just A Normal Ones
DATY :Nope For Me
Massage : 6/10
AR : No
BJ : 6/10
FJ : 6/10
GFE : 6/10
Overall : 6/10
WIR : As Always
Damage : RM150 Per Session

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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A magical night with Maria(pic)

A magical night with Maria(pic)

Master: Brandon

Got her number from a webmaster telling she’s the best of the best. So I decided to give it a try and message her. She ask for date and time slot and than it was set.

Upon arrival, she ask me to park inside and gave me her address. Reach to the house, there she is standing behind the door wearing this sexy lingerie and a cheeky smile. Went inside the house and got greeted with a hug and a kiss while grinding on my body till my didi stand up hahaha

Then she lead me to her room, she took my cloth off and proceed with shower. Once done, went to the bed and she start off with her great massage and that catbath. It was ticklish to me but I enjoy it as it turns me on and hard. She start to b2b from head to toe. Couldn’t tahan dy so I turn around and started kissing her while playing with her firm boobs.

The we proceed to 69 and damnnnnn that was fucking amazing. Ask her to gently suck, lick, kiss and deepthroat it while I gave her pussy a good time too. After that, She proceed to cap me and start off with missionary then doggy, followed by cowgirl and than end with missionary where I unload all on her. Rest awhile, clean up, pay and gave her a nice hug and kiss while grabbing her butt hahah

Name: Maria
Area : PJ taman mayang
Age: Around 30
Race : Chinese
Height : 150 cm
Face: 8/10 
Body: 9/10
Boobs: 9/10 
Pussy: 9/10 
Massage : 7/10 
B2B : 8/10
Catbath : 9/10 
AR : na
BBBJ: 10/10
DATY: Yes 
CIM : Na
DFK : Na
FJ: 9/10 
Moan : Yes 
GFE: Yes 
WIR: Yes
Damage: MYR 350

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT

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NL ANNE – cum in her mouth KOTA DAMANSARA

NL ANNE – cum in her mouth KOTA DAMANSARA

Master: John

Recently tried this new FL after trying Kathy (they are all friends, all only give BJ. If you lucky, can get FJ but I never try). Texted her thru whatsapp, set the date and went to her place. It’s a nice studio apartment in Kota Damansara, very easy to find and got lots of parking. Texted her and she gave me her unit number. You have to register with guard one, but can just put fake number or wtv.

Reach her place, she open the door. Looks okay okay la, not my type but not ugly at all. Chit chat a little bit, then she ask me to go wash up. While I wash up my didi, she make coffee like how she advertise. Sat down on the couch, and she turn on the TV.

Ask her to start, she gave me the coffee and slowly start playing with my didi. Her sucking skills are superb, almost cum twice too fast have to stop her. She will lick your balls and run her hands up and down ur legs. You can pinch her nipple or rub her pussy but that’s it unless she let you do more.

After 20 mins, cum in her mouth, ask her how much for round 2 and she say just add rm50. Another half hour, pancut in her mouth again then finish. Clean up, finished my coffee while chit chat abit then ciao.

Name: Anne
Area : Kota Damansara
Age: 20s
Race : NL
Height : 160 cm
Face: 6/10 
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 7/10 
Pussy: N/A 
Massage : N/A 
BBBJ: 10/10
CIM : Yes
Moan : No
GFE: Yes 
WIR: Yes
Damage: 200/shot + 50 extra shot

Location: Kota Damansara
Category: NL

Satisfying my Indian fetish with Joyce

Satisfying my Indian fetish with Joyce

Master: Jap

Went to this MP in Puchong, specialty is all is Indian girls. My favorite is Joyce.

Straight ask for B2B, she said ok & strip. Quite big boobs (sorry, I dunno how to read boob size) but what attracts me is her stomach. She has a big round belly & my fetish is Indian women with fat navel & belly area!

Anyway she ask to turn around & she sensually ran her fingers & nails around my body. When her fingers reach my anus, I ask her to use oil. After applying oil, she concentrate on that area itself. Her fingers running over my asshole she keep pouring the cold oil on the area; damn syok!

I tak tahan & go onto my hands & knees. She never say anything & keep massaging my anus area but now also my balls & cock as well. But suddenly she use one finger to keep poking my anus, adding to to erotic & sensual feeling. Next time I’m going to ask her to stick her finger really inside & finger fuck my asshole!

The best part about Joyce is she never rush you. She will only stop only when u ask her to stop. After she played with my cock, balls & asshole, I think enough & I turn around. I ask her to lay on the bed & I kiss & suck her all over her body, boobs & also of course her belly. She gives a low moan & really makes me horny.

Again she let me take how long I want. After I’m satisfied with tasting her body, I tell her to get up & give me a final handjob. I layback on the bed & she starts stroking. While she stroking, I pull her body close to me & my hands run all over her boobs & ass, but I use my mouth to kiss & suck her enormous belly (haha, told you it was my fetish!). After few minutes, I blow my load.

Name: Joyce
Race: Indian
Face: 6/10
Body: Nice Figure but plump belly region
Boobs: 8/10
Overall: 10/10
WIR: 100% Yes
Damage: RM150

Location: Puchong
Category: Indian

Slurpful Night with Lin

My test drive with LIN

Master: broship

hi all. this is my first FR for LIN. i got her number from other webmaster and straight text and set an appointment.

after work on the day of appointment, i just go straight to her place. her place not so hard to find but the parking space is quite limited. maybe due to the area is industrial area and still in working hour. lucky me because i riding motorcycle on the day.

knock her house door and quite surprise. she kind of MILF but her cleavage, damn hot lor. cannot wait to put my didi between her tits. she invite me in and sit down at her hall. her place is nice and clean. its suitable for first time like me. lol. we chitchat little bit and i ask for bath before start our activity.

she join me bath and help me rub my back and my didi. my didi go to hard mode and she just smile, notty smile. after bath, she bring me to her massage room. her massage room is cozy with nice aircond’s temperature and big mirror at the room’s wall.

she start massaging my back. she good with massage and i really enjoy it. then she ask to turn. damn it, my didi so hard right now because she b2b me when do the massage. again she b2b me while massaging and i cannot tahan then i grab her tits. nice bro, so nice. firm with cute nipple. i rub her nipple and suck it. she moan and ask to keep it slow because her nipple is sensitive.

she just HJ my didi while i play with her tits. after awhile, i ask her to put my didi between her tits and BBBJ me. she turn and BBBJ my didi while i rub her abalone. around 5 minutes, i shot all my load to her mouth. she swallow it all. she massage my didi for awhile before i pay her.

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso MILF
Face: 6/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10 (36D, maybe)
Moan: 8/10
GFE: 9/10
Overall: 7/10
Damage: RM 150 (need to add money to do more than massage dan batin)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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